Hot August Knight 8/14-8/31


There is so much to write about the end of the wonderfully fun and busy month of August. Photos first this time. September looks to be pretty much the same.

All the details in my own words follow these entertaining photos.


Taping our new episode of JBTV Friday August 28, 2009

Maria May I, Lula Houp Garou, Scarlette D’evil, Viva Le Muerta, AZ and Jerry Bryant


Maria May I, Lula Houp Garou, Jerry Bryant, Bizarre Sally, Scarlette D’evil, Viva Le Muerta, and AZ


Lula Houp Garou, Bizarre Sally, AZ, Jerry Bryant  Viva Le Muerta, and Scarlette D’evil


Alex Zander on JBTV


Bizarere Sally, AZ, Viva, Scarlett and Lula


Lula Houp Garou


Lula Houp Garou


Lula Houp Garou


Lula Houp Garou


Maria May I


Bizarre Sally


Bizarre Sally


Scarlett D’evil


Scarlett D’evil


Viva Le Muerta


Lula Houp Garou, Bizarre Sally, Jerry Bryant, Viva Le Muerta, Scarlett D’evil

BBQ at AZ’s Saturday August 29, 2009 a FEAST OF FIENDS!


Kat and AZ (Jack Danielsed!)


Upsidedown Kat


Summer and Greg Drunken


AZ, Kat, and Marty


Summer and Kat


Carnivore Kat






Take This Waltz


Kat and AZ Tango, what’s Dave doing?


Jack Daniels had kicked in, Kat helps me find my Sinatra CD’s


AZ and Drunken Duncan Kick Out The Jams!


AZ and Drunken Duncan


Missed Connections Continued




Kat and AZ in Chairy


a lil GONZO never hurt anyone


It could have been me that Steadman was writing about in this book


Kat Koat

Motorhead Koncert House of Blues Sunday Aug. 30


AZ and Doug


AZ’s Entourage

Jon, AZ, Carolyn, Steve, Dave and Ryan the new guy


AZ, Carolyn, and Doug


More like Haus of Babes Tristan, AZ, Lori, and Jennifer


AZ and Jennifer


Dance the Knight Away





I suppose at this point it’s a bit easier to go back over the last part of August, which ha been the most enjoyable month of 2009 for me. And it’s about fucking time as the first six months with the exception of a trip to Baton Rouge and one to New Glarus has been overall depressing.

Visits from my brother, my good friend Dale, Mike Blackley and an exhausting 5 days with Katrina Kraven and company in mid January helped keep my spirits alive. And discovering the local burlesque boom in Chicago certainly helped mend a broken heart. And keep me smiing through unemployment.

But this is about August and he it goes.

Sunday night ended early Monday morning at the House of Blues after another killer Motorhead concert. This marks 20 years that I’ve seen this band live, and 10 years since my old boss from HBO and photographer Bob Hoeksema has joined me for the shows.

Jon and I arrived at the restaurant early, and were waiting on his friend Miles. We were joined by Dave the metal pimp, Steve Penz, their friend Ryan and his adorable and well traveled cousin Carolyn, who also is quite brainy. We all had eats and everyone had their tix but me. I waited almost forever to pick mine up at Will Call where I also had a photo pass and aftershow passes waiting. After a bit of the typical this and that we all convened in the Foundation Room. It was early and the festivities had begun.Tristan and Lori the manager took good care of us as did a lovely cocktail waitress with a big smile named Jennifer. I mentioned lovely didn’t I.

Bob wheelchair and all got taken care of getting his wheels into the pit and managed to get great shots of the band, all but our buddy Mikkey. The band went on at 1015 for a set that lasted till midnight.

Review  By Jay Ziegler

Things got off to a pretty hectic start. The Chicago natives packed the gills of the concert hall, complete with leather jackets, cans of booze, denim vests and windmills of long hair. If this were anywhere but here, it’d be the dingiest biker bar this side of the Midwest

After a lengthy intermission, the English gods of heavy metal themselves stormed the stage. The behemoth bassist known as Lemmy welcomed the crowd with a thunderous “Sweet Home Chicago!” What followed next were some of the loudest moments I’ve ever borne witness to at a rock concert. Kickstarting the set with the classic “Iron Fist”, Motörhead went straight for the jugular and pulled no punches whatsoever. Lemmy’s bass could’ve been heard by astronauts it was so loud. Guitarist Phil Campbell ripped solos left and right while drummer Mikkey Dee thundered the hell out of his kit. Fan favorites “Stay Clean”, “Be My Baby” and the brand new metal slice “Rock Out” followed the intense set one right after the other with no remorse at all. Loud, fast, aggressive, rough, dirty…you name any adjective in the book and they all sound completely awesome with how great these guys performed. I don’t even need to write this, as these seem like moot points at this time in the 21st Century.

The colossal trio followed with an oldie back in the day of “Metropolis” as Lemmy dedicated to the older fans at the show and it couldn’t have sounded better. That thumping bass of his got people going and naturally the occasional moshpit broke out in the front of the stage. To their credit, this music was pretty friggin’ awesome and you couldn’t help but move and shake to it, especially during the sexy and swingfest “One Night Stand”. Lemmy’s gravelly voice belted the lyrics out like caged dogs fighting over a raw steak. The man oozed charisma and raw animal magnetism and had the ballsiest tunes to back it all up. There will never be another Motörhead; this is it, folks.

Every dog has its day unfortunately and just before Lemmy and co. kicked into “Into The Name Of Tragedy”, some other idiot from the crowd threw what appeared to be a wet napkin of some sort in Lemmy’s direction. Naturally, the intense frontman was pissed and chewed the prick out in front of the Chicago house. Never leaving without a sarcastic quip, the bassist told of his now “tragic” state now that he was ratted out in the crowd for being an incredible asshole. Case in point: do not EVER throw shit…especially at Lemmy!

After Mikkey Dee’s incredible drum solo during “Tragedy”, the band rocked, rolled and ripped the House of Blues to shreds with a final blow of older but awesome tunes “Going To Brazil”, “Killed By Death” and my personal favorite, “Bomber.” Motörhead thanked Chicago and slowly departed stage left. Nah ah, these guys were far from done and the crowd knew it. Separate chants of “Lemmy!”, “Campbell!” and “Motörhead!” clashed with surreal dissonance for moments on end until the power trio returned once more for a blistering encore of “Whorehouse Blues”. Drummer Dee stepped in on second guitar as Campbell tore bluesy solos left and right. Hell, even ol’ Lemmy belted out a beautiful harmonica solo in the midst of all this acoustic chaos. It’s safe to say, even when these guys go unplugged, they’re heavier than a whole lot of bands out in this world.

After a devastatingly heavy version of the Motorhead trademark “Ace Of Spades”, the band finally called it a night with the epic deafening number “Overkill.” If ears in the concert hall had any shred of usability by this point, “Overkill” made damn sure to deafen them for at least the next three days. In the name of rock and roll, that’s the ultimate price you pay for such an excellent experience. The band said its goodbyes and farewells to Chicago and rode out into the sunset backstage. It doesn’t get better than this. Seeing these guys live is yet another chapter in this journalist’s life that’s proudly written and closed. There’s no explanation for how great they are live and how legendary their shows are.

Iron Fist
Stay Clean
Be My Baby
Rock Out
Over The Top
One Night Stand
I Got Mine
The Thousand Names Of God
Another Perfect Day
In The Name Of Tragedy
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death

Whorehouse Blues
Ace Of Spades

After the show everyone grouped for some wild encores of our own in the beloved Foundation Room where we closed it down.

This of course was after a day long BBQ Booze affair at my place the day and night before. My guest list included, ol partner in crime Marty Sypniewski who I hadn’t seen in a couple years, my new friend, collaborator and neighbor Dave Strauss, Kat Lu who I had met the weekend before and treated to a late night home grilled dinner, Arthur, Greg Drunken Duncan and his gal Summer, and his sister Kelly Duncan who came later after work.

We cooked all day, and chugged whiskey all day, played don the porch, danced to Sinatra, watched video out takes and took many ridiculous photos. Greg had managed to get his hands on a new acoustic guitar and we played some AC/DC numbers as photos were snapped and laughs were abound.

 And for the hours and I mean HOURS of fun we had, there was no damage to my flat and most of them washed were either washed and if not at the least rinsed.

There was an entertaining night of sexy decadence the night prior at the new JBTV studio. First of all this place is the best studio I’ve been in anywhere. Jerry had sincerely outdone himself this time. On the particular night I returned was my 5th appearance on the show, but the first in 5 years almost to date. Only this time instead of talking rock n roll and my now out of print publication, I would be promoting burlesque.

I arrived w/ David Strauss in tow as my photographer on his first official assignment w/ me. When we arrived at 430 which we thought would be early all of the other ladies were there sans one I had yet to meet, Miss Scarlet D’evil. By 5 I had the ladies change into their costumes and we began the long process of taping our episode and promo.

It was a great interview and simply breath taking performance. Everyone was completely professional and beautiful. And funny. I really enjoyed being the ring leader for this event and look forward to the show on Sept 19th which I’m hosting at the Viaduct Theatre, the Sci Fi Striptacular!

I am so very impressed by Lula Hula Garou. To see someone with such grace come out fully dressed and spinning a giant hoop and managing to remove almost all of her clothing is stunning. Not to mention her dance moved. She truly embraces that old spirit of burlesque that I truly adore and have for years. She really stands out among the rest including the world renowned Miss Michelle L’amour. But that’s only my opinion.

My guests included Viva Le Muerte, Lula Houp Garou, Bizarre Sally, Maria May I and Scarlet D’evil. And i think I acheived my goal of represnting the entire Chicago scene.

To my surprise after the ladies had all departed, Dave and I stayed in the studio drinking and talking for hours with Paul and Jerry. We didn’t get out of there until midnight. I really hadn’t expected to be treated to that and enjoyed getting to know Jerry that much better. We spent most of the time brainstorming.

The night before that Thursday Aug 27th the burlesque show at Blue Bayou was cancelled that didn’t mean the performers weren’t showing up. Apparently there is some issue w/ a permit for live performances there and the venue is in the process of securing that.

On the way to Blue Bayou we stopped in a Holiday Club for a quiet one. Dave and I had been running all day and I needed a Red Bull and Vodka. To my delight I popped right down next to my old friend Bree. It was so great to see her again and we had a nice time catching up. Half hour later Dave and I were hailing a cab to BB.

After walking in we grabbed a big table and were soon joined by the Vaudzilla Troupe and I also got to meet Penny Star Jr. which started out good but didn’t end so well a few hours later. After eating and drinking Dave and i had one last round at Holiday Club.


The week before the JBTV taping Dave and I had been BBQing a god bit and tipping a few glasses back and then some. But it was the weekend before that I met his friend Bill from Michigan, a cool, smart, outdoorsy mohawk tattooed type.They came by one evening before having to head to a late party and we ate and drank hitting it off pretty well and sharing the same taste in music. But then he asked the dreaded question, if he could try my hottest hot sauce. This is indeed always the worst question anyone in my home could ask me because I have Satan’s Blood, Satan’s Blood includes 800,000 Scoville units and burns your skin. Ingredients: Chile extract and red wine vinegar.

A review on the Carolina Sauce Co. website reads: Satan’s Blood is a chile extract that packs 800,000 Scoville units of sheer, unadulterated fire. For the sake of comparison, military-grade pepper spray rates a “mere” 500,000 Scoville units. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that Satan’s Blood ranks #2 on our list of hottest hot sauces (posted on the Carolina Sauce Company blog), second only to Da Bomb The Final Answer. Heed the warning on the tag attached to the bottle: ‘NOT a hot sauce – food additive ONLY. Avoid any and all contact with skin and body parts. Keep away from children.’ That means you should not use Satan’s Blood directly on served food, but rather use it only when cooking, using only 1 drop at a time — assuming you’re brave enough to open the bottle! The old-style flask-and-stopper bottle makes Satan’s Blood a great collector’s item or gift for your favorite chilihead. And yes, the liquid inside actually LOOKS like real blood!

Well I made sure Dave heard his ask and stood as a witness. And when Bill put a lil drop on a piece of bread he was fine for about 60 seconds, then came the hell. Within an hour he was puking, passed out, and suffering from diarrhea. After he came to and went to the party, where I hear he passed out again, I saw him later the next morning looking like he had really had a rough go of it. I offered him a Bloody Mary with Satan’s Blood. Well, I’m sure you know the answer.

The next night I made dinner for my new friends and 2 newer friends. It was a late impromptu dinner with Dave, Bill, Arthur and Kat who I had just met. I had just made BBQ chicken breast, asparagus and a southwestern corn, pepper, bean mix. We all ate, watched some TV, had some drinks and called it a night.

And that’s how the middle of August began for me a week after Too Dark Mark left.

Tonight I have a show w/ my friends to see an old favorite THE CULT and day after tomorrow I leave for a long weekend in New Glarus. NG is where I began my summer and ended it this summer. It seems to bee my new constant.

Tuesday night I’m hosting a viewing party of our JBTV episode w/ the 5 burlesque ladies. It should be an interesting end to my weekend getaway.

So till my return, SLAINTE! (Fuck You I’m Drunk)

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