I’m snowblind, I can’t see a thing. I’m snowblind, I don’t wanna sing. I’m snowblind, need a familiar face. I’m snowblind, think I’m lost in space.

Last Tuesday 2/16/2021 Nearly 18 Inches Of Snow Reported At Midway Airport, Adding To Chicago’s Snowiest Stretch In 40 Years

Chicago has seen as much snow as it typically sees in an entire winter season in the last few weeks alone. The city on average sees about 36 inches of snow in a winter, though some years have recorded more than 80 inches and others less than 10 inches. But in the past 22 days, the city has seen 36.2 inches of snowfall.

Needless to say the weather snow and low temps have hampered all most all aspects of my life with the exception of work which I do from home. The podcast has been affected by not only weather but after the loss of Cassie and Jason Elkins still learning the editing software we’ve been sending files out to Hollywood where my good friend and Chicago native Paul Baio lives and works. He’s been working 18 hr days and living remotely and its time consuming but it gets done. Thankfully. We lost a couple of good YouTube shows due to corrupt files or bad lighting as in the last show we did w/ Nick Huffman at the Looney Bin for his book release in January.

On the upside with COVID positivity rates slowly declining guest such as Matthew Clark are starting to come out of hibernation and appear in person.  Sadly both Ania Tarnowska and Dan Milligan who I want on the show again ASAP are still not comfortable coming to do in person w/ the virus as it is.

Personally I’m 3 weeks behind on laundry. I slept in the guest room this week which is comfy and intend to drag my baggage through the snow to the laundromat tomorrow morning and get some of it done. Depending on the weather I may take another load on Monday after work.

I do have plenty of food now. Lots of Thai soups and noodles’, seafood, pasta, rice and canned soups. An lots of flour tortillas.

Outside my window a car completely buried except for a rearview mirror

2/21/2021 Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot and Hookers & Blow and guest co – host Emily Sifrit

2/28/2021 Show #2 Nicole Bodie and Damon Christopher

3/7/2021 TBA guest co – host Emily Sifrit

3/14/2021 Megan Riordan from the Inked Cover Girl Contest

They love you when you’re on all the covers. When you’re not, then they love another.

It’s been like this for over a week in Chicago. It keeps snowing and it’s not going to thaw for the foreseeable future.
I got home Friday night after going to the Bulldog Ale House with Max Bravo to find these great pix of Shasta and Nick Huffman at the Looney Bin
Nick left me a voice mail over the weekend that he did me a solid and got me set up to interview Alex Grossi
A cold wintery Bulldog Ale House, good food, good friends great time
Max with a big beer and AZ w/ Jameson
In tribute to Larry Flynt who died 2 days before this picture was taken.
Delicious fish tacos at Bulldog Ale House
The Red Line station by Target and Aldi in Uptown
Pre podcast get together with Max Bravo and Jason Elkins in Casa Diablo Warhol Room
The format for our guest Ari Lehman
Jason and First Jason/Ari Lehman
Post podcast Thai dinner at Tac Quick

“Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick. The one that makes me scream” she said. “The one that makes me laugh” she said. And threw her arms around my neck. Show me how you do it. And I promise you I promise that I’ll run away with you. I’ll run away with you.

Here we go again!!!!
Matt Clark came on the show for the first time since 2019 w/ a new Marys Window CD and his first book and 4 videos
Lookin’ out my window, sometimes I wonder
Am I ever gonna get to where I’m gonna go home
Maybe tomorrow, maybe next summer
Girl, I just don’t know, ’cause
I’m snowblind, I can’t see a thing
I’m snowblind, I don’t wanna sing
I’m snowblind, need a familiar face
I’m snowblind, think I’m lost in

Liberte, egalite, au jour d’hui see’est tres tres tres. Voici l’opportunite nous incroyables. I got the moves they got the grooves. Summoned the gods and they all approved. Bad vibes akimbo on the shelf. Bit of a rap thing going for myself.

Took a little Saturday trip to Andersonville for edibles at Dispensary 33: Chicago’s first and most knowledgeable dispensary, offering the highest quality products and best customer experience in Illinois
Then I walked over to one of my favorite neighborhoods to but some Vietnamese food to take home
Bahn Mi Sandwich www.balesandwich.com/menu/

I was TOTALLY unprepared for the heat on these!

Picked up some seafood pho and BANH MI
Pho Do Bien from Pho Loan.
When I arrived at my home this was inside the front door a gift from Too Dark Mark in Baton Rouge
Custom made and sent to me by Jason Kenski in Detroit. Thanks!!
Decided to jump on the Bernie Bandwagon

Waxed Amaryllis Bulb

First night out after the Mayor opened up indoor dining. Bulldog Ale House w/ Max Bravo
Margarita time!

Goodbye stranger it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true. Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane. Will we ever meet again? Feel no sorrow, feel no shame. Come tomorrow, feel no pain.

Woke up Sunday 1/17/2021 to some snow. Took a walk up into Boystown to stop by my bank and then to Beatnix and back home. It was a nice hour brisk walk. This coming weekend, 1/23/2021, I venture to Andersonville and over to Little Vietnam.


Thanks to Dale I was able to turn teh heat up on my chili and my eyes and nose are testifying to the hotness. I LOVE IT!

Pain Is Good Batch 77 Seven Pepper Salsa: a blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh onions, cilantro and seven peppers: Green Jalapenos, Red Jalapenos, Roasted Green Chiles, Habanero Peppers, Birds Eye Peppers, Guajillo Peppers and the hottest pepper in the world…Ghost Chile Pepper. Please snack responsibly…you may want to keep a fire extinguisher handy. 15.5oz.

On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We’re the best of friends. Insisting that the world keep turning our way. And our way Is on the road again.

We had a really good time as usual at the Looney Bin last weekend for the Nick Huffman Book Launch PodCast. Here are some pix and I’ll add more later.

Jerri Payne and Nicole Pizante were great behind the bar as always. Nick introduced me to Dr. Andé Wegner who sat in on the show with us. She’s known him since grade school and wrote the forward to his book.

It was Jason Elkins first trip to the Bin and it surely won’t be his last.

Heather Wagner, yes the singer, drove all the way to Dayton Ohio and back Friday to pick up the books from the printer. 393 miles each way. A total of 786 miles and she didn’t stop to sleep. Somehow she still made it to the Looney Bin the next day to perform for the podcast.

We arrived in Bradey IL shortly after 10AM and were too early to eat at Five Guys which was my plan so we went to Target and I bought some refreshments for the room. Then Jason and I discovered Five Guys did not permit indoor dining due to COVID. Luckily for me the hotel let me check in 4 hours early with no additional fee and Jason went to Five Guys and Chipoltle to get take out.

I usually get the jacuzzi suite but this trip just decided on a single king and I was AMAZED at this room and being that they appreciate my business and reviews they gave me the room for $50 less than advertised. This was a very nice accommodation. Jason arrived with the grub and after we ate we got to the Looney Bin ahead of schedule. Which was nice because we got to take our time setting up and socializing. It was nice to actually get to talk with Jerri this time. I also got to visit a bit with Nicks mom. Jerri made really good drinks for me.

With Nicole Pizante who took over bar duties at 6 PM. I’ve known her since my first trip to the Looney Bin and its always a pleasure.

Think Heather works much?

With Crazy J/Jason Elkins the new MKULTRASOUND PodCast camera guy

With Dr. Andé Wegner and Nick Huffman after the podcast

With Heather Wagner and Chance Jones after their performance.

Deep in thought uploading bits. A man at work.

After the show we did some pix and chatted a bit before loading up and taking the bulk of the gear back to the hotel. We sat for a little bit and decided to return to the Bin where Jerri was getting off of her shift and I wanted to say bye and also hello to Nicole. It was very slow but nice. It’s always good to come to this place for any reason.

My ride home wasn’t getting back to me so Heather told me here and Chance would pick me up. They had to be at the airport anyway to pick up Emily who was flying back into town. There was no place open to sit down and eat in Bradley. We wanted Denny’s. After what seemed like forever we stopped in Orland Park and found an Original Pancake House where we each ordered breakfast skillets. I was home by 3PM and had all afternoon to relax and watch TV.

Thanks to everyone at the Looney Bin for a really good time and I cannot wait to read the book by the Great Nick Huffman.

Back home eating at home/office/desk

The Worst Day In Modern American Political History – Ben Shapiro/The Daily Wire

This evening after work I watched a passionate Megan McCain’s messages and my Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard’s thoughts on the Rubin Report, and then finally the person who made the most common sense, to me, my favorite commentator, Ben Shapiro’s viewpoints on yesterdays horrific events.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve disliked Donald Trump and his “tremendous” ego since I learned of him in the 1980’s via Lori Levi. I’ve never voted for him and I’ve never supported him. Yesterday he proved to be everything I thought he was. That’s all I have to say about him at this time. – AZ

I’m a rocker, I’m a roller, I’m a right out of controller. I’m a wheeler, I’m a dealer, I’m a wicked woman stealer. I’m a bruiser, I’m a cruiser, I’m a rockin’ rollin’ man!

Emily and Heather on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast
Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana
Remington Indiana
Remington Indiana “that’s what she said”
Remington Indiana 8 AM
Remington Indiana Alex’s fish for breakfast 8 AM
Dawn Wattles and AZ Indpls IN

AZ w/ the Wattles clan Indpls IN