Unholy water. Sanguine addiction. Those silver bullets. A last blood benediction. Hey wolf moon, Come cast your spell on me



DEATH RIDE IS COMPLETE. Picked up my bike again from the shop this time to have a rack installed on the back. Not sure how much biking I can get in this week with working 10 hour days and the wedding coming up this weekend and Dawn is coming back from Indy to be my date.

Saturday I did some errands and made my way toward max’s house where we planned to grill outside. He ordered some steaks etc. I picked up a bottle of Jameson and went to Edgewater Produce and picked up some chicken legs which was a good thing as his delivery hadn’t arrived. We ate and hung a bit and I called an Uber to go home because the north side has been plagued with violent crime unlike ever before. I’m pretty sure the entire country knows how dangerous the city of Chicago is now. I also needed rest to prepare for the next days Podcast.

Blood Moon pic by Bob Hoeksema SINday 5/14/2022
Bobs backyard

I had a show scheduled with Matt Zane for Sunday and Dietrich Thrall was coming back into town so I had him sit in as co host and then as guest talking about his music career. We tried to do a Valentines Day show back on2/13 but it didn’t record correctly which was better because I was, as he put it, “a little off that weekend.”

Then we went out for margaritas and food. I didn’t want to go anywhere but he seemed like he really did so I went along. They waitress p0ured strong.


At El Mariachi

The PodCast with Matt Zane and Dietrich Thrall

EL PALMAR “a rite of passage.

Friday night after work, Angus Ground Chuck Swiss and Mushroom Pub Burger from the grill. Damn it was great

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