Her lovers queued up in the hallway. I heard them scratching at the door. I tried to tell her about Marx and Engels, God and angels. I don’t really know what for. But she looked good in ribbons.

Its a new year and baby it’s cold outside.

Sorry it’s taken so long to start updating regularly. Between my job and hectic life that is my every year Oct – Dec the last quarter more than usual. So many travels and catching up with old friends. The older I get the more this kicks my ass.

I’ve slacked on updating the news and thanks to publicists such as William Zimmerman and Athan Maroulis tenacity they’ve kept me on the ball.

This latest COVID variant in out of control and the political divide over the vaccine is just driving me nuts. Mandates are back in place and now we need to show our vax cards to eat out or go to gyms concerts etc. No big deal to me. No different than showing an ID although we’re getting closer and closer to socialism. I wish it wasn’t about left or right but common sense. I got my Pfizer booster on a cold Friday morning at Weiss Hospital.

Maybe this really is the new normal.

Got my Pfizer booster 9 AM 1/7/2022
Posted at City Hall Chicago

Jan 2, 2022 saw Spiderman No Way Home with Max Bravo

New Years Eve Dec 31 2022 burgers with Bob Hoeksema in Oswego IL

This was my second visit to this amazing burger place. I’m pretty sure they are the best burgers I’ve ever had. Even better than Kuma’s and at a much better price. We both had burgers, a side of potatoes wedges and soft drinks for a total of $27. I thought I was hearing things. Alex, you’re not in Chicago anymore. I had a double mushroom and swiss. I also should mention we had the most friendly service anyone can imagine.

I can’t get back to this place soon enough.

Had a great night with BH. We listened to music, built a fire in his new wood burning fireplace and brought in the New Year by watching FOX parties and year end wrap up. Funny how much Lori Lightfoot and Jussie Smollett were brought into the conversation.

December 4th 2021Max and Alex arrive at Quaker Steak & Lube Portage IN

An annual tradition for my bday p1 is at Quaker Steak & Lube in Portage IN. Max and I took the south shore line to Portage and then took an Uber to QS&L and as I went to the men’s room Max got me started by ordering a double Jamo on the rocks. I had no idea who would join us so we just waited.

As we nursed our first round Adam Becvare and Brian Stoneman joined us. Then came Eden Lake and Gary. Eden bestowed some really cool gifts on me which included an original print of some of her erotic art.

Gary, AZ Max and Eden

Well we made an afternoon of it and wisely they didn’t sit anyone near us. The topics of conversation were not family friendly.

……..and the band played on

It didn’t end there. When Max and I got back to the city we hung at the Bearded Lady and I slept in late on Sunday. Luckily we by mere minutes the latest wave of violent youth riots and looting in the loop right at Millennium Station where we excited the South Shore Train.

Then the annual tradition a week later at the Looney Bin in Bradley IL. Jason Kenski flew in from Detroit and we took AmTrak to Kankakkee where we quickly learned there are no taxi cab services and any Ubers that service the area were not available We were stuck in teh cold and rain till Nick Huffman’s mother picked us up and drove us to the Comfort Inn in Bradley.

Jason does the Belmont Transfer.

The Belmont Transfer is a sexual move named after the Belmont “L” train station on the north side of Chicago that has a free transfer between the Red and Brown lines. It is a metaphor for switching from vaginal sex to anal sex, also known as “switching from the Red line to the Brown line.”Matt: “I took home some random girl from the bar last night”

Sean: “Nice! Did you pull the Belmont Transfer?

Matt: “Damn straight kid!”by MMJ November 11, 2005

Jason at AmTrak supporting one of our favorite brands

The great Nick Huffman really went out of his way for me as he always does.

Ed, Miranda and Dawn all drove up from Indianapolis with Jeff Creepy Brown.

Dawn enjoys a little peace and quiet

The Alex award trophy that Nick presented me with

Jeri Payne so amazing

Two Pac

My new friend Pisser

The fun continued right into the PodCast

ALC O HOLIDAY P1 2021 with Emily Sifrit and Jason Kenski

Then a week later another mobile PodCast out in Bensenville from Festivas a cannabis event and vendors were selling products at cost.

I’ll be sleeping pretty good for awhile. This is what I came home with from Festivas.

Jessica aka Gorjess of Gorjess Smoke popup smoke shop and event planner

It should be noted that I’ve never been a pot smoker. I’ve only used it for sleep. Not that it’s legal in Illinois I can buy edible and have weened myself off of pharmaceuticals after over 20 yrs of Rx.

And that’s my update from Nov/Dec 2021. Updates will be more frequent and regular even though I really have no plans till I see Angel in March in St Charles at The Arcada. I guess I’ll be eating at Asadora’s again this March.

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