“Summer love. They called it summer love. But some how it’s real. Could see by that look in your eyes that you were a lonely girl. And I was a lonely boy. And when the evening was done Summer love made us one.” – Neil Diamond

Throwback Thursday 2012 (10 yrs ago) with Shannon Brady late night at Carol’s Pub.

I posted the meme above on social media FB, Twitter and Instagram Wednesday night. When I woke up I received a message as a comment on the meme above from an extraordinary beautiful Irish lass in Hawaii.

Shannon Brady wrote 5/11/2022

I read some of your blogs about “our days” for the first time. I was touched. Your writing and recollection and pictures are superb. It brought me back to a time I only partially remember, and you brought back the fondest and filled in great blanks.

Your observations and ability to summarize a mish mash of crazy moments into a consumable story is epically talented.

Maybe I should write this to you in a personal message, but I feel compelled to tell you publicly that I see you. Perhaps the way you saw me back then and I never knew.

Blessings, my damned man. ❤️

She is, till this day the only woman that ever sat with me and listened to Neil Diamond which was in her car on a very hot day.

I ended up having a very very good day yesterday.

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