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On Sunday Oct 17th we arrived just before the doors opened at 11 AM at the City Winery and were ecstatic. I had always wanted to see a show and when I saw Alicia Witt would be playing I bought tickets over the summer and had 2 seats at a table right in front of the stage. I had seen her perform 2 times before over the last 6 years and was very happy to see a concert for the first time since the pandemic hit. My friend from Texas flew in late night the night before just to see the show and she would be flying back later that evening. The show was to begin at 12 noon which was odd but no big deal as I’d have to push my podcast a few hours later, but like I said no big deal, this was Alicia Witt!!!!

The space is beautiful and definitely a step up from most venues. We were escorted to our seats and placed an order from the menu. After the order my friend had to use the ladies room. She returned with a look of both horror and disgrace as she sat down. She told me the ladies room was a complete disgusting mess and there was no toilet paper in any of the stalls. Out of curiosity I went to use the men’s room. It looked like a Wrigleyville Bar after a Cubs game, no exaggeration here. It seems like a bunch of Frat guys tore it up and actually put the toilet paper rolls into the toilets. I couldn’t believe it. The place had JUST opened its doors. Several others at the table joined in our conversation and my friend from Texas complained to the waitress. After that the manager came over to apologize and explain that there was a wedding the night before and they didn’t have time to restock or clean and she told us she’d cover our first round. (we had 2 and a plate of meats) Now I’ve worked in the service industry in my early 20’s and later was a wedding DJ and I’ve never seen anything like this. You just don’t go home until the work is complete. I really don’t see an excuse for a restroom at a higher end venue such as City Winery for them to open to the public with such unsanitary conditions. Hello, this is the age of COVID and Chicago has some of the strictest mandates in the country.


We did enjoy the show, it was very well produced, Alicia as always is personable, charming and wonderfully talented. The sound was incredible; When we got we got our tab and nothing was comped as promised. I paid without complaint and tipped and left.  We came back to my studio and did a podcast about the show and YES we did talk about the conditions of the restrooms at City Winery.

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Laura F. Business Manager


Hello Alex.  I must apologize for your experience with us at City Winery.  There is absolutely no satisfactory explanation for what occurred.  I can only assure you that this is unacceptable and not how City Winery wishes to present itself.  We have reworked our cleaning protocols to ensure this does not happen again.  Thank you for your feedback.  If you would like to message me offline at lfashoda@citywinery.com, I can look into your bill and make the promised adjustments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Laura Fashoda
General Manager

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