Lay my hands on Heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars, while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car. Nothing quite like the feel of something new.

My boss brought his dog into work on Wednesday and here she is sniffing around my desk. She reminded me of Satan’s (Adam Sandler) pet Beefy, the foul-mouthed English bulldog who could emerge as the true star of the Little Nicky movie.

Leaving work on my way home to do a PodCast with the legendary owner of the Chicago Trax recording studio Reid Hyams, I stopped to take pix of kids playing in the water at Fountain Square in Evanston. 

Reid sent us some killer pix to run on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast YouTube channel 

Reid with Al Jourgensen

R. Kelly and Reid Hyams at Chicago Trax

Chicago Trax

On MINISTRY’s Tour Bus: Liz Walton, Chris Connolly, Reid Hyams, Al Jourgensen and his daughter Adrianne. 

Rough format from the last PodCast

This is called a master tape


Ty, AZ and Reid after a stellar PodCast

Today Sat. 8/9/2019 I saw this crazy Mook on his motorized wheel chair in traffic as I was biking to the store.

I’ll be filling in the blanks here later. 

So the Asian lady I met last week has been spending a lot of “quality” phone time with me. The hours almost border on embarrassing. She said “yes” to Hot Dog Fest and as it turns out this may turn into a 2 – day thing. So I’ll be seeing her again for the first time since last Thursday this afternoon. I’ll be giving her the Casa Diablo tour and having some light snacks.and then she’s taking me to the Fine Arts Building for a performance. I’m truly bummed my Tweety Bird Pez dispenser at the office.

Tomorrow is Hot Dog Fest of course and I’m greatly looking forward to taking her along. More on that later and the rest of the weekends sketchy details. 

Notes to sew together at another time:

Picked her up at the train. Made lunch dinner for “whats her name?” had snacks watch my appearance on family business showed her stuff in my home that normally freaks people out. Did she peek in my medicine cabinet? Good thing not in my bedside stand. Enjoyed the sites sounds and smells of the CTA Red Line. Saw  a Jazz performance a violin cello rehearsal walked long vacant marble walled halls rode in old elevators peeked in at artists saw a funny puppet show had a birthday shoot off of my head at the climax of the performance took a moment to shake the hand of Blair Thomas the Artistic Director of Chicago Puppet Studio/Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. I was surprised to learn he had never heard of Charles Band’s Puppetmaster series nor Craig Ferguson’s late night puppet which were many. Maybe I’m even too weird for puppet types. I had a really good time anyway but was really hoping to connect.Got home before dark.

Some of the PodCasts I have lined up for September are:

Jared Louche

My good ol’ friend Jared Louche, an American musician best recognized as the front-man industrial rock outfit Chemlab. He also founded the band H3llb3nt and has collaborated with Pigface and Vampire Rodents. He released a solo album, tiled Covergirl in 1999.

He also created another side project called Prude. Prude is a vicious agglomeration of disparate talents working together, fronted by legendary loud mouth and conceptual terrorist Jared Louche from the seminal Machine Rock band CHEMLAB. Industrial agitator Matt Fanale from the sarcastic CAUSTIC brings blistering noise, white light guitar star Marc Olivier from London’s PLASTIC HEROES is the essence of rock’n’roll, electronics guru Phil DiSiena (Infocollapse/Cyanotic) provides sleazy grooves, and producer supreme Howie Beno (13mg/Ministry/Blondie/DM) weaves it all into a merciless Molotov.

Prude’s debut album ‘the dark age of consent’ is a wild, acid-tripped puree of 1970’s New York punk and glam retrofitted with a harsh, damaged electronic edge. It’s a late night, post-rock, electro-experimental punk record of distorted proportions. It’s Iggy and The Stooges, Nine Inch Nails, The New York Dolls, T-Rex, 1000 Homo DJs, Roxy Music, George Bataille, Salvador Dali, and Robert Mapplethorpe all filtered through Louche’s blast furnace writing.

The album was recorded and produced over three years and three continents and mastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios by Sean Magee. It’ll blow your skull in two and have you begging for more. Go ride the radiation rocket buzz.

Mary Byker

Bill our engineer and consultant is helping to put me in touch with Mary Byker of Gaye Bykers on Acid for a show. Gaye Bykers on Acid (GBOA) were an English psychedelic rock band from Leicester, and one of the founder members of the grebo music scene. They later released both thrash punk and dance music albums under various aliases.

Rona Rougheheart, Curse Mackey, AZ and Verena May out in the alley behind my home

This morning I reached out to my good friends Curse Mackey (Evil Mothers, Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Grim Fairies) and his girlfriend Rona Rougeheart Electronic/alternative rock band, SINE (pronounced like ‘sign’), is the brainchild of drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Rona Rougeheart of SINE and Dead Love Club.

Rona was born in New York, the youngest daughter of a Taiwanese mother and Irish father. She grew up as a military child, living all over the U.S. and in Okinawa, Japan. Her father was a musician who taught her how to play keys and guitar. It wasn’t until later, she decided to take up drums on her own. Early in her musical career, she played drums for multiple bands, catching the eye of Gretsch Drums who, in 2012, gave her first endorsement. Gibraltar hardware also added her to their roster.




take my hand, you’ll never find another quite like mine. if you look you’ll see that i’m a lonely one. I lost my soul deep inside and it’s so black and cold deep inside.


Celebrate Chicago’s love of the hot dog. Now in its seventh year, this outdoor festival features live music, games, and hotdogs prepared in various regional and ethnic styles. Purchase tickets in advance to save up to 20%! Unsure of how much to get? Treat tickets as you would normal currency, $20 USD = 20 tickets. Each vendor will have their own unique menu and costs. Hot dogs range in price from $4 – $8. There will be plenty of currency exchange locations at the fest, but discounted tickets will only be available before the fest begins. Relish these savings and stock up on your tickets today!


Cost: There is a $5 suggested donation at the entrance. Food and drink are available for purchase using tickets.



Dog Pup Deal (Recommended for Individual): Spend US $25 = Get $30 Tickets

Dog Team Deal (Recommended for a Couple): Spend US $50 = Get $60 Tickets

Dog Pack Deal (Recommended for Family/Small Group): Spend US $100 = Get $120 Tickets

Individual tickets: $1 US = $1 Ticket

*Tickets can be used during all three days of the fest. All sales are final. No refunds.

“Like most others, I was a seeker, a mover, a malcontent, and at times a stupid hell-raiser. I was never idle long enough to do much thinking, but I felt somehow that some of us were making real progress, that we had taken an honest road, and that the best of us would inevitably make it over the top. At the same time, I shared a dark suspicion that the life we were leading was a lost cause, that we were all actors, kidding ourselves along on a senseless odyssey. It was the tension between these two poles – a restless idealism on one hand and a sense of impending doom on the other – that kept me going.” 

― Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary

So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll. I’m very sorry, baby, doesn’t look like me at all. I’m standing by the window where the light is strong. Ah, they don’t let a woman kill you, not in the Tower of Song.

After my interview I was walking to the train and I saw this and my heart skipped a beat.

Tac Quick for a quick snack on my way home. Spring rolls and grilled squid. 

Essential Hypertension; Insomnia; Macrocytic Anemia; Thrombocytopenic Disorder; Venereal Disease Screening Robin C Tong, DO

Venereal disease screening
• CT RNA, qual, PCR, unspecified specimen
• NG RNA, qual, PCR, unspecified specimen
• HIV (1+2) antibodies, EIA, serum, reflex HIV-1 western blot (WB)
• RPR (rapid plasma reagin), serum

“I’m not as promiscuous today as I was yesterday” – Alex quote in 1992

Honestly I can say that now meaning more than 20 years ago. Those days truly ended when I started MK in the mid 90′s. Not to say that I haven’t purposely created the impression to the contrary. Yesterday rather than getting my regular check up, blood test and HIV screening I oped for the full monty and why not. It saved me a trip to Howard Brown and sitting in the waiting room. Dr. Tong helped me create an online profile for access to all of my heath records there.

In my whole life I’ve never had any type of VD. Not even crabs and that’s quite a miracle looking back on my pre rock n roll 1980′s early 90′s lifestyle. It would truly suck if I had now considering my lack of intimacy as of the last few years. 

After that I took the Red Line downtown to River Walk (Chad City) for a very in depth interview for “something” I’ve been slowly pursuing. I will talk about that on the PodCast Sunday as well as a bit of introduction to a Mrs. Springer teaser which I’ll get more into when Angela Denk comes on and even more when I do a special with my brother Erik, yes I have another brother and we’re reuniting in a few weeks. 

I’ve encountered some truly fucked up women in my life but its been a very long time since I’ve ever come into contact with the likes of the married Mrs. Springer. 

1991 Family reunion and a tattooless AZ

Thank you Dave Ganz! I truly love this Amazon series. 

Summers at Casa Diablo

Jason R. Panick August 01, 1967 – October 30, 2018

Today is Jay Panick‘s birthday and though he’s no longer with us he is forever in my thoughts. This is from my birthday 2014 in New Glarus WI where Jay and I had a few adventures over the years.

Jason R. “Jay” Panick, 51 of Elburn. Loving father of Jake & Nicki; son of Adrienne and the late Jerry Panick; fond brother of Mark (Nan), Adam (Tiffany) and the late Lisa Panick; uncle of many. 


She’s the mistress of unseen forces. A clever girl.. she’s a cunning sorceress. She will poison your body your mind and your soul. She has a million ways to make you lose control. Her mind is full of traps and schemes. She’s an evil genius.. the girl of your dreams.

After a long wait, Christmas 2015 to be precise since Quentin Tarantino’s last offering The Hateful 8 which I also saw in 70MM at the Music Box Theater the time had come to see his 9th film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. Chicagos 90 year old Music Box Theater which just happens to be in my neighborhood is only 1 of 5 theaters in North America (The USA and Canada) that has the capability to host 70MM films.

 After work I biked over to Southport Ave where tonight show was sold out to buy a ticket for the next mornings 11AM showing. The attendant told me there was one seat left that I could take but I told him I wanted to get a full nights sleep so I could enjoy the 2 hr 45 min love letter to Hollywood. I went home grilled some burgers and chilled out with a few cocktails before heading to bed.

The forecast was for it to be fucking hot again so I closed up the house, placed the fans and left before I remembered I didn’t put on the AC.

It was almost 3 before I left the theater very pleased and it was damn hot as I biked to the pharmacy to pick up my Rx, paid my mailbox rent and biked home. Danny Lee Hill was coming to stay the night since he was going to be the guest on my PodCast the next day so I sat and watched Smallville till he arrived and then we grilled chicken legs and all was good. 

This time around, taking a step back from his usual tendencies in a way, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood actually felt like a breath of fresh air to me, and that’s coming from someone who absolutely enjoys the violence he presents throughout his films. This movie is worth your time if you’re a fan and also for those who are turned off by the excessive violence. Here’s why I believe this film may reach a broader audience than most of his works. Almost completely devoid of a story at all, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood follows Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), a fading Hollywood star, and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) as his stunt double who no longer receives any work.

Throughout a series of events and the introduction of Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), this is a film that disobeys every rule that most films follow, making for a highly enjoyable experience. To really dive into details would be to ruin where the movie ends up, so the best way to describe this movie is to say that it consists of a lot of great scenes of people talking, which eventually slowly builds to a climax that you may or may not expect. Now, where I feel this film may be for more viewers than most Tarantino flicks is in the fact that the majority of this 161-minute feature doesn’t have a lot of violence. It really did feel like Tarantino was trying to go for a more subdued film as a whole, which will please some viewers. With that said, there are absolutely some brutal moments that don’t hold back, but they are few and far between enough to not have queasy audience members wanting to walk out of the theatre.

As always, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’s very best aspect is the screenplay itself. Yes, Tarantino always works with a talented crew in order to make his films look fantastic, but the dialogue spoken by the characters in this film just felt so authentic. At nearly three hours, this is a movie that doesn’t feel like it drags, simply due to the fact that these actors are bringing their A-Game as always and the screenplay they’re working with is top-notch. Every performance here deserves some recognition, but I also believe the script has something to do with that. In the end, if I had to nitpick about anything, I would say that the lack of overall storytelling may hinder the film for people, and even though I was questioning where the film was going, I was always won over by everything else.

Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood is simply one of the best movies I’ve had the chance to see so far in 2019 and I will continue to say that until the year’s end. With stellar performances all around, phenomenal writing/directing, a visual style that feels different than most movies that will come out this year, and a pace that never feels too slow, given the slow nature of the movie, I can’t really find many things to complain about. This film is fantastic.

 Ty arrived about 45 min late but we knocked out and hour show as Cassie filmed and then everyone was on their way and I could enjoy a chill balance of the day at home to prepare myself for work the next day. When I woke the temp dropped and I opened up a few windows before heading out. 

Down the block from my office today getting my mouth watering for Hot Dog Fest 2019 a week from Saturday!


If flesh could crawl, my skin would fall, from off my bones and run away from here. As far from god, as heaven is wide. As far from god , As angels can fly , If holy is as holy does.


I have so many details to write up tomorrow after work in regards to the trip a bunch of  us took from all over to do the Looney Bin show. Dale and Anne drove from Stone City Iowa which is in Jones County, Dave Ganz drove from Lockport, Dawn and Brad drove from Indianapolis, Cassie from the Chicago burbs and I rode with Dale and Anne from Chicago, Ty drove solo sans DLH and Lisa and Rich X came together from Chicago. I love it there and Nick seems to bring out my darkest most vulgar persona and it’s fine in small doses. He’s just the greatest for real. I left behind the cord to the RodeCaster Pro as well as the power strip and as you’ll read below at the end of this writ he returned it in his own fashion.

More tomorrow. 

Dale’s birthday cake I bought him

Dawn Wattles, AZ, Ty Coon and Dave Ganz

AZ / Dave Ganz with the David Allan Coe laminate that Nick Huffman gifted me. 

The Looney Bin at daylight

Samantha Marie of Stupid Girl the garbage tribute band

 The stage is set for the podcast

Samantha Marie onstage doing an acoustic tribute to garbage

Samantha Marie onstage doing an acoustic tribute to garbage

AZ and Dave Ganz

Cassie and Pony

Samantha Marie onstage doing an acoustic tribute to garbage

Live PodCast Nick Hufman, AZ, Ty Coon and Samantha Marie

Live PodCast Nick Hufman, AZ, Ty Coon and Samantha Marie

MK ULTRA prop “dint do nuffin”

Rich Xperience 

Lisa Lightning

Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Nick Huffman

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, and Ty Coon

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Live PodCast Nick Huffman, AZ, Ty Coon, Rich Xperience and Lisa Lightning

Dawn Wattles, Nick Huffman and Brad Wattles

Dawn inspecting Nicks “Killer Beard”

AZ at the board

AZ and Nick Huffman prepping

Brad and Dawn Wattles, Dave Ganz and Ty Coon

Rich Xperience 

Rich Xperience 

Samantha Marie, Nick Huffman and AZ

Nick and AZ

AZ and Ty Coon

Ty Coon and Samantha Marie

Ty’s namesake

Nick Huffman and Ty Coon

Nick Huffman with his medicinal marijuana

This was inside my apt building at 430 AM

Nick Huffman is with Emily Sifrit and 2 others at Mk Ultra Magazine.
13 hrs · Chicago · 


Emily and I had to run to Wrigleyville right quick to drop something off for a friend inside the door of his building. He has been in the music/radio/adult film business for a few decades, has long hair, wears all black, has crazy visitors, clown masks in the window, etc.

If the people in his complex didn’t already think he was into some crazy shit, they definitely will when they see this!

This was pretty badass cool to wake up to dropped off in the middle of the night by Nick Huffman and Emily Sifrit.

A signed guitar by David Allan Coe to go along with the guest pass I was gifted last Saturday at the Looney Bin. Thank you so much. – Alex


Real talk. I want you to know that I very much appreciate all of the support you’ve given not just me/us over the years, but you’ve spent decades fighting for live music, for the right reasons. What you’re doing matters. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Just know that you’re appreciated! - Nick Huffman 


I give in, I fall for the seduction. I give in, give up to the temptation. Lord, have mercy, the Devil made me do it. I can’t help it no matter how I try. I’m so tired and twisted, you know I can’t resist it. Lord, have mercy, the Devil made me do it

Well the big weAkend road-trip is almost here. Hotel rooms, swimming pool, jacuzzis, bad food good booze, great friends and a badass afternoon on tap at the Looney Bin! 2 back to back podcasts with live performances and interviews. FUN!

I have the same room as I did back on March 15th with the step in jacuzzi. Dave Ganz has a room, Ty has a room and Dale and Anne have a room. I can’t wait till I have everyone in the pool area to tell the story about Pete Berwick “cock blocking” me there. 

My layout for the show so far is to have Samantha perform as Stupid Girl doing her acoustic tribute to garbage at 2 and then have her sit with us and Nick Huffman for the first podcast. Then Lisa Lightning will perform followed by Rich Xperience and then have them sit in on half of the second podcast followed by Nichole Bodie and Damon Christopher and then they’ll perform closing out the show. 

The plan after is to return to the hotel eat and chill in the pool etc and then go back to the Looney Bin. Should make for a long exhausting day. Perfect to retreat to a jacuzzi suite to soak and wind down 


To be continued

She don’t like slavery, she won’t sit and beg. But when I’m tired and lonely she sees me to bed. What set you free and brought you to be me babe. What set you free I need you here by me. Because. In the midnight hour she cried more, more, more.

Scott Davidson and Alex Zander 

Scott gave me my first show on radio here in Chicago back in 1999 before we got syndicated, 


Scott Ty and Alex

I was exhausted and in bed at 730P last night. I was up at 4A the morning of the show. However the end result was just as about as professional as it gets as far as my performance. Scott was a great guest and had something of great importance as far as Chicago radio history is concerned. Hard to believe 20 years ago I was on his station with the radio version of MK ULTRASOUND. That’s a long time ago, and another lifetime back when the LOUD Radio guys called me “the most decadent man in radio.” I’m very pleased with yesterdays show. 

I’m looking forward to the show and visit to Kankakee Kounty  this weekend. Should be another milestone for the podcast. 

I slept well last night BTW. The AC being on I’m sure helped. 

Monday after work eats. Soaked for 60 in Franks Red Hot and Apple Cider vinegar.