Feel the fire, feel my love inside you it’s so right. There’s the sound and the smell of love in my mind. I’m a toy, come and play with me, say the word now. Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight.

Lots of details to catch up on. Been busy w/ working since coming home from the show.

We would learn that this years EXXXOTICA was the most lame ever. In fact there hasn’t been any real star power there since maybe 2016.


Enchilada Platillo y queso y verde

Seka who I first met in 1999 for an interview in the MK ULTRA Safe Sex issue was the only person I really wanted to see other than Kristy Rose. I used to visit Seka often back in teh early 2000’s when she tended bar at Hobo’s in Old Town. I’d even been to her condo to pick up some imaged before she moved to Kansas City

We got home Sunday and after eating before the podcast I saw this guy and had to get a picture with him. Too funny.

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