You gave him an inch, he took you a mile. He made you believe, you’re society’s child. Then get in his new car, get in his style. I told you his way, he won’t take you far.

I have far too many blanks to fill in on this entry as well as the July 4th friends BBQ. Uploading pix has been the hardest part. I’ll get to it in the next 24 hrs. A lot has happened since Nick passed not to mention I’ve been busier than ever and depressed over the whole thing. So I’ll be back on sooner than later to take care of business. A few good friends have helped me thru this as well as some damned great rock n roll shows, a new friend and an old friend who popped back in after 10 long years. To Be Continued…

Bob pulls John Wilkes Booth on me at the Des Plaines Theater and shoots me from behind.

Carrying 65 lbs of Shannon Brady‘s luggage up the Casa Diablo stairs early afternoon Sunday.

This is the night I met Shannon in 2012 goofy AZ who was promoting a show that night. We a whirlwind fling that went several months and attended many events and ate so much great food.

One of our pre date drinks, this time it was Meade from Camelot Wines based in Indiana. She loos so happy! He beauty was truly intoxicating.

Reunion for Shannon 2022 She actually learned of this recipe on radio or TV. I make Shannarita’s till this day
For Shannon 2012 the first Shannarita!

Sunday morning pre podcast ritual. Breakfast at El Palmar

Friday after work ritual I learned from my very good friend Mike Ganshert in New Glarus.

I made a new friend a week after the Sonic Slam 2022 shows in Des Plaines and St. Charles. Dianna is a total rocker. Here is the ode to Seinfeld’s Kramer ASSMAN on my back porch.

Have some punch

Pre podcast send off. Till next time D.

4 Hot Dogs only $6.99 on sale from $7.49. This inflation is hitting us hard.
Milk at the grocery in my neighborhood only $7.16 a gallon. I needed it

Late July 2022 1 dozen eggs at Walgreens and 2 weeks later look at that price jump. I cannot ignore these things.

Tres Pendejos at Bearded Lady Lounge

Thursdays in the summer, I love this and its a very short bike trip to Argyle. It’s back after 2 years of COVID

Another AZ tradition, a weekend meal from Ba Le Sandwiches off Argyle

Bob Hoeksema has been diligent at creating watermarks and shooting the moon with his incredible lens for MK ULTRA. Thanks BH.

I think the best burgers I ‘ve ever had come from Asadoras Argentinas Burgers, in Oswego, IL, which BH turned me onto a year ago. They specialize in Argentinian-style burger. Prices aren’t bad either.

BH is shocked at his meal.

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