“Here’s to all the women, the widows and the brides. The ones that we came home to, the ones we had to hide. The next one’s to the road boys, and all the crap we tried. We thought we were immortal, and then suddenly you died.”

Nick Huffman at Casa Diablo the day after a rock n roll BBQ

I’ve been uber busy with work and work outside of work. Now exactly two weeks after Nick Huffman passed I prepare to journey to the Looney Bin for the weekend to allow the healing to begin at the 2 day celebration of his life. I take the stage Saturday in Bradley for perhaps the very last time.

I’m doing my best to get this section of the site caught up. I have a lot of blanks to fill in. I’ve been very busy since late March and last weekend was my first free weekend and I didn’t do a podcast so I did a lot of biking.

Thanks to so many friends old and new who I saw last night at the Looney Bin Celebration of Nick Huffman’s life a difficult healing began. This evening will be much easier. The great staff and talented bands I was able to see before coming back to the hotel much too early was beautiful experience. Tonight is night #2 and tomorrow the MKULTRASOUND PodCast tribute to the Great Nick Huffman will go online. Thanks to everyone and I will miss you.

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