I was Kicked Out of a Cab with Izrah Indica


Height: 5′ 3″ Weight: 120 lbs Bust: 33″ Waist: 28″ Hips: 38″ Cup: DD

8/1/2014 I was at Oglvie Train station when Izrah Indica arrived at 547 PM. I waited at the bottom of the escalator and she couldn’t have looked anymore different w/ the hundreds of loud clones going to Lollapalooza. (see previous rants for details). It took a few minutes to get a cab and I was worried about congestion being it was Friday and also Lolla weekend. I could not have been more wrong. Our can ride was swift and smooth and never during the rush hour have I gone from point A to B in such a short time.



We got out at Walgreens where I bought a bag of ice, some mixer and a bottle of Tito’s vodka. We went across the street to the liquor store and got her some Green Apple cider (alcohol). She has to be on a gluten free diet and on top of that she is chronically ill, diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and fibromyalgia. It was good day and she was full of fun and energy.

After showing her around Casa Diablo and watching a couple Ministry videos we had a fun dinner at El Palmar. When we got back we polished off the vodka and watched Riot Sluts 2 starring Katrina Kraven. We decided to go to Lakeview Liquors and pick up some tequila then take a taxi to a sex shop in Boystown to buy some Poppers.


Poppers is a slang term given to the chemical class called alkyl nitrites that are inhaled for recreational purposes, especially as an aphrodisiac. Today, poppers are mainly sold in cap vials.


Most widely sold concentrated products include the original compound amyl nitrite (isoamyl nitrite, isopentyl nitrite), cyclohexyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite (2-methylpropyl nitrite), and isopropyl nitrite (2-propyl nitrite). Isopropyl nitrite became popular due to a ban on isobutyl nitrite in the EU in 2007. More rarely sold is the compound butyl nitrite.


Part of the club culture from the 1970s disco scene to the 1980s, and the 1990s rave scene made their use popular.

When we got to our location for whatever reason the driver kicked us out. I had planned on her just sitting in the car, it’d be no more than 60 seconds in and out. Why he did this neither of us know but we had no problem getting a nice ride back home and got back to business. It was a long night and I have no idea what time I finally fell asleep. As it turns out she got no sleep that she is aware of. When I touched her she was soaked in sweat and began throwing up a lot from pain. Her EDS had returned and our plans for the day were nixed. Her mother drove her home from Arlington Heights. I felt bad since there was nothing I could do. It was a hell of a fun night for sure.


She found my mask

That Saturday I had originally wanted to take her to the Dock at Montrose and soak up some sun. Brian and Cheryl were to meet us. Since Cheryl had to work in the city that Saturday at 6AM we changed plans to meet in Lincoln Square at Carola’s Hansa Clipper. As usual Brian was late and Cheryl never did show up. This added to my already bad mood. The pub was very loud and people were yelling at each other which seem to be their way of communicating.


When I had originally arrived at Carolas the food that Christine’s (bartender) mother made was Italian roasted chicken and potato salad. She remarked I must have been hungry being that I devoured it in 3 minutes or so. I needed something and this hit the spot. 


When Brian arrived 90 min late he was hungry and Carola’s were out of food. My mood was getting worse. We walked to Garcia’s and the wait for sidewalk dining was 30 min or more. We went to the bar and I excused myself to go home. 


When I  I got home decided to sleep outside. The weather was perfect. I popped some pills and was out of it in no time. I fell asleep around 9P woke up at 430A and took a blanket and my pillows into bed and slept till 930A. I picked up hair dye and some frozen calzones. Did my hair and then a few hours later I was hanging with Brett and Danny. I again went to bed around 9.

I also cooked up 2 dozen of Ed’s Pork Wings and they are very tasty.

I wasn’t scheduled to work until noon so I took my time and still got to office by 11AM. Nothing really went as planned and I’m glad Maggie helped fill in some of that time. That’s two Friday in a row w/ fun loving ladies.


After work I get my phone issues solved whether it be just the battery or the phone itself.

This postcard my brother sent tome from Hawaii


Happy Trails,



Another Man B Que photo I’m in. I hear there are more to come. 

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