Well, I’m frustrated. Outdated. I really want to be overrated. I’m a finder and I’m a keeper. I’m not a loser and I ain’t no weeper.

Adam Sandler and Kevin Nealon sing a comical ditty celebrating Thanksgiving, how much he loves to eat turkey and peppering in facts that happen to rhyme with what he’s talking about. [Season 18, 1992]

Thanksgiving 2021 the first year I haven’t hosted and cooked for a house full of friends since 2004. I do love the tradition of doing such a big dinner, however I do not enjoy the cleanup. I think the only time I had help cleaning was when Deena came in from Upstate New York for Thanksgiving.

I arrived in Indianapolis just before noon on Thanksgiving Day. Dawn picked me up downtown and we went to her lovely home on the northside. It would be he daughter Miranda and her boyfriend Ed and his best friend and Dawns parents. I was looking forward to sitting and chatting with her father who I worked for when I was the head of sales at Faerber Bee Window back in the 90’s before moving to Chicago. It was a really nice time and he gave me a book by Ben Shapiro which I greatly appreciate.

I was to stay till Sunday and then take the bus back home and jump into work on Monday morning. You’d think I’d learn by now to always take the Monday after an out of town trip off work. This time I did not

I learned several lessons on this trip and one was some of teh inept thins about Indianapolis haven’t changed in the 20 plus years since I moved away. The train station / bus station in Indy have no screens to show departures and arrivals. I got my luggage tags and stood in line. Luckily Dawn waited with me. The time for the bus to arrive had passed and 30 min later I went to the ticket counter to inquire and was quite rudely told it’s be a few minutes. An hour passed and then more and I just said fuck iy. I went back to Dawns emailed work and booked teh next AmTrak out which wouldn’t be till Tuesday. I was pissed. Had I brought my work computer it would not have been so bad. On top of that I didn’t pack my heart meds or vitamins. Lesson learned. From now on when I travel I take my work laptop and extra meds.

In typical Indianapolis fashion I wouldn’t be taking AmTrak home. They put me on another overcrowded bus home. Needless to say I was not in a good mood. Thankfully Dawn sent me with a flask of Jameson which is the only thing that got me home in a somewhat decent mood.

I missed 2 days of work but at the same time and grateful for Dawn and her family treating me to a Thanksgiving dinner.

In the end Indianapolis has once again left a bad taste in my mouth. Nuff said

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