HEAR ME, HEAR ME! Catching up and a personal message from your Damned Cowboy.

The Friday morning after I got the call from Emily that Nick Huffman 4 days prior had passed away, I was in my home office and got a message that my Facebook page had been compromised. I tried to enter the Facebook 6-digit Confirmation Code but it was too late. By the time I made the attempt I had lost all access to my personal page and my MKULTRASOUND Podcast page as well as the MK ULTTRA Magazine page. I quickly got as message from my friend Jason that he tried to message me that I had been hacked and whoever did had posted 18 or so ISIS terrorist images and that he sent a message the person replied that he (I) had been hacked. Then the message according to Jason were gone. I tried every day for weeks to contact Facebook for assistance and did not get a single reply. They would shut me down completely 30 days later without acknowledging my complaint. Upset doesn’t even begin to explain how I was feeling. I was LIVID! I had lost more than 16 yrs of images and hard work, not to mention all the work I had put into the MK ULTRA and PodCast pages. Concert photos that are gone forever. However most of all my biggest concern was getting in touch with Nick Huffman’s family and friends regarding the upcoming memorial. On the following Monday the day after his funeral I created a new page and began to contact the people close to Nick and there are MANY. It took some time but I did and I slowly began to rebuild my close friends list. So many wedding photos gone, so many memories gone forever. How dare Facebook/Meta who band me from posting over things they misinterpret as against their “Community Standards”. Somehow criminals and gang bangers get away with them posting videos of them violently harming, torturing innocent people or robbing them. And the looting they are so proud of are fine. I post the name of a Japanese starlet I know on a friend’s page that posted a photo of her and I and blocked for 7 days. Her name is Marica Hase. How offensive is that? Meta and big tech have far too much power and I have a big beef with social media and the political divide and racial divide they have created as well as lifelong friends deleting or blocking one another due to differences in politics. I suppose that’s their end game. I’ve saved this rant till now. Now that I have a little spare time which I have a lot less of these days balancing my life, work, and responsibilities. I only just began last night updating images, creating “albums” and updating the MK ULTRA website “Diary of a Damned Man”. Losing a good and supportive not to mention funny friend like Nick hasn’t been easy to deal with and for those that follow also know that just before Nick Huffman passed my lifelong friend (since 16 yrs old) Dave Parsons lost his wife Valerie and I had found out my good and beautiful friend Tori from New Hampshire had passed away in December 2021. I was attempting to reach her that the MISFITS were returning to Chicago for Riot Fest. The last time they played she stayed here. All of those photos are gone as well. So I’ve been at a turtles pace getting back to a headspace where I can do these things I’ve been lacking, including keeping the podcast on a normal schedule.

Its been rough lately, but I’ve had some good times thanks to good friends. Nicks memorial was fun, I’ve been visited by some old friend I hadn’t seen in a long – long time and more are coming from all of the country to visit. It helps. I’ve been spending more time with Bob Hoeksema and Mike Ganshert who are solid brothers to me. Concerts are coming back and that makes me very happy. I haven’t seen I LOVE RICH in over a decade. Valerie and her man care coming to stay mid next week and I plan a final trip to the Looney Bin for a birthday show if I can make it happen. I’ve been in a rotten mood and I’m slowly getting out of it. BUT FUCK FACE BOOK AND THEIR BLATENT HYPOCRICY! At least I have my job it’s the only thing that is keeping me grounded. The only thing and it helps keep my mind off of the negativity in my world right now.

″Facebook is profiting off and amplifying disinformation that harms others, because it’s profitable. This isn’t a speech issue, it’s about Facebook’s business model that prioritizes engagement in order to keep people on Facebook’s platforms to serve them more advertisements.”

New Reports Underline Facebook’s Role in Exacerbating Political Divides – But Will Facebook Take Action?

Published Aug. 10, 2020 By Andrew Hutchinson Content and Social Media Manager

And one more thing before I move on. I will never choose my friends based on who they supported in the last election or the elections coming up. It never used to be this way in my near 6 decades of life. It’s a shame that social media is destroying friendships as well as relationships. And shame on the people who allow social media to do it. – AZ

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