Now that the smoke’s gone And the air is all clear Those who were right there Got a new kind of fear You’d fight and you were right But they were just too strong They’d stick…

Sometimes I can’t believe my life. When things are good they’re beyond great and when it’s opposite it’s about as depressing as can be imagined.

With the wonderful weekend I had before this past adventure, I came home to learn that Ronnie Bennett was dead and so were Greg and Kelly’s Grandmother who I was once close to back when Kelly and I dated. That was a decade ago and she had lived the last seven years with Alzheimer’s. Not a pretty way to go but she was an amazing lady and had a heck of a life and a great sense of humor. The same can be said of Dale’s brother Ronnie who was fun to be a round and a very kind friend who almost every year would send Dale with a cool full of deer meat he killed for me.

For Greg I’m sure its especially tough being that not just a couple months ago lost Bree the love of his life. We got together Saturday afternoon for a few drinks and later dinner w/ a bunch of friends. 

Playing the big stand up bass along with Max at the Chicago Brauhaus

Greg Miner, Rich Frost (both Electric Hellfire Club alum) and I had planned to meet for dinner at the Chicago Brauhaus and days prior speculation about the Lincoln Square staple had begun and by mid week was the subject of full blown hysteria on Social Media. Some Chicago diners were starting to get their lederhosen in a bunch because there’s a “for sale” ad for Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a closure is imminent for another iconic German restaurant. Knowing full well that this would mean the already busy restaurant would be busier I made a reservation for 6 at 6. Not expecting what they had in mind for my guests and I .

Earlier that morning I had plans to get laundry done and meet Emily for margaritas at 1PM. I slept in till 815 and panicked. As I was heading out she sent me a text letting me know she’s was getting a shower and would be calling me in short order. As I was doing my wash she called and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well and she had a fever so we rescheduled. No problem and now I didn’t have to rush.


One I was ready I took the CTA to Lincoln Square where I did a little shopping and walked into Hansa Clipper and took a seat at the bar. Christine greeted me as usual and told me she heard I had made a reservation at Brauhaus. I confirmed and we talked about the social media frenzy and she told me about all of the phone calls in regards to it. Brauhaus has been around Lincoln Square, a pillar of that German-American neighborhood for 52 years. There aren’t many places like Brauhaus left in Chicago, large spaces with plenty of dark wood that feature German bands, throwback German-American staple dishes, and giant glass boots of beer. It’s become one of my favorite places to visit.

I ordered a plate of pork schnitzel and potato salad that Christine’s mother Kiki made for patrons at Hansa Clipper. She makes a dish every weekend a it’s become tradition that I have it to kick off my visits to Lincoln Square. Greg Duncan showed up and I had already loaded the juke box with some great rock tunes. He brought me a brand spanking new HUSTLER hoodie he purchased for me on his recent trip to Los Angeles. It’s sweet. Christine liked that I played The Stones Wild Horses first which was followed by Riders on the Storm. We shared a couple beers and Christine bought us a shot of Jamo before we went to the Record Store and then to Quake Collectibles whre I picked up a few more birthday gifts for my brother and Greg bought a big Star Trek model ship. Afterwards we walked into the Brauhaus and took a seat at the bar where we were greeted by Kiki and the accordion player Max Tempia as we waited for our other friends to arrive.

When the other Greg arrived with Rich and also Tom Finnegan we were seated at the best table in the haus, right in front of the band and given who they told me was their best waitress Amy to take our orders. Before long in walked band leader Gody Windischhofer and he came and sat with us before performing. Gody is referred to as the “Austrian Elvis” and he’s a local legend as far as a performer of great German music. I was shocked when he asked me to write a couple of songs for him and I have 2 in mind that I will deliver soon. 1 love song and 1 pop song and just maybe the song “Designated Drunk” that I wrote for former porn starlet Katrin Kraven (who is also the namesake of my cat). We were treated like rock stars and given the full VIP treatment. At one point I got up and played a song with Max on the big standup bass. I was on TEN! I ordered the Deutsche Bratwurst (original German pork and veal bratwurst). It really makes me miss Glaner Stube in New Glarus. Greg’s sister Kelly joined up for dinner and when we all went our separate ways I took a taxi to Tac Quick where I saw Khe Khe was wearing the AC/DC Cubs shirt I bought her a few weeks before. Greg, Rich and Tom joined me for a nightcap and I walked home and fell fast asleep. 


 Best seat in the haus

The plan Sunday was a nice lazy day and I got a text from Max Bravo with a one word suggestion, “Micheladas”. We met an hour later at El Palmar and as we walked out I said it was hard not to be drawn across the street to Tac Quick. Max suggested one more and I obliged. The rest of the day I cooked a bunch of food and binge watched Shameless, my new guilty pleasure.


What a great weekend over all.


Thursday night I have the Rammstein “Paris” concert film to see with Michael X. Christian and Friday night Dale and Anne get into town and we’re seeing the sold out Pole Show performance at Reggie’s and we’ll just have to wait and see what develops on Sunday evening. Should be interesting at the least. 

Sunday morning Michiladas at El Palmar with Max Bravo

Alex Zander‎ to Phil Owens March 17 at 6:02pm · Nice try Mr Funnyman. I found it.

Phil Owens But I still won. Its been a week, there’s no way it isn’t contaminated lol

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman Tiptoes to my room every night Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper “Go to sleep. Everything is all right.” I close my eyes, Then I drift away Into the magic night.

Sunday April 9th QS&L Portage IN


Thursday March 23 RAMMSTEIN: PARIS @Music Box Theater

SOLD OUT! Saturday, March 25 Live Band Pole Show! NIN-Manson-Korn Tribute @Reggies

Saturday, April 1 PHAT KISS @ LIVEWIRE

Sunday April 16 John 5 and the Creatures @ Reggies

Wednesday, April 26 The 2017 Chicago Sexcon @Volkan Night Club

Tuesday May 2 TESTAMENT – SEPULTURA – PRONG @ Concord Music Hall

Saturday May 13  The Cult @ HORESHOE CASINO in Hammond, IN

June 23-25 EXXXOTICA @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

July 14-16 CHICAGO OPEN AIR @Toyota Park

Saturday July 22 Blondie and Garbage  @Ravinia Highland Park, IL 

Wednesday Aug 9 Cheap Trick, Foreigner and Jason Bonhams Led Zeppelin Experience

Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here


She’s Asian and no, she’s not from America. 

It’s been a long ride. I’ve put a lot of time and effort and above all patience into this venture. I refuse to cheat myself and if  I can’t feel as much overwhelming passion as I did last summer then I just won’t even dance to that song. 

I believe that this time it’s pure and going in I am comfortable with the fact that I am. 


I left the office at 530 to meet Phil at the Megabus stop. Its been moved to a desolate wasteland. There is no shelter and no place to go such as a fast food joint or store. It was very cold out and I wasn’t dressed for the elements. In short it sucked. When his bus rolled up I was ready to get out of there. I hailed a taxi on Canal Street and suffered through the stench of the driver. The train was crowded and people were loud and I was getting antsy. Finally we got to my stop and we walked to Walgreens grabbed a vodka ans some beer and had a fast drink before dinner at Tac Quick. I ordered Yum Woon Sen Talay Secret Menu Dish (Glass noodle, shrimp and squid with fresh lime juice, peanut, garlic, onion, green leaf, cilantro and Thai hot chili) which proved to be one of the most spicy dishes I’ve ever had and is a new favorite. The chef-owner Itti Damprapa actually showed me the proper method to eating and and remarked that it is also his personal favorite. I’m going to order it again this coming weekend with Emily. We hung out for awhile talking with the staff and sharing a couple more beers before heading back home to watch Dirty Grandpa.

Saturday I was up early and we took the Red Line downtown braving the parade idiots and got on Metra heading to Waukegan for that evenings CHEAP TRICK concert. We got to the hotel, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Waukegan, a few hours before check in and they wants $50 more for checking in early. I flat out refused and like the stubborn self I can be at times chose to sit in the lobby and wait it out. It worked because within 5 min they (General Manager Justin Shelby) and an exception for us allowed us to check in. I wasted no time changing into swim trunks and hit the jacuzzi which had some very weak jets but it was hot and relaxing. Then came a group of loud children and initially I was annoyed but found myself playing their beach ball pool games with them. Then it was back to the room and things got hysterical. I came out of the shower and Phil took a picture of me naked. Payback would be a bitch. He sent the image via text to his stepfather Christopher Curry who replied, “Ive seen that thing before.” Then Phil made the mistake of taking a bath with the door unlocked so I filled a bucket full of ice and dumped it on him. A prank I once played on Christopher 20 years ago. So he told Phil a way he could get me back.


Around 4P we took a taxi into the city to see the show at the beautiful Genesee Theater. It could not have been a more different experience than the weekend before. The audience were well dressed and friendly. I bought a girls small CHEAP TRICK T shirt for Khe Khe and we took our seats inside. This would prove to be the best CHEAP TRICK show I’ve ever seen and that’s something because I’ve seen them a lot since April 24, 1979.

Hello There

Come On, Come On

Elo Kiddies

Big Eyes


Hot Love

If You Want My Love

Ain’t That a Shame (Fats Domino cover)

On Top of the World

The ‘In’ Crowd (Dobie Gray cover)

Never Had a Lot to Lose

She’s Tight

I’m Waiting for the Man (The Velvet Underground cover) (Tom Petersson on lead vocals) (with ‘Heroin’ snippet)

Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles cover)

The Flame

I Want You to Want Me

Dream Police



Auf Wiedersehen





Everything about the experience was very enjoyable and when the show was over took a taxi to Buffalo Wild Wings which is a short walk to the hotel. We sat at the bar and I ordered a tall Dos Equis and 20 wings as usual. The service was superb and we had a nice time chatting with our server. We got back to the room and I crashed.

Buffalo Wild Wings 3961 Fountain Square Place Waukegan, IL

I woke up at 730 and went to have some breakfast. Phil was still sleeping. I piled a plate night with sausages and gravy and then went back to the jacuzzi. All of the housekeeping staff were exceptionally beautiful and hispanic. It was a nice experience. Phil went for breakfast and had eggs, 2 biscuits, 2 sausage patties, gravy, a banana, and 3 cups of OJ.

After we cleaned up we called for a taxi and were taken to the Great Lakes Metra station where we chilled inside and I had some custom Assman MK ULTRA dogtags made. We got back to the city and dropped off our bags at home and then walked to the store to get a few more items for the shrimp stir fry I was making. On the way I stepped into Tac Quick and was greeted with a hug from Khe Khe and I gave her the shirt. She seemed elated. The stir fry was an excellent piece of teamwork and was the perfect ending to a great weekend. Phil watched Bad Santa and Bad Santa 2 and later we watched ad Grandpa.

Monday morning I did laundry and dropped Phil off at the bus later in the afternoon. I went home and caught up with an old friend Sam in Ohio who I used to work for in my Warner Bros. days. It was very nice and made my week.

“Gentlemen, nature works in mysterious ways. When a new truth comes upon the earth, or a great idea necessary for mankind is born, where does it come from? Not from the police force or the prosecuting attorneys or the judges or the lawyers or the doctors; not there. It comes from the despised and the outcasts; it comes perhaps from jails and prisons; it comes from men who have dared to be rebels and think their thoughts; and their fate has been the fate of rebels. This generation gives them graves while another builds them monuments; and there is no exception to it. It has been true since the world began, and it will be true no doubt forever.”

- Clarence Darrow 1920

Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection Send my credentials to the House of Detention I got some friends inside The face in the mirror won’t stop The girl in the window won’t drop A feast of friends “Alive!” she cried Waitin’ for me Outside!

Friends reunion dinner for Kimberly Ann at Tac Quick. Fang and new waitress May took care of us as did bartender Bradford. I shocked all by drinkng beer. It’s a school night and I stay liquor free. Afterwards Greg Drunken and I watched Bad Santa 2. I slept till alarm since I was up so late. 

Just two more days till Cheap Trick in Waukegan at the beautiful Genesee Theatre

 It’s looking like there’s another fun-filled rock n roll weAkend lined up as I have the first of two CHEAP TRICK concerts for 2017 to enjoy. There’s little doubt that they are one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few. Phil gets in around 545 tomorrow (Friday) and then we’re hitting up Tac Quick for dinner. I asked Fang to be our waitress so we’ll take a tall table in the bar area.

Saturday we’ll head to the train station early to take the ride to Waukegan to check into our room. I want to have some time to enjoy the pool amenities before we head out to the show. As it turns out the legendary rocker Adam Becvar is going to hang out and see the show. He has the same manager as CHEAP TRICK and it’ll be fun to have some chill time with someone who shares a lot of the same view as yours truly.

CHEAP TRICK go on at 8 so I imagine the show will be done by 10 which means we’ll have to find some place to chill as the pool will surely be closed. Most likely Buffalo Wild Wings which is a 6 min walk to the hotel and open till 1AM.

Sunday I’m make some seafood stir fry when we get back to the city and Greg Drunken is meeting us to go downtown and see Logan with Ashley when she gets off from work.

In a nutshell my diet is currently fucked and will be till the following week. The 17th is Zhou B Art Center w/ Greg on St Paddy’s Day and the 18th I have margaritas at Garcia’s with Emily and then dinner at Brauhaus with Greg Miner and Rich Frost both formerly of the Electric Hellfire Club. I told Emily she could hang around to meet them.

I knew things were gonna start getting mad busy as I went into this month.

As for tonight I’ll re edit and post the Frank DiMino interview and launch that internationally with the help of his management.

It’s getting exciting around here.




Eins, zwei, drei, vier
Fünf, sechs, sieben, acht
Uno, due
Três, quatro
One, two
Ichi, ni, san, chi
Adjin, dva, tri
Li, tva, tri

I itemized my expenses for my 2016 Tax filings which now go to my accountant Tom. It was nice to see how I became active again after my hip replacement surgery and some of it brought laughter from good memories especially hanging out at Chain of Lakes with Pete Berwick and some expenses were bittersweet. There was a lot related to travels and some very nice accommodations and one not so nice in  Bourbonnais. The highlight I think was my trip to Florida to see the Electric Hellfire Club.

I’ll be happy to put these numbers behind me and my next meeting with Tom is the 20th. 

Alex – I’ve had some damn good times in my life, many of them in the top five involve you…..Saturday was one for the record books….my adrenaline is still ‘Pegged’ – Bob “Newbomb Turk” Hoeksema

Chilled to the bone and five miles to home I’m messing in the dark and feeling all alone I got ice in my fire got the heat in my wire Inject a little heat I’m burning up the tires

The MK ULTRA KUT Original: A Emily Sifrit ”Stitch Witch’ rock n roll design.

“I’ve never limited myself to one kind of music. I feel that I’ve always had a sense for good music regardless of a genre.” – from THE MK  ULTRA STORY: “A Savage journey through the sweaty underbelly of rock n’ roll subculture”

Most amazing weAkend of the year so far. Everything went perfect and I did one of the best interviews of my career with one of my teenage idols.

“Never forget, rock n roll never dies” – Frank DiMino

In a world so full of wonder
With so many exciting things to do
It’s a shame
So many choose to just exist
Rather than to live

 Friday dragged but that was fine. I had one more day to go before I’d see, meet and interview Frank DiMino of the legendary 1970′s band ANGEL. As a 14-16 yr old I played 5 of their 6 albums frequently and looked at their pictures dreaming of seeing them live. They played Wheeling WV just about the time I started seeing shows but didn’t go. I was too young and besides I’d catch them next time. It was not meant to be and they disbanded in 1980. Still I planned on getting their moniker tattooed on on my shoulder and I dropped off the SINFUL album at the tattoo shop one summer day after radio broadcasting classes in Wheeling WV. It was also not meant to be as they discovered I was only 17 yrs old. I would not get my first tattoo for another 10 years. I fucking loved ANGEL.

The ANGEL logo is ambigrammatic; it reads the same when turned upside-down as when viewed normally.

Fast forward to the summer of 1999 and I stopped at Bob Hoeksema’s house for a BBQ before doing my radio show out of Elgin later that night. He was playing ANGEL from his boom box outside and I was flabbergast that someone else knew ANGEL. I should have known it was BH and we have a lot in common. He not only knew ANGEL he loved them too adn saw them many times. He so loved them in face he still has his tickets and a tour program from the SINFUL tour. He also had slides from their second to last concert ever at Alpine Valley. That was 17 years ago. As fate would have it when lead singer Frank DiMino released his first ever solo album and he booked one of 3 concerts in the US at stop from Illinois was on the roster and you know Bob and I would be going together. I contacted DiMinos management and they sent me a photo release form to sign and scheduled us for an in person interview day of show.

Friday after the show I came home, watched some TV, worked on the book some more and took a call from Ashley who called to tell me she misses me so we made plans to meet up when I got home Sunday. I took a sleep pill ad went to bed. I woke up early around 6 made breakfast packed my bags and went to Union Station to hang out for a bit before my 1040 train to Aurora. I arrived at noon and walked out to where my chariot was waiting. Bob in his beautiful slick black Cadillac. We were both very excited and stopped to have lunch at the new Pig Dog Pub.



Pig Dog Pub 1250 South Broadway Montgomery, IL used to be a bar called Elmer’s which I liked enough but PDP blows it away on every level. First of all it’s bright, spacious and clean. Very clean. I had browsed the menu and thought it seemed a bit pricey still my friend Bob ate there once, gave it a thumbs up and I thought, “why not?” I already knew what I was going to order and it was the signature sandwich the Pig Dog, a beer-braised Duroc pork belly with barbecue sauce, provolone and Swiss cheese and spicy Dijon served with an apple fennel slaw, and hand-cut fries. Bob ordered a burger abd we both had a 16 oz Heineken at only $4 each. Unreal. It took a few minutes to decide from their lengthy drink menu features a wide variety of specialty cocktails and craft and traditional beers. Lots of craft beer option.


When my order came I gazed at the sandwich and thought for a moment it was a bit small for $11 but quickly changed my mind after the first bite. This was by far one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. I savored the damned thing and was so full I could not even finish my fries. I really can’t wait to go back in the warm weather and enjoy one on the patio with the breeze off of the Fox River. .


Pig Dog Pub gets my highest rating for food, service and atmosphere and it’s no wonder why this new hot spot was so crowded at noon on a Saturday.


We left PDP and went to Bobs house aka Tubby’s Drive In. I put my bags down and we listened to some tunes and drank a couple beers (Point) over the afternoon before heading off to the venue, Arcada Theatre 105 E Main St, St Charles, IL.


Built in 1926 by local millionaire and Chicago Tribune cartoonist Lester J. Norris. The new theater was a $500,000 example of the Norris family’s confidence in the future of St. Charles. The Arcada became known as one of the outstanding Vaudeville houses in the Fox River Valley. Many legendary stars have graced the stage, including George Burns and Gracie Allen, Judy Garland, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Olivia DeHavilland, the John Phillip Sousa Band, Liberace, Mitzi Gaynor, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Vincent Price, Carol Channing, Jeanette MacDonald, Walter Slezak and the Von Trapp Family Singers. Andrew Dice Clay recorded his Showtime special “Indestructable” at the theater in August 2012.


As Bob was parking the black beauty my phone rang and it was Andrew the tour manager for Frank DiMino and he was just checking in with me and told me to come inside the door and he’d meet up with us. He had a thick New England accent that has become very familiar to me over time being I have so many friends from that region of the country. It was during sound check that he did walk over to me shake hands and proclaimed, “They tell me you’re the guy to talk to” in regards to booking Frank within the Chicago city limits. It was flattering and I was taken back because sometimes I really dp forget who it is that I am.


As we hung out in the lobby I was in shock of the patrons. Pretty much everyone was very drunk. The men and most of the women all shared the same body shape. They were all very loud and boisterous and I was glared at many times for being as well dressed as I was. Most of the people looked as if they had rolled out of bed and put on whatever was laying on the floor and came out. It was shocking being that St Charles is known for being such an upscale neighborhood. One guy was such a jerk that the 3 times we crossed paths he tried to start shit with me. There was a person at one point so out of it that security had to force him to sit in a chair that they asked me to bring over because the guy could barely stand. I seriously could not believe what I was witness to. In short they were all very rough around the edges. It was also 100% white, I did not see one person of color or of any other ethnicity. The whole ordeal was very hard to swallow.

As far as accommodating Bob and I (Bob is in a wheelchair and requires assistance when it comes to stairs) most of the staff was clueless and pretty much told us there was nothing they could do. But I am persistent and to do this interview solo was not going to happen. I could not and would not have done it without Bob. I connected with a security guard who assured me that when the time came we could be taken care of. I was relieved and I took my seat in the 3rd row stage left as Bob’s wheelchair was in front of all of the rows where he would remain and take photos of the show that I never thought in my life I would see.

The show was running late but would prove to be well worth it. After all, I’ve waited 40 plus years to see this guy sing in person. Frank and his band came out to a round of applause backed by an instrumental of a rendition of a Beatles staple and kicked open the show with a new song “Tonight’s the Night” and followed it up with Angel favorite “Feelin’ Right” which blew me away to the point where I felt 15 yrs old again. The 9-song set was sprinkled with some big Angel rockers the likes of “Don’t Leave Me Lonley”, “Can You Feel It”, “The Fortune”, “Rock n Rollers” and “The Tower” as well a new songs from Franks debut solo ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ album, “Never Again” and “Rockin’in the City”.

DiMino’s touring band was tight and one think that really stood out was how much fun the singer was having performing for his fans. I’ve never seen a front-man smile so much while performing and at 66 years old he has as much energy and finesse as any youngster out there. In face most of them don’t even kick as much ass as Frank DiMino did this night. Of course his voice did not lose any luster either as he sang as well as he did over 40 years ago and its no wonder that he gives singing lessons. I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I did indeed have goosebumps.

Frank DiMino (center) 

Known to millions of people as the lead singer of 70s iconic rock group ANGEL. Known for their elaborate stage show and all-white costumes, Casablanca Records signed ANGEL to a multi-album deal upon the recommendation of KISS without even hearing the band play. They released six albums for Casablanca and toured non-stop playing American arenas with Aerosmith, Rush, Journey, Styx, Ted Nugent, and others. A highly successful Japanese tour would include two nights headlining the legendary Budokan and being greeted with “Beatlemania-like” fans at the airport. ANGEL appeared on the television shows American Bandstand, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, The Midnight Special, and in the film “Foxes”. Years later after ANGEL disbanded a revamped version of the group was formed with several new members which resulted in a new album and live shows in Europe and America.

As would be expected I was so much hungry for more as I have so many angel songs in my head and wish I could have made a set list for them to play but that is unrealistic, at this time. And I say that with good reason.

We went out into the entrance hall and waited as the drunks and mouthbreathers made hour hour long wait unbearable. I felt like I was back in Indiana. I only saw one other long hair and the only attractive woman at the who was the young lady Rachael who was in charge of the guest list and photo passes. More than a few times I was approached and asked which band I was a part of. At one point I replied to an apology, “That’s okay I get that a lot.” Bob was starting to feel as we were getting blown off and I said lets give it 25 more minutes and no sooner had I said that than I saw Andrew looking around for us. It was going down and it would in a very rock n roll manner. One of the very and I say very accommodating security guards secured us a storage room on the top floor to do the interview. It was a dump but it provided what we needed and it was almost funny on every level.

We all walked in and pulled chairs from the piles of “stuff” and as Bob set up the recorder he took notice of a huge iron safe against the wall and proclaimed “I’d like to take a crack at that safe.” Andrew asked “You want to take a crap on that safe” and mentioned that he left his nitroglycerin at home. It would be the first of many laughs captured digitally. I told Frank I had a message from our mutual friend Kenny Ryback and told him Kenny says hello. 

As you can read in the interview it all went very well. I let Bob ask some questions and it wasn’t so much of an interview as it was a discussion filled with great stories and anecdotes. It was so strange that I had never actually seen him perform before this night and with the industry insiders who I consider good friends, I really knew what I was talking about. in the interim Bob gave Frank and Andrew 30 or so slides from Angel’s next to the last concert ever and got his tour programm signed. They were very gratful for the slides. I felt a wave of envy sweep over me. I wished so much I had seen the band back in the day. As we parted ways Cheap Trick came up, I mentioned I’d be seeing them next week and Franks asked me to tell them “Hello” as if they were friend’s of mine. Which they are not. Yet.

Andrew gave me his card and we told each other we’d stay in touch and as we all left the comfy confines of the less than luxurious storage room BH noticed another giant iron safe in the room. Then we had to brace the drunks on the way out and got to the card and shot back to Bobs house where he cooked me the best store bought pizza I’ll ever have (again) and I took a pill and fell asleep on the leather sofa with his big German Sheppard Lugar sleeping at my feel the entire night.

Nowhere as cool as Bobs ANGEL tour program but a signed CD nonetheless

I love Breakfast at Tubby’s

I woke early by habit and so did Bob and he made us some coffee and a very nice breakfast as usual. I was anxious to get home and upload photos and I had him take me to the Aurora tran station early so I could hang out it’s walls. What can I say I have a thing for train stations. Really.

The Two Brothers Roundhouse, formerly the Walter Payton Roundhouse, America’s Historical Roundhouse, and Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Roundhouse and Locomotive Shop is a historic building converted to a restaurant in Aurora, Illinois. It was originally constructed in 1856 as a roundhouse for the Chicago & Aurora Railroad (later Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad) and served in this capacity until 1974. It was abandoned until 1995, when a group of investors led by Walter Payton purchased it and converted the building to an entertainment complex. Its most recent tenant is Two Brothers Brewing. The building is the oldest limestone roundhouse in the United States and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The structure was abandoned for twenty-one years. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 16, 1978. In May 1988, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognized the roundhouse as a landmark in mechanical engineering for its “innovative railroad yard machine shop.” In 1995, the Aurora City Council voted to allow an investment group led by former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton to purchase the building. The building re-opened in 1996 and hosted a brewpub, restaurant, museum, and open-air pavilion. Among the artifacts in the museum is Payton’s championship ring from Super Bowl XX. The complex received a National Preservation Award on October 22, 1999, only days before Payton’s death.

I walked into the Two Brothers Roundhouse retaurant and took a seat at the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary from the bartender Danny who would prove to be a great salesman of the venue. A bike rider named Nick (from DrunkCyclist PH an org which I will soon be joining) took a seat next to me and we talked bike riding as I ordered another Bloody and asked Danny to make it a double. I got a nod of approval from both men. I got my tab and it was a whopping $13! That’s for 2 drinks with 3 shots. It was a perfect near end to a perfect weekend. I shook hands with my new friends and took a seat on the train and within 90 minutes was back in the Windy City. I took the train home, went to Wagreen’s and came home unpacked my bags took a shower and prepared to see Ashley when she got off work. As I arrived Bob had already transcribed the 17 page interview and sent it to me. I met Ash for dinner at Tac Quick and then bought some Fruit Punch vodka and spent the remaining hours going over the materials I have gathered for the MK ULTRA Story book. She really got into it it and I could tell she had a lot of appreciation for the items I have organized thus far.


Monday morning I woke too early, took 150mg of Trazadone and knocked myself back into sleep. It would be a day to unwind and write this lengthy confession.

Thanks to the security at The Arcada, Dave Tedder from Head First Entertainment, Andrew Arsenault, Frank DiMino, Pig Dog Pub and Danny at Two Brothers Roundhouse and last but not least one of the best friends a guy could ever ask for Bob “Newbomb Turk” Hoeksema.


The Redhead On The Red Line Blues

This is my story

you may know how I feel

when love hits ya like a bus

you know its for real

After work we locked eyes

coming off of the train

I walked down the plattform behind her

and into the rain

Once I was outside

Saw her inside the store

she shot me a smile

But I wanted more

Now I spy her same time every day

and the story is always the same

I wanna ask for number

But fall right off of my game

Cats got my tongue but  I’ve nothing to lose

I can’t help it I have the Redhead on the Red Line Blues

At the first stop who did I see

walk down the aisle and she sat next to me

I thought man here is my chance

a shot a true rockin romance

Yeah he’s been on my mind

I want her right by my side

But each day I’d see her

I’d get crazy tongue tied

The next time I saw her

I wanted to ask for her name

then I lost my nerve again

I’m the only one to blame

The last time I saw her

was the last time she saw me

I thought this is my chance

But it was not meant to be

Cats got my tongue but I’ve nothing to lose

My friends tell me “YOU’VE got the Redhead on the Red Line Blues”

“I like it! 8 bar blues. We can tweak it a bit but I hear that raspy voice of yours belting it out.”- Greg Duncan

Jay Panick and Stephen Pearcy of RATT the night before Frank