Heartbreaker, soul shaker I’ve been told about you Steamroller, midnight shoulder What they been saying’ must be true


My brothers 45th birthday

Booked the campsite in Wisconsin for the Memorial Day WeAkend trip

Put in my press request for the Blondie/garbage concert at Ravinia

Saw LOGAN finally. A great great film. Note: I HATE THE SEATS AT 600 N MICHIGAN AMC THEATER. I don’t need a big oversided recliner with a table top connected. 

So this happened as I was waiting for the feature presentation to come on.

A family of four sits in the row directly in front of me. Father in the aisle, son and daughter (under 12) between and the mother who was seated in the seat before me. I thought to myself, “children at an R-rated movie?” and witnessed the reaction throughout the R-Rated approved previews which included this trailer for the new release CHIPS.


As if the language wasn’t enough, as soon as the co-stars uttered “she ate my butt” and She ate your ass?” followed by “everyone’s eating everybody’s ass”, I thought the mother was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t believe they didn’t up and leave and ask for a refund right there. Myself, I couldn’t help but snicker at the irony. Even myself had I been on a date would have felt embarrassment.

Logan itself wasn’t vulgar but there was lots of violence, plenty of explicatives, including a curse filled temper tantrum by our hero and some partial female nudity which also shocked the good mother.

All in all a great final chapter to the Wolverine legacy, a 3 picture series that would have been best suited R-Rated in its entirety but not ever suitable for children under 17. Parents let your children learn such language the old fashioned way, at school. Or for millennials, the internet. 

It makes me so sad going there anymore since Heaven on 7 closed that location. It was my favorite place in Chicago to dine, brunch, lunch or dinner. Now there’s nothing in that space. Note the inspiration of my own kitchen.

I’ve had some time to think especially after the incident at Reggie’s and all of the backstabbing I’ve encountered since. All of those people who I have for years indiscriminately supported, opened my home to, fed, housed etc and to see what they have to say about it sends a loud and clear message that I should have seen years ago. Now its over. Those days are gone and I’m keeping my close circle tight and nobody gets back in. The days of those big BBQ’s where I spend hours prepping, spending money and cleaning up are a thing of the past. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride. The ship has sailed and I’ll be much better off moving forward. In the end it really was just dead weight. 

As far as the incident, I look forward to having my say when the time comes. That’s all on that for now. 

Something I was thinking on my way into work today is that it’s somewhat an anolomoly when it comes to the mixture of pharmaceuticals I’m currently taking in order to succeed in a solid night of sleep. Surely it would kill most men. I can only assume that it’s that tolerance is what was behind the fact that when they injected me with a sedative for my colonoscopy last December that it didn’t put me out. I was wide awake and alert during the entire procedure. 

I finally located and touched base with Danny Lee Hill. I was worried sick about his well-being. He was laying low. I should take note. Actually I have. All I have on my calendar for next weekend is that long train ride to Quaker Steak & Lube for some of the tastiest chicken wings I’ve ever had. 

Last year with Dave Ganz and Bryant Bohne

At times like these when enemies can number more than friends. A friend indeed is what I need, not someone who pretends.

Sunday 3/26
Brunch with Emily and Morgen at Tac Quick
Monday 3/27
met Tom my CPA to finish my 2016 taxes
Lunch with Tom at Pho Viet

Friday 3/31 Mental Health WeAkend kickoff

Off work early and went to the Dr. Manlo since I was unable to get and appointment with Dr. Tong who I prefer. I got refills on Lisinopril, Trazadone and Sildenafil. I have enough Trazadone to get me through summer now. Combined with Melatonin 10MG and a simple OTC sleep aid I’ve found the perfect combo for a good solid night of sleep without alcohol.

in bed at 830pm slept till 815am almost 10 hrs of sleep

Everyone blew me off for seeing Logan and Ashely had to work at 4AM so I skipped. Later she called and asked if I was coming over and I explained why I wasn’t there. 
Dropped off laundry
CTA to Argyle to pick up Kenneth Cole watch
It was nice out and early and I witnessed a lot of black guys begging for money and yealling incoherently
back to laundry went to Walgreens to pick up Rx
finished laundry

Spent the afternoon cleaning and watching Shamless and the Rammstein in Amerika DVD and the Jim Jarmusch documentary Gimme Danger (the Stooges)

in bed at 830pm slept till 830am 10 great hours


The best lazy day in ages. Rolled out of bed and watched some Rammstein songs and then an episode of Shameless while sipping some very strong coffee. Made my bed and some lunch and then watched Kill Bill 2 and the the Batman R-Rated animated film The Killing Joke. Then I ordered from Byron’s Hot Dogs, one their biggest burgers they have - the Punisher which was 2 burgers, gyro meat, plus all the fixings. It was good. 

I crashed around 930P and slept till alarm. 




I first came here to order a watch band for my Kenneth Cole sports watch. They had many in stock and replaced it there in minutes. I returned to buy a watch they had for sale and came back to have the band on it switched out. Again the service was quick and the price agreeable. I would return again to have my Kenneth Cole watch repaired. It was only $85 and done in three days. I’m very happy with their service and am happy to have discovered New World a few months ago.

They also have many other gift items for sale and well as what appears to be many other watches including Movado’s which start around $800. Great shop, service and prices.

Rammstein in Amerika a live concert video album by German NDH-metal band Rammstein. It documents the sold out show the band played at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, along with footage recorded at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada . It also contains two documentaries, regarding the band’s history with the United States, and the making of the album Liebe ist für alle da. 

The Jim Jarmusch documentary Gimme Danger based on the band The Stooges’. Incidentally my very first rock star autograph was from Iggy Pop. 

Had the graphic novel since 1988 and finally saw the DVD today. DC’s animation is great. Too bad the same can’t be said for their films as of late. Loved the first 2 Burton film treatments as well as Nolan trilogy.

My big top tricks will always make you happy But we all know the hat is wearing me My bag is in the hat, it’s filled with this and that My vision’s getting fat, the rabbit’s just a monkey in disguise Stars and pills and needles dance before our eyes

It was 82 degrees late afternoon Friday. By the time I left work at 530 and arrived at my destination 30 minutes later the temps dropped 20 degrees and the winds were whipping its wings.

Other than shop for myself I would need items for my Sunday night guests. Colossal shrimp, a cheese plate, a variety of spicy pickles, jalapeno stuffed olives and the best mustard available. The alcohol would wait.

I watched some episodes of Shameless and Dale and Anne arrived just around 10:15P and we watched TV together, chatted and I hit the sack planning up getting up early to do laundry. When I woke it was chilly and rainy and I said “fuck it” as it would have to wait and I showered and made coffee for my guests as we killed 2 hours before heading out for lunch. 

” I was gifted with these pickles”

I took Dale and Anne to at lunch at Pho Viet, 4941 N Broadway St, Chicago. As usual I had the appetizer sampler; 4 Spring roll w/ 4 shrimp & 4 pork skin spring roll, 4 fried egg roll, 4 fried shrimp cake, pork, 4 grilled beef. Served w. lettuce, cucumber mints, steam rice noodle, hoisin peanut sauce, sweet & sour fish sauce. And followed that goodness up with a big bowl of Mi Tom Cua (Egg noodles w. shrimp & crab meat) which nice nice on my sore throat. Then we went to Chiu Quon Bakery, 1127 W Argyle, around the corner and I picked up some nice Asian breakfast rolls and a few big cookies. (total: my fave # $7.14). Afterwards I dropped my Kenneth Cole watch off for repair at New World Watch, 1038 W Argyle and will picked it up next Saturday ($85). Then we went to Viet Hoa Plaza, 1038 W Argyle St, where I bought some fresh produce and some ginger chews for my throat.

Chiu Quon Bakery


On the way home we stopped at the nice new ROSS store, 918 W Montrose Ave, that just opened in my neighborhood and I priced some new Kenneth Cole luggage and some new kitchenware I’ll be needing and then across the street to Jungle Jewel where I bought some wine, sangria and fixin’s for margaritas for my lady guests who are coming tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. There were very some good deals so I bought much more than planned. It’s all good in the end.

Dale dropped me off and as they go out shopping I’m going to chill at home and get ready for a long night at Reggie’s. I have a big day planned tomorrow as well so I’m gonna need a little more downtime than usual. I’ll be picking up some Misery Machine t-shirts for Khe Khe and Fang that I’ll be gifting them with tomorrow.

Speaking up gifting. Dale gifted me with 2 large jars of pickles when he arrived last night.

Testosterone and Pyrotechnics


Testosterone and Pyrotechnics. Those were the words that came to mind as I witnessed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund’s 98 minute testament to the  live spectactal of a RAMMSTEIN concert. Of course I’ve seen them in concert and there’s nothing else that even comes close to a show of this production, skill and precision. But this version and the quick editing and a few of the digital special effects expanded my mind. It was mind blowing.

I was joined by Michael X. Christian whose band Misery Machine is playing part of that SOLD OUT show at Reggies tomorrow night and Invisible Record’s / Martin Atkins alum Bill aka Vas O Agnostos who just returned from SXSW and offered to lend a hand in creating the MK ULTRA book. 

The DVD comes out in May and I’m going to buy it the day it ships. As for now I have a very busy weekend in front of me that begins with Dale and Anne arrving this evening. 

Wenn getanzt wird, will ich führen Auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht Lässt euch ein wenig kontrollieren Ich zeige euch wie´s richtig geht Wir bilden einen lieben Reigen Die Freiheit spielt auf allen Geigen, Musik kommt aus dem Weißen Haus, Und vor Paris steht Mickey Maus

The last time I was at the Music Box was New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 and I saw the Hateful 8 and it was brutally cold and I was painfully crippled. The time before was to see The Human Centipede 3 at a late night showing. For a few years before that I practically lived at this place for all of the 3 day long horror film fests and once had Tura Satana appear at the showing of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (just before she passed away) and spent some time with the great Crispin Glover after his indie movie showings which followed a long afternoon we spent dining at the House of Blues. I have so many great memories of this place which is actually walking distance from my home.

Thursday I’ll see the one night only showing of the Rammstein “Paris” concert film with my good friend Michael X. Christian. I much more appreciate these old movie houses in comparison to the newer mutliplex options. Plus, never really many kids to annoy me. 

Now that the smoke’s gone And the air is all clear Those who were right there Got a new kind of fear You’d fight and you were right But they were just too strong They’d stick…

Sometimes I can’t believe my life. When things are good they’re beyond great and when it’s opposite it’s about as depressing as can be imagined.

With the wonderful weekend I had before this past adventure, I came home to learn that Ronnie Bennett was dead and so were Greg and Kelly’s Grandmother who I was once close to back when Kelly and I dated. That was a decade ago and she had lived the last seven years with Alzheimer’s. Not a pretty way to go but she was an amazing lady and had a heck of a life and a great sense of humor. The same can be said of Dale’s brother Ronnie who was fun to be a round and a very kind friend who almost every year would send Dale with a cool full of deer meat he killed for me.

For Greg I’m sure its especially tough being that not just a couple months ago lost Bree the love of his life. We got together Saturday afternoon for a few drinks and later dinner w/ a bunch of friends. 

Playing the big stand up bass along with Max at the Chicago Brauhaus

Greg Miner, Rich Frost (both Electric Hellfire Club alum) and I had planned to meet for dinner at the Chicago Brauhaus and days prior speculation about the Lincoln Square staple had begun and by mid week was the subject of full blown hysteria on Social Media. Some Chicago diners were starting to get their lederhosen in a bunch because there’s a “for sale” ad for Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a closure is imminent for another iconic German restaurant. Knowing full well that this would mean the already busy restaurant would be busier I made a reservation for 6 at 6. Not expecting what they had in mind for my guests and I .

Earlier that morning I had plans to get laundry done and meet Emily for margaritas at 1PM. I slept in till 815 and panicked. As I was heading out she sent me a text letting me know she’s was getting a shower and would be calling me in short order. As I was doing my wash she called and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well and she had a fever so we rescheduled. No problem and now I didn’t have to rush.


One I was ready I took the CTA to Lincoln Square where I did a little shopping and walked into Hansa Clipper and took a seat at the bar. Christine greeted me as usual and told me she heard I had made a reservation at Brauhaus. I confirmed and we talked about the social media frenzy and she told me about all of the phone calls in regards to it. Brauhaus has been around Lincoln Square, a pillar of that German-American neighborhood for 52 years. There aren’t many places like Brauhaus left in Chicago, large spaces with plenty of dark wood that feature German bands, throwback German-American staple dishes, and giant glass boots of beer. It’s become one of my favorite places to visit.

I ordered a plate of pork schnitzel and potato salad that Christine’s mother Kiki made for patrons at Hansa Clipper. She makes a dish every weekend a it’s become tradition that I have it to kick off my visits to Lincoln Square. Greg Duncan showed up and I had already loaded the juke box with some great rock tunes. He brought me a brand spanking new HUSTLER hoodie he purchased for me on his recent trip to Los Angeles. It’s sweet. Christine liked that I played The Stones Wild Horses first which was followed by Riders on the Storm. We shared a couple beers and Christine bought us a shot of Jamo before we went to the Record Store and then to Quake Collectibles whre I picked up a few more birthday gifts for my brother and Greg bought a big Star Trek model ship. Afterwards we walked into the Brauhaus and took a seat at the bar where we were greeted by Kiki and the accordion player Max Tempia as we waited for our other friends to arrive.

When the other Greg arrived with Rich and also Tom Finnegan we were seated at the best table in the haus, right in front of the band and given who they told me was their best waitress Amy to take our orders. Before long in walked band leader Gody Windischhofer and he came and sat with us before performing. Gody is referred to as the “Austrian Elvis” and he’s a local legend as far as a performer of great German music. I was shocked when he asked me to write a couple of songs for him and I have 2 in mind that I will deliver soon. 1 love song and 1 pop song and just maybe the song “Designated Drunk” that I wrote for former porn starlet Katrin Kraven (who is also the namesake of my cat). We were treated like rock stars and given the full VIP treatment. At one point I got up and played a song with Max on the big standup bass. I was on TEN! I ordered the Deutsche Bratwurst (original German pork and veal bratwurst). It really makes me miss Glaner Stube in New Glarus. Greg’s sister Kelly joined up for dinner and when we all went our separate ways I took a taxi to Tac Quick where I saw Khe Khe was wearing the AC/DC Cubs shirt I bought her a few weeks before. Greg, Rich and Tom joined me for a nightcap and I walked home and fell fast asleep. 


 Best seat in the haus

The plan Sunday was a nice lazy day and I got a text from Max Bravo with a one word suggestion, “Micheladas”. We met an hour later at El Palmar and as we walked out I said it was hard not to be drawn across the street to Tac Quick. Max suggested one more and I obliged. The rest of the day I cooked a bunch of food and binge watched Shameless, my new guilty pleasure.


What a great weekend over all.


Thursday night I have the Rammstein “Paris” concert film to see with Michael X. Christian and Friday night Dale and Anne get into town and we’re seeing the sold out Pole Show performance at Reggie’s and we’ll just have to wait and see what develops on Sunday evening. Should be interesting at the least. 

Sunday morning Michiladas at El Palmar with Max Bravo

Alex Zander‎ to Phil Owens March 17 at 6:02pm · Nice try Mr Funnyman. I found it.

Phil Owens But I still won. Its been a week, there’s no way it isn’t contaminated lol

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman Tiptoes to my room every night Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper “Go to sleep. Everything is all right.” I close my eyes, Then I drift away Into the magic night.

Sunday April 9th QS&L Portage IN


Thursday March 23 RAMMSTEIN: PARIS @Music Box Theater

SOLD OUT! Saturday, March 25 Live Band Pole Show! NIN-Manson-Korn Tribute @Reggies

Saturday, April 1 PHAT KISS @ LIVEWIRE

Sunday April 16 John 5 and the Creatures @ Reggies

Wednesday, April 26 The 2017 Chicago Sexcon @Volkan Night Club

Tuesday May 2 TESTAMENT – SEPULTURA – PRONG @ Concord Music Hall

Saturday May 13  The Cult @ HORESHOE CASINO in Hammond, IN

June 23-25 EXXXOTICA @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

July 14-16 CHICAGO OPEN AIR @Toyota Park

Saturday July 22 Blondie and Garbage  @Ravinia Highland Park, IL 

Wednesday Aug 9 Cheap Trick, Foreigner and Jason Bonhams Led Zeppelin Experience