I love living in the city. Spent my whole life in the city, where junk is king and the air smells shitty. People puking everywhere, piles of blood, scabs and hair. Bodies wasted in defeat. People dying on the streets. But suburban scumbags they don’t care. They just get fat and dye their hair. I love living in the city.

Ohh the joy of city life.

I woke up very well rested and happy that now it’s been 2 straight weeks in a row where I’ve had almost solid sleep of 8 hours or more. Its nothing less than a luxury for me. My cat Anny had bee perched on the foot board of my bed yelling at me for her morning dose of wet food. I went to the kitchen and took care of them and saw that I was out of coffee. Oh well I can make it till work. Not a big problem.


I left the house 10 min earlier than usual because I wanted to stop at Target in Evanston for some Gatorade. My first train 2 minutes after I arrived on the platform. So far so good. As we were 2 stops away from the Howard Station which is the end of the Red Line where I transfer to the Purple Line to get me to downtown Evanston the train stalled. There were only two other people on my car other than me. It was nice till the train stopped. The problem in the winter is that at the end of the Red Line they have a hard time waking up the sleeping homeless who just walk over and free transfer to the southbound trains and ride them all the way to the south side to 95th street. This morning there were two trains in front of the one I was on. I was standing for 20 minutes and 10 minutes of that was listening to the black lady sitting up in front of me singing about God talking to her. Over and over and over. Two Purple Line trains had passed us during the voyage north. When I finally got off at Howard the schedule read that the next Purple Line train would be 18 minutes, I said out loud, loudly FUCK! And I noticed the cute nurse I see every morning heard me. This meant 18 minutes of standing out in the cold and wind. More Red Line trains would drop off commuters as I waited. As the schedule read two minutes I saw the annoying homeless lady that is angry every time I see her about 10 years away from me pull her pants down and take a dump right there in front of people at the edge of the platform. As disgusted as I was I was happy not to be the commuters who were closer and came walking toward me in utter shock. The homeless lady then took a wad of paper towels and wiped her face before reaching down the back of her pants which she had pulled up after her deed and wiped her nasty ass. She then proceeded to toss the soiled paper towels onto the northbound tracks Gee I hate when people litter on city property.

By now it was too late to go to Target and I walked to the office where I had to urinate badly as I take a diuretic with my vitamins in the morning. Once I got to my desk I dropped my coat and before logging in went to the conference room to make my coffee. What would you know the Keurig at the office is broken.
Then my first duty was to start to call West Vagina for HVACR Techs to recruit for a big search that I’m on. I added 31 new resumes to the rollup of 54 I called the day before. 19 of those 31 were disconnected numbers. The one Moutnaineer that I did reach answered the phone “WHAT!?” I introduced myself and he yelled it again, “WHAT!?” and as I attempted to continue he yelled it again before I hung up. Yeah buddy go back to your meth. Of all of teh states that I’ve hunted resumes from on this search West Vagina is the one state where I’ve had to disqualify every contact for one reason or another. It was frustrating. Almost all of the numbers are disconnected. I was so aggravated and the second half of my day was working other states.

Alleged madame, 31, of Chicago ‘sex dungeon’ is charged with prostitution and financial crimes in 5 states and Washington D.C. – but she claims she was simply running a fetish business

I have nothing but great things to say about this international news maker. To be continued tomorrow

Jessica wearing my PRONG hoodie after RIOT FEST Sept 2013 she seemed a lot wiser and professional than most 24 yr olds I’d met in awhile

I saw this headline 2 days ago and recognized her. I was aware through a mutual friend I’ll refer to as K that the operation was raided a couple of years back. Little did I know it was big new just last September. Being a local new junkie I don’t know how I missed it.

Prosecutors want Chicago madam locked up for advertising her fetish business while awaiting trial CHICAGO TRIBUNE JAN 21, 2020

The ad posted last month on fetish classified site sexyjobs.com promised an extraordinary opportunity to work at a Chicago “members only” club
“The Premier Playhouse was designed for the kink friendly and has been providing legal fun for 10+ years,” the ad said. “We need charming classy individuals who love the spotlight and who can welcome curious newcomers and seasoned Kinksters to our incredible and luxurious 5 floor playhouse. Apply now!”

There was just one problem, according to federal prosecutors. The ad was posted by Jessica Nesbitt, a self-proclaimed Chicago madam awaiting trial on charges alleging she and several employees had sex with clients for money at risque parties.

Now prosecutors are asking U.S. District Judge Robert Dow Jr. to revoke.


Wednesday morning 1/22/2020 I was watching Fox 32 news before work and there she was and they showed her walking into court and she just oozed sexuality. But what does this matter you may ask, well let me rewind to RIOT FEST Sept 2013.



Motorhead was set to headline that Saturday night and I was on their guest list but they had to cancel due to Lemmy’s health and were replaced with DANZIG which was just fine with me and Tommy Victor put me on their guest list. The same night Joan Jett was also performing. I took a taxi over to Humboldt Park where the fest was held at the time ad traffic was a virtual nightmare. I was going to meet Brian Stoneman there that afternoon and he was also stuck in traffic. When I arrived and went to retrieve my VIP pass I leaned that I had to enter at the artists entrance and I had my backpack with my PRONG hoodie in it and not much else. I handed my bag to be checked and they informed me they weren’t permitted to check artists bags,, DAMN I could have taken booze in as opposed to paying the extremely high price per beverage inside. As I wandered about I ran into my fiery red head friend K and she was with a smartly dressed well mannered blonde named Jessica who I was introduced to as K’s boss. They also had VIP passes but the kind you had to pay for. I realized this day I would never attend another festival unless I and VIP. Come to think of it I’ve always only had VIP at fests. Brian finally met up with us and no matter how I tried I could not get him into the VIP beverage sales area which had long lines but not nearly as long as the lines there were for General Admission people. The 4 of us hung out and I was intrigued by this woman. She gave the impression she really had her shit together. I didn’t know till now that she was only 24. There aren’t many women at 24 these days that really have their shit together. I would find out a few hour later exactly what it was she had together.

Brian and I went to see Joan Jett and had to leave near the end of her set and run across the field to the main stage where I had VIP section access and had already introduced myself to security. I was able to sneak Brian in. K and Jessica opted to leave the VIP area and go into the crowd and act like teenagers. I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen K act that was and was surprised that Jessica joined in the charade. It wasn’t attractive. However I had garnished the attention of a small blonde rocker girl from California who stayed in my arms during the. As it turned out she was an escort Amor Hilton from LA and she actually was hired by a guy I know to join him after. It was strange. The show was great and I always love seeing DANZIG one of my all time favorite performers.

When the lil blonde walked off with my friend K and Jessica came back to us and offered to take us to their “place of employment” and then give us a ride back to the north side where I lived. So the four of us walked down Augusta to Ukrainian Village and entered a newly constructed 5 flat. It was a very high end dungeon the likes I’d never imagined. It was the home of Kink Extraordinaires and Jessica was the owner / madame. I’d also never imagined such a low key mild mannered well kept woman as a madam. She was a classy smart well mannered lady in every way. I was very taken with her. She let us make drinks at a bar and gave us the full tour right up to the rooftop jacuzzi. It goes without saying I was very impressed and more and more impressed with her.

It was becoming apparent that it seemed K and I were going to be together and Jessica put out all the signals that Brian could be with her. She gave us a ride to a bar in Lincoln Park called Tommy Knuckles which was short lived and at the time hardly had to spend any money there as the bartender at the time was a good friend. We hung out till last call and Brian ignored her advances. Dummy. It wasn’t the first time he’d do such a thing.

K continued to be a visitor at my BBQ’s and we hung out at a few shows and went to a Hot As a Mother dinner event at Heaven on 7 and I’d always ask about her boss and if she’d bring her along. She never did.


I little over a year ago K was in my neighborhood and we met up at a pub for a bite to eat. She told me that the “place of employment” Kink Extraordinaires had been raided and she was no longer in their employ. Jessica would go before teh judge and make worldwide news last Sept. This week she faced even more charges that you’ve read a portion of here.

All I can say about her is that I found her a fascinating person and an attractive and fun woman who had her shit together. I can’t say a bad thing about her. Meanwhile they want to put her away. The same city and county that a year ago gave Jussie Smollett a pass. There you have it and I wish Miss Nesbitt all the best and hope her lawyer can pull a miracle.


Months later when Brian and I discussed the evening he commented “Do you realize all of the women we were in the company of were sex workers?” Perfect analogy. – az

by whitesoxdave – Chicago White Sox blogger. Mayor of Scoop City.

I moved into the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago almost 6 years ago to the day on October 1st of 2013. Specifically I was on the 2300 block of Augusta Blvd.; the block between Western Ave. and Oakley St. It was cheap, quiet, a few blocks from the Wicker Park bars and provided easy access to interstate 290 when I was doing the reverse commute to Lisle for my first job out of college.

Though it was kinda boring, I grew to love it. Not a lot of homeless people, hardly any crime, yada yada. Oh, and since I was living with a HS friend I was also only paying $650 rent. It was perfect. Saved a lot of money up until I eventually bailed on it to move to Lincoln Park last month.

What I didn’t know is that my GODDAMN NEIGHBOR was running a massive brothel just a few blocks down from me. Now I’m not a hooker guy. Never picked one up in my life, never been to a rub n tug, never hit up Craigslist. So maybe I just was too naive to realize that this smoke show of a Madame was literally operating a few buildings down from me.

If I hadn’t moved to Lincoln Park last month and had she not gotten popped by feds, I have a sneaky feeling all of what I just said about me not being a hooker guy would have changed REAL fast. And when I said she was a smoke, I wasn’t lying.

That’s what I call service with a smile. Or more like a bunch of smiles I would like to service amirite?

I was conditioned to believe that all hookers look like the white trash you see on COPS, but apparently I was grossly mistaken. This is an all star team, the Dream Team, and the 1980s USA Men’s Hockey team all rolled into one. And if I had known about this place, I think I would have hypothetically emptied my bank account on Mistress Natasha Dior.

It’s a damn shame the coach got fired and the team broke up. It was a dynasty. Here’s to hoping a new dynasty pops up somewhere around DePaul sooner than later.



Sitting here now in this bar for hours, while these strange men rent strange flowers. I’ll be picking up your petals in another few hours. In the metal and blood, in the scent and mascara, on a backcloth of lashes and stars. In a flood of your tears, in sackcloth. And ashes and ashes and secondhand passion, and stolen guitars.

There will be more images cast of the video shoot as they come available.


I woke up at 525A Saturday morning to get ready for a cold and messy commute to the Davis Theater for a 8A-10A video shoot for FIRST JASON’s new single “Vorhees is the Name”. The live portion was shot at Liars Club a few weeks ago and now they needed extras in heavy metal gear to play audience members watching the video on a movie screen. Max Bravo came by with an Uber around 730A and we got to the Davis Theater where even in the bad weather some other extras came out to join in the shoot. Ari introduced me to a group that came in a car all the way from Pennsylvania. I got to catch up with my old friend the photographer/drummer extraordinaire Fabian Arroyo. Among the seven bands he plays in FIRST JASON is one of them. It was great to reconnect with him. He shot some pix afterwards as well. 

We did 5 or 6 takes and after the cast  gathered in front of the screen for a group shot and then we all slowly filtered out of the theater. Max and I walked through the slop and had breakfast at Garcia’s home of the finest margaritas I’ve ever tasted. We weren’t drinking this weekend however and enjoyed some wonderful tacos. Just what the doctor ordered. After that I decided to show Max Gene’s Sausage Shop and Delicatessen. He was thrilled that they sold Ox Tail and we would have to go back and make it our last stop. 

Gene’s Sausage Shop and Delicatessen 

After Genes we went to the Dollar Tree so I could buy some cleaning supplies and then we went to Quake Collectibles and talked to the owner and browsed a bit and I picked up a bighead Batgirl figure and put her in my pocket and we hit up Genes one last time. I was happy to see they make both Stuffed Peppers and Cabbage Rolls and will be returning soon to bring some home for a couple big dinners. 

Its rough doing the podcast at night after work but tonight’s show was stellar. We had our first call in and between Rob calling in from Boston and Emily sitting in studio we did 1 hr and 15 min of entertaining talk with no music or musical guests. The list of countries around the world who have listened in the last 48 hours which I read off is mind blowing. THANK YOU

Chicago, IL, United States
Beloit, WI, United States
Florence, Italy
North Hollywood, CA, United States
Cambridge, MA, United States
Kansas City, MO, United States
Dallas, TX, United States
Genova, Italy
Istanbul, Turkey
Alger, MI, United States
Tranent, United Kingdom
El Prat De Llobregat, Spain
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Oswego, IL, United States
Kempten, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Highland, IL, United States
Aurora, IL, United States
Cary, IL, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
Mugla, Turkey
Kolkata, India
Sundebru, Norway
Ontario, CA, United States
Herford, Germany
Chatswood, Australia
Hudson, NH, United States
Algeciras, Spain
Rize, Turkey
Sterling Heights, MI, United States
Pensacola, FL, United States

Emily posing with me and the newly dry mounted Roxy Music poster from 1982 that my brother gifted me for my birthday

Emily brought me 4 Big Buford’s from Checkers in Bradley IL

And now it’s at home

She’s terminal blue…Taking a ride with the pretty things tonight. You know it’s wrong but it feels so very right. Taking a ride with the pretty things tonight. You know it’s wrong but it feels so fuckin’ right.


Above are the designs for the banner and signs that were designed by Max Bravo a couple of weeks ago. On Feb 1 they will be printed by Storm Signs of Dyer IN. 

Also this week thanks to Cassie Balazic and Angela Denk the YouTube subscribers crossed 100 so I applied for a custom URL and it’ll make the channel easier to find thus increasing subscriptions. Who knew it’d be so damned hard to get our listeners to sign up. 


I found a site online that sells rubber Quaaludes. The Dream Police.

We didn’t do a show last weekend and it was nice just to have some alone time and watch movies and eat. Saturday after I did laundry I finally ate brunch at 1220P and made the best sausage and biscuits I’ve ever managed, and I’ve been making it for years. Sadly I ate alone. It’s long overdue I start spending quality time with one woman. I’m making it a goal now that I have my life back in order…. for the most part. 

This Saturday early morning I’m headed to the Davis Theater to be an extra in a video shoot for Ari Lehman’s band FIRST JASON. The director wants us in metal gear so there I’ll be a 55 year old man in metal gear. It’s supposed to be very cold and the weather is forecast to be unfriendly. 

Ya know how people toss around “brother from another mother”? Well those of you that know me know that I’ve had one of those for a couple of decades now by the name of Greg Miner. Yesterday we had lunch at Bar Louie in Evanston. It was the first time I’d seen him since he picked me up from my colonoscopy in Dec 2016. Since then I had a couple personal struggle and he married a great Asian lady and moved to the quiet north shore of Forest Park. He’s really been there for me. Between him and Dale I don’t know how I would have made it through the latter half of the last decade. An hour was not nearly enough time to get fully caught up but he being the friend he is asked about me, my son and Dale. There’s so much more to catch up on and maybe we can get there when he comes on the podcast as he has a new record in the can which I’ll be listening to later today after I’m done running errands. 

(our server was very unfriendly, the place was pretty much dead for lunchtime and I had the worst Buffalo wings I’ve ever been served in a restaurant. It was my only bad experience at a Bar Louie. I wont return to this location)

Sometimes I ride the train to work or home and just start laughing out loud thinking of some of our adventures. Wild times you certainly couldn’t pull of today. Looking back at my life I’m really happy I got to enjoy the life that I did. But nothing comes without consequences that’s for sure, and I’ve paid the price in many ways and forms. But I’ve had a colorful and helluva ride.

Last night I posted this teaser on Facebook and Twitter

What’s up with the Asian girls and cocaine? Tune into Sunday’s MKULTRASOUND PodCast to learn what it’s all about.


It started out with a dream a friend had but I took that a step further as a test. The image below Dale posted and it got him banned from FB for 3 days. I posted it and got a notice in less than 30 seconds that it violates Facebooks community standards and then I got a message from Facebook with a suicide prevention hotline number. Amazing what violates “their” community standards. Urban types constantly post videos of violence and other criminal activity and it flies under their progressive radar. 

Wicker Park Checkers Opening Delayed Again

The fast food restaurant is now six months behind its scheduled July 2019 opening.

POLISH TRIANGLE — The highly-anticipated Wicker Park/West Town opening of Checkers has been delayed — again.

After months of delays, the fast food restaurant is now eyeing a late January opening, spokesperson Jennifer Hoch said on Monday.

In July of last year, Checkers initially announced a summertime at 1555 W. Division St. The restaurant would be attached to, and would share an address with, a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

While Popeyes eventually opened in the corner storefront facing the Division Street-Ashland Avenue intersection, the Ashland Avenue-facing Checkers remained closed throughout the fall and winter.

In December, Checkers announced a Dec. 27 opening. Then a Dec. 30 opening.

Hoch, the spokesperson for the company, did not have an explanation for why the late December timeline had been pushed into mid-January.

She did tell Block Club last month that “various factors” were to blame for the five-month lapse between July and December.

“The opening has been delayed due to various factors and the group is now putting the final touches for the grand opening,” Hoch said.

While Checkers is known for its double drive-thrus, the Wicker Park location will be walk-in only.

Luckily for me Emily of eKaye designs is guest hosting on this weAkends show and will bring me a pair of Big Buford’s to hold me over. We should also be able to take our first call in from Boston Bob and old friend of mine from the east coast. Maybe we’ll share the tale of the coolest bar fight either one of us had ever been in from 1997.

Its Thursday morning, I’m on my 6th cup of coffee and getting ready to go out and brave the cold.

Three very intense and surreal horror movies I’ve watched this week. Midsommer, Hereditary and Mother 

Last weekend’s storm destroyed parts of Chicago’s beaches, including the lakefront trail.

CHICAGO (WLS) — High lake levels and a series of storms have wiped out two beaches on Chicago’s Far North Side, forcing the city to restrict access to the public.

City officials said Rogers Beach and Howard Beach are no longer salvageable and will be replaced with rock.


All the hip young things trying to make a scene, living out forbidden dreams. Star spangled banner flutters in the sky. Time hustles those who wait to die. Oh, she’s a Dior girl, twisting round the world. Midnight crush boogie scene. Firm fixed expression, sensual, tender, smooth. Sexual panther, beautifully cool.

Stunning Sunrise Photo Shows ‘Devil Horns’ During Solar Eclipse
The sun, partially blocked by the moon, rises above the sea in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Dec. 26, 2019

Happy New Year Asa Akira!

I assume you can say I survived another Christmas holiday. This was the first I’d spend alone in years. Since both Christmas and New Year were right smack in the middle of the work week I stayed home, alone. New Years Eve Danny Lee Hill came by after my work day ended and we watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which marked the third time for me. I cooked my traditional dish pork, potatoes and sauerkraut which I learned from my grandparents in West Virginia, an annual tradition. I only learned recently that it was part superstition and part tradition, it’s like a Pennsylvania Dutch-style insurance policy for the new year. Pork’s on the menu because pigs root forward — the same direction most people hope to go in the new year. Conversely, serving chicken on New Year’s Day is unwise because chickens scratch backward — not a direction anyone wants to go.

On New Years Day I left around noon and met Max at Hansa Clipper where the drinks were poured strong. It took me awhile to get home and I started feeling a really bad head cold  sweep over me. It would result in what would turn out to be a hard start of the work week coupled with a worsening cold and unbearable insomnia that none of my narcotics could ease. But first I had to knock out a circus of a podcast that would feature Ari Lehman the first Jason.

Sunday Jan 5, 2019 with Ari Lehman, Ty Coon, Angela Denk, Alex Zander Ashley and Cassie Balazic

Ari Lehman and Angela Denk sat in on a fun filled podcast. We had a little audience and my dearest Ashley came and hung out and took a lot of pictures. Late Max Bravo stopped by and the show turned into a full blown circus and the day went very very long. I was already feeling sick and later insomnia would take hold for several nights. It makes work grueling when you’ve been up since before midnight. 

Ari is known for having played the first Jason Voorhees as a child in the Paramount horror film Friday the 13th. Lehman currently performs in a punk rock/heavy metal band, First Jason.

A native New Yorker, Ari Lehman grew up in Westport, CT,[1][4] where he trained in Classical Music and Jazz Piano. Lehman was presented with an All-State Award for Excellence in Jazz Piano and a scholarship to Berklee School of Music by jazz educator, Dr. Billy Taylor.[1][2]

Lehman heard about an audition being held in Westport for the movie, “Manny’s Orphans”, about a group of inner-city orphans who play soccer, directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Lehman snuck into the audition and landed the role of “Roger”. This role led to Lehman getting the call to play Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th from Sean S. Cunningham.”For his audition Lehman was asked one key question by the director, ‘Can you swim?’”

After the release of Friday the 13th, Lehman returned to New York City, where he enrolled at New York University and concentrated on Big Band Orchestration and Jazz Piano, “where he studied with the likes of Vladmir Shafranov”. Lehman’s career led him to become a keyboardist for artists of Reggae and African music of the time, with whom he toured throughout the US, Europe and West Africa, and recorded with at Tuff Gong Records and Interscope Records.

Lehman went on to form his own world rock and reggae band Ari Ben Moses Band, and gained acclaim[1] when, upon moving to Chicago in late 2002, he was contacted by horror fans who invited him to attend an East Coast horror convention.Lehman then created First Jason, a punk metal band specifically for horror fans, especially the fans of Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th.

Snow on the river and two by two. Took a lot to live a lot like you, I don’t, go there now, but I hear they sung, their “fuck me And marry me young”. Some wild idea and a big white bed, nowy ou know better than that, I said, like a voice in the wind blow little crystals down. Like brittle things will break before they turn, like lipstick on my cigarette. And the ice get harder overhead, like think it twice but never never learn…

The girl’s a deadly teaser, wants to do a private show. She’s got a hundred thousand fantasies, she wants the band to know. She likes to brush across my Levis, she likes to watch him grow.

My good friend Robert (Bob) Salisbury and Tulsi Gabbard Saturday night in NH



Some thoughts regarding the Tulsi rally in Southern NH this afternoon:
First and foremost she absolutely hit it out of the park with respect to connecting with the audience and pragmatic ideas. I would go so far to say she exceeded the high expectations I already had for her. In her opening statement she spoke to the need to having someone that can unify the divisions in this country. She referenced Abraham Lincoln in his “Divided House” speech; “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Both sides of the political spectrum can both agree we are as divided as we have ever been. I like many other Americans picked my side and have been short sighted on what I wanted the end game to be; make sure my guy whose policies are in lock step with my views wins at all costs. I’m alright with admitting this, because I truly believe that political tribalism has trumped making decisions on pragmatism/rational thought. I came to this flawed realization about myself after hearing Tulsi speak. She shared how when she was elected to Congress her extending an olive branch to all 435 members by having her mother make her famous macadamian toffee treats for everyone. We had a sample and it was great. She followed up with talking about the long standing problem of the Military Industrial Complex and war profiterring. One example was the nonsensical occupation in Afghanastan. As a country we spend over 4 billion dollars a month and none of the higher ups in the military can articulate why we are there. Crony capitalism within the health care industry was brought up. The insurance companies are crafting legislation and the pharma companies are paying big money to lobbyist firms to keep and gin up their margins. Of course this is not some big revelation, but I have complete confidence that if she was elected she would follow through on rooting out this corruption. Moreover, she is not proposing insane ideas like Single Payer. Basically if you like your private health coverage keep it and have a system for the poor/uninsured. Where do you get that money? Well stop funding bullshit like Afghanastan- theres half a Trillion dollars over 10 years. Go after the opioid companies that caused the epidemic we have. There’s at least another half trillion there. She did not get into the typical Democrat bullshit of class warfare, Billionaires are evil, and Trump is going to create the next apocalypse crap. Here’s a cool story from the event. Some obvious Trump hater in the crowd tried needling her on her “Present” vote regarding the impeachment. She stood her ground and position on this like a fuckin boss. She also explained her vote with surgical like precision speaking to the fact that this was politically motivated with a flawed process, exactly what the Founders were fearful of.

I could go on and on. If you want to dial me into the show tomorrow happy to do so. Bottom line is that Tulsi is a smart wonderful strong woman and she is a much bigger threat to the Left than Trump could ever be. I do believe she is going to have a strong showing in NH on February 11. Apparently she has a lot of support in SC according to a buddy of mine who lives there. I think she has a stronger grass roots movement than we thought and she has a strategy to make some headway. I predict if Trump wins re election she will be the Dem nominee in 2024 as they will have no choice to marginalize the Leftists who have hijacked the party.

Emily Sifrit and Heather Wagner


“There is enough material in the last one to psychoanalyze to last me a lifetime.”
– Dylan listener in Missouri

“So it took me this long to really sit down and listen to this: Alex Zander I love you and I miss you and so much of this completely broke my heart. Great podcast; everyone should take the time to hear this. Thank you for honoring Shaun here ❤ this is probably the best thing I’ve heard in his memory. I’m sorry to hear of your ordeal and I’m sorry for the feelings you were left with through this. With that being said, your words of wisdom may be some of my forever favorites: “We are great men. But sometimes you need to set aside being great men and stop to be a great friend.” Beautiful Alex ❤ beautiful!”

– Lydia Davis listener in Waupaca, Wisconsin

There are parts of me that don’t get nervous. Not the parts that shake. You won’t get what you deserve you are what you take. Learning to cry for fun and profit, I’m not done yet. Counterfeit dollars or the English zloty. Anything I can get.

On Friday December 20th the day had finally arrived that I’d get to have the spectacular anomaly Tiny Texie on the PodCast. I worked till 1 PM on Friday after spending all morning on the phone as a recruiter for one of the firms biggest if not THEE biggest client made my way home and changed into more comfortable attire . Cassie wasn’t far behind me and we laid out the format for the show. I would soon learn that my voice would suffer as I was more hoarse and less baritone than usual. 

All in all it was a very enlightening show. Cassie filled in for Ty and added her spice to the hour. The show went from funny to very human and emotional to funny again. I  played LA GUNS version of the Ramones “Merry Christmas (I Don’t want to Fight Tonight)” and we talked up the upcoming EXXXOTICA 10 Year Anniversary in Chicago. I had been wanting to have Texie on since this shows creation and it was well worth the wait.

Cassie Balazic, Alex Zander, Tiny Texie and Anastasia Graves

We did some pix in the Warhol Room and Pony took a real liking to Textie and obeyed her. It was very interesting. 

A couple of hours after the show and a much needed nap, Todd (Uber Driver) Brack called and told me he was on my street so we went for a drink at Wrigleyville North where I swore I’d never go again since my nice expensive wool cowboy had was stolen there last May. It was pretty dead so I loaded the jukebox with some hard rock and we chilled for about an hour or so.

For my Birthday / XMAS gift from my brother Blue he got me an old Roxy Music poster that he adored back in my youth which Rey DeLeon who was the bass player in the Crashes a power punk/pop band I sang for back in the mid 80’s. The poster hung in my first few apartments. Below is a pic of it in my living room in my Martins Ferry Ohio apartment I shared with John Kennedy. 

I opened it in front of Dawn and Brad when they brought me home from Bradley IL. It brought a tear to my eye. I have to order a special frame for its 23×23 dimension since that is not a standard size print. 

Another package he sent me included this bottle of pre mixed pineapple/jalapeno margarita which was damn good. 

I framed the Warhol Debbie Harry print that I bought when I met Colleen earlier this month to see the A-Z exhibit. I was able to find the perfect frame and mat at Michael. It looks good grouped with Elvis and Jagger.

The sky off my back porch on a warmer than normal Christmas Day

The morning of the 26th , it was already 57 degrees at 8AM,  I watched the Handmaiden for the second time. I assume the first time I saw it must have been an edited version because I do not recall the intense erotic scenes between teh two female stars. I bet my neighbors loved hearing the audio ecstasy. 

The Handmaiden (Korean: 아가씨; RR: Agassi; lit. ”Lady”) is a 2016 South Korean erotic psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook and starring Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong. It is inspired by the novel Fingersmith by Welsh writer Sarah Waters, with the setting changed from Victorian era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule.

The film was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It was released in South Korea on 1 June 2016, to critical acclaim. It grossed over $37 million worldwide.

At the 71st British Academy Film Awards, the film won the category of Best Film Not in the English Language.

By noon I was out riding my bike and stopped at Argyle to buy some Udon Noodles which I’ve been craving. I was at the lakefront at 1PM when Danny Lee Hill called and said he and his drummer Mike were dropping by. I asked him to give me an hour since I really enjoyed being outside and working up a sweat. 

 This Sundays guest, up and coming country singer Heather Wagner. 



Drinkin’ my wine, makes me feel fine, gonna have me a holiday. Poor man’s party, rich man’s daughter, gettin’ hotter and hotter. She’s pushin’ way too hard, I don’t want any part of her way. Drinkin’ my wine, wastin’ my time, hidin’ out in my rented dream. Lookin’ for attention, a cover story mention in Life magazine.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on AmTrak on my way to Kankakee station then to my hotel in hopes of early check in, Then to Checkers for breakfast and then lunch / wings with Emily SifritDawn Wattles and my bday brother Brad Wattles. And later we convene at the Looney Bin for rock n roll and fun with Nick Huffman and other.


I finally have a window of time to update this page. Worked from home yesterday and I’ll be working from home for the balance of the week. This is the first Christmas in years I didn’t go out of town. This mid week holidays always screw up my body clock. I’m putting work in front of everything else so that after New Years I can get a fresh start. As far as I know Danny Lee Hill is coming New Years Eve. It should be a chill time. 

Right now I want to share some of the finer moments from the best birthday I’ve had since 2016 when a bunch of us including my brother and Bree gathered at Ranalli’s. It was also the fateful night I me Shelly and made a major mistake of a decision that I’d suffer for a couple of years that followed.


After working a long day from home on the my actual birthday Dec 12th I packed my bag and woke up at 530AM to take a train downtown to a bus to an AmTrak train that would take me to Kankakee where my Uber driver Todd Brack would pick me up at 920 AM.

When I arrived he  was waiting and would not charge me since it was my birthday. Already my day was going great. As we drove into Bradley we tossed around ideas about where to eat breakfast. One thing for sure is that I wanted Checkers/Rally’s and Todd never had it till this day. We went by my hotel where they let me check in 4.5 hrs early. BAM, another score. TI took my bags up to room 216 and went back down to Todd’s car and we went to Checkers. Burgers for breakfast for certain is one of my favorite things. Other than us it was dead inside. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they now served a triple Big Buford.

Checkers and Rally’s Triple Buford is listed in The Six Worst Fast-Food Burgers
Checkers’ Triple Buford is probably named for the first guy who had a triple bypass after eating this meat creature. With three beef patties, three slices of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ketchup, it packs 910 calories, 61g fat, 29g saturated fat, and 1,870mg sodium.
The Triple Buford at Checkers and Rally’s is a mountainous triple cheeseburger, loaded with three slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and a smattering of sauces, served on a toasted bun. The total calorie count for the Triple Buford is 890, though recent advertisements encourage adding additional patties, up to a total of nine. The real calorie count is as high as you’re willing to go.

After swinging by Meijer for me to get some liquor for my Jacuzzi suite (1 fifth of silver tequila and a handle of pre mixed margarita which I miraculously purchased for $30 and some change) I chilled in the room as 80’s hard rock music played and I got cleaned up to meet Emily for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Its also where we planned to meet with Brad and Dawn who were driving up from Indianapolis. 

Emily ordered what was pretty much the equivalent of a child’s meal, a boneless wing snack and mac and cheese and I got the 22 bone in piece option w/ 4 different flavors.

After about an hour or so Emily went home and Brad and Dawn took me to Target to buy the  ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD COLLECTORS ED (4K/BR/W-DIGITAL) (4K/UHD). As we were in the store Brad and I molested the stuffed animals and caught the attention of security as we did. When we checked out the cashier had obviously been told to look for us and she reported that we were indeed leaving.We got back to our rooms and that’s when the party began around 330 PM

Bottoms Up Bradley

Dawn enjoying her snack

Emily devours the kids meal equivalent 

Brad and Dawn wattles, Emily Sifrit and Angela Denk

Around 5PM Angela Denk joined us and according to what she said on the podcast a couple of days later, she didn’t need a room number as she could hear the music all the way down the corridor. 

We all hung out in the room for a while tossing back drink and listening to music, loudly, and then Angela gave us a ride to the Looney Bin.

Angela, AZ and Emily

Stacy Washack

I walked in and was greeted by Ari Lehman, Ari Lehman is an American performing artist, composer, and actor. He is known for having played the first Jason Voorhees as a child in the Paramount horror film Friday the 13th. Lehman currently performs in a punk rock/heavy metal band, First Jason. 

I asked the bartender, who not till the next day learned  was Serena, where Nick Huffman was. She went back and she was still sleeping and woke him up for me. I walked back and gifted him with two signed and numbered Angry White Male Tour posters and he gave me a bottle of signature Ron White tequila which was signed by the Tater himself, my favorite comedian, Ron White. 

Number Juan Tequila

Number Juan Blanco – 39.99 (everyday price) “Not the tequila you puked on in high school folks!” – Alex Reymundo. This one is smooth like water and great in cocktails!

Number Juan Reposado – 45.99 (everyday price) Aged 9 months in French & American white oak barrels. Great straight up or in a craft cocktail!

Number Juan Extra Anejo – 64.99 (everyday price) This isn’t your typical Anejo Tequila. The Reposado is barrel aged for 5 years in retired bourbon barrels. It’s basically tequila that drinks like a bourbon. Perfect for any bourbon drinker.


Back at the bar we pretty much chose our place and Angela made her rounds meeting folks before leaving. Serena was a delight and all smiles as she poured em strong for the birthday boy. There were 4 bands on the bill and I went in knowing we would not make it till midnight or whenever First Jason would take the stage. Stacy Washack joined us at the bar and was kind enough to give us a sober ride back to the hotel and she hung out for awhile. Brad, Dawn and myself certainly had more than our fair share of alcohol. Brads actual birthday would be the following Monday. 

Stacy Washack

I woke up around 7AM stepping over buffalo wing pieces on the floor and went and grabbed some breakfast at the buffet. I looked at the Chicago news and put on some music as I relaxed in the Jacuzzi. Dawn came to my room before going to get her creamer and Brad came to help me polish off the booze and then it was time to head h

As it worked out they would drive me all the way to Chicago, with a quick detour ro Buffalo Wild Wings in Tinley Park and when we go to my place we finished off their vodka. 

Dawn and Brad made it back to Indpls by 1030 that night. 

Thanks to everyone that shared in my 4th birthday celebrated at the Looney Bin!

The following Sunday Ty Coon was a no show so Angela and I did a show without her.


We’ll drink to sorrow then we’ll drink to waste. We’ll drink a toast to the inhuman race. Here’s to the world and the times we’re in. Here’s to the kid a real man among men. You’re cold and mean, and in between you’re rotten to the core.

So my date, Colleen told e she likes martinis so I spent all week practicing and I got really really good at it. Sadly she was on meds for her bronchitis (ain’t nobody got time for that) and could only nurse a few the hours we’d hang out at Casa Diablo after our downtown meet. 

I met Colleen on POF and we talked for over a week and ended up meeting a week after our plan due to her getting really sick. It worked out for the best. The Saturday we planned to meet up in was cold and rainy and just plain miserable. When we met a week water it was chilly and sun was shining. We met at my former office building in the Nilly Cafe only 1/4 block from the Art Institute.

This exhibition was organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York: ANDY WARHOL—FROM A TO B AND BACK AGAIN Oct 20, 2019–Jan 26, 2020

This major retrospective—the first to be organized by a US institution in 30 years—builds on the wealth of new research, scholarship, and perspectives that has emerged since Andy Warhol’s early death at age 58 in 1987. More than 400 works offer a new view of the beloved and iconic American Pop artist, not only illuminating the breadth, depth, and interconnectedness of Warhol’s production across the entirety of his career but also highlighting the ways that he anticipated the issues, effects, and pace of our current digital age.

Now being that I worked at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh when it opened in 1994 this exhibit left a lot to be desired and besides anyone who as been to my home, knows upon entering how much Warhol’s legacy has had an impact on my life and my work ethic. 

The Andy Warhol Museum is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is the largest museum in North America dedicated to a single artist. The museum holds an extensive permanent collection of art and archives from the Pittsburgh-born pop art icon. The museum is located in an 88,000-square-foot (8,200 m2) facility on seven floors. Containing 17 galleries, the museum features 900 paintings, close to 2,000 works on paper, over 1,000 published unique prints, 77 sculptures, 4,000 photographs, and over 4,350 Warhol films and videotaped works. Its most recent operating budget (2010) was $6.1 million. In addition to its Pittsburgh location the museum has sponsored 56 traveling exhibits that have attracted close to 9 million visitors in 153 venues worldwide since 1996.

We stood in line for tickets for nearly and hour and were through the exhibit in about 25-30 min. It was beautiful and spacious but lacked anything “edgy” which is what I mostly enjoy and appreciate. 

Colleen at the exhibit.


Chicago’s Dog House 816 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago www.chicagosdoghousechicago.com

I first encounter this place at the Chicago Hot Dog Fest last September which was the last date I was on before meeting up with Colleen in December. The Wagyu Beef concoction made me an instant fan. We had:

2 Chicago Style Hot Dog Mustard, tomato, onion, relish, pickle, hot peppers and celery salt

A Champer Sausage A massive aligator sausage with caramelized onions and sweetasian chili sauce
And the great dog I’ve ever had, the 1/3lb Wagyu Beef Sausage infused with Jalapenos and Cheddar Cheese topped with Dijon Mustard and Giardiniera peppers

Its a no frills place to eat but well worth it and easy to find. I’m for sure going back.

After we ate and found a place to pee we took the train to my place and I showed her around and then I made martinis and put on some 80’s hard rock via Pandora which we both really enjoy. She is my age after all. She also hares my fucked up and vulgar sense of humor. At one point we realized it was only 530. After the Johnny Depp narrated Doors documentary ended it was 1230AM and we went to bed. 

I woke up around 7AM and she was sitting on the futon. She said she slept out there she said yes. I asked it I was talking in my sleep and yes she told me she witnessed my tourettes but also that she was coughing all night. 

Around 930 I walked her to the train and hung out all day working on MK stuff. 

That is the end of the store of my most recent dating experience.