“May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”

Gearing up for BBQ #2

My Radio Past is shaking up shite. More details forthcoming

The Vinland flag is a Nordic cross flag designed by American gothic metal band Type O Negative. The flag was used to symbolize a variety of frontman Peter Steele’s interests and political ideals (paganism, nature connectedness, and socialism), including his own Scandinavian heritage. Viking explorers visiting North America around the year 1000 called one of the areas they came to “Vinland”. The flag appears on various Compact Disc covers produced by the group, sometimes with the slogan “made in the People’s Technocratic Republic of Vinland”, and adorns various pieces of Type O Negative merchandise. The flag strongly resembles the unofficial flag of the Forest Finns adopted in 1978.

By the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church, I name thee as BIKE O NEGATIVE! Fuck I love this bike.

Did 36.8 miles non stop on Saturday June 18. 3 hrs only stopping to sip water, traffic and take an occasional photo. My knees hated me but I loved all of it.

The Dock on Monrose w/ the boys Max and Stev’en. Out new waitress is Morgan.

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