A Work in Progress TBC: I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere, man. Crossed the desert’s bare, man. I’ve breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I’ve had my share, man. I’ve been everywhere.

To say that I’ve been busy would be a gross under statement. I’ve been on the road and in the air a lot this autumn and I’m not quite done. Not to mention when I’m not OTR I’m working my butt off for my job, which is luckily VERY BUSY. So for now I’ll just post some pix and I’ll be adding a lot more as I wait for Mina Dragomirova in Arlington TX to send pix from the Alicia Witt concert last Sunday at the City Winery here in Chicago. I’ll fill in the blanks with text as I have time.

October has been a magical month overall. Not to say it didn’t also have the stresses and dramas of my day to day life as of late but there were some moments I was able to take a couple of weekends and temporarily put most of it behind me.

October is also my favorite month of the year.

One month after a wonderful and peaceful trip to Iowa to visit dale and Anne via Trailways bus, I flew to Dallas TX for a few overdue reunions. I was invited by an old friend of nearly 2 decades who I hadn’t seen since Autumn of 2006 model and actress Mina Dragomirova (Nico) who looks as great as I remember. She is also smart, kind and fun. I would also get to seem my best friend from my teen years, junior high and high school, Kevin Finsley who I last saw after graduation 1983.

It was also in 1983 that I moved for the summer to Dallas TX and my summer girlfriend was Valerie Kenwell who has visited me several times over the last decade here in Chicago. She as well as Dawn Barbee who is visiting me this weekend help me through a very rough patch back in 2018.

Mina Dragomirova (Nico)

2006 Chicago GlamourCon with Nico and the mkultraviXXXens Sarah Bushman and Heather Ashley

Mina Dragomirova (Nico) in Chicago

photo by Mina Dragomirova (Nico) of me at baggage claim at DFW Oct 1 2021. Notice the only thing you can really see is my Satan head pendant

Reunited for the first time since 2006 at Chicago GlamourCon

I had left my home at 330 AM to go to Ohare for a 630 AM flight. I had nothing to eat and everything at the airport was closed. On the plane I was already hungry. I didn’t drink much water because the plane was packed and I didn’t want to have to leave my window seat and crawl over two passengers to use the restroom. So by the time I landed at DFW around 1130 AM I had to pee and really needed to eat.

When I found Nico napping on the floor at baggage claim I stood above her and waited for my suitcase and for her to wake. Within a minute I got a very big hug from a very little lady.

It didn’t take long and we were in her nice new hot rod and headed to eat at this excellent breakfast place called FIRST WATCH. Now when Alex is in the south he must have grits and these were maybe the best I’ve ever had. Chimes on campus in Baton Rouge is really good too. The entire meal was more than satisfying and the staff was excellent. The restaurant was spacious and clean.

This is actually at Chilis near DFW where we had drinks on my way back to Chicago the afternoon of my flight home.

Breakfast again at FIRST WATCH Oct 4 on my way home to Chicago

My new friends. Buddy, Cherry-Bomb, Lucyfurr, Pip Squeak . I fell head over heels in love with Lucyfurr



Nico’s shot glass and 2 books I would read her poems from next to her pool

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant Arlington TX

This restaurant was excellent and a beautiful décor and very affordable compared to Chicago. I ordered 3 entrees and 2 margaritas for myself and it was only $86 and some change. I got to meet Nico’s trainer Maya a wonderful and successful Serbian woman. Valerie who my my flame in the summer of 1983 stopped in but the pièce de ré·sis·tance without a doubt was reuniting with my best friend from my teen years Kevin Finsley who I last saw in May 1983, and his wife Faye. So many memories of our days. We’ve both list our parents recently. BTW his mother till the end referred to me as Crazy Horse.

LTR: Mina Dragomirova (Nico), Alex Zander, Maja Bajac, MA, PhD abd, CPT , Kevin and Faye Finsley

Kevin and I having our first legal drink ever

Union Local High School Spanish/French Club dinner: Jay Coffield, Alex and Kevin 1980/1981


Very happy for a LOT of reasons

Valerie Kenwell my 1983 summer girlfriend with Mina Dragomirova (Nico)

Reading Bukowski for Mina Dragomirova (Nico) poolside

When I returned we did an excellent with Dave from DERISION CULT. His music and videos are killer. We filmed it for YouTube and it was very well received. If you like MINISTRY you’ll love this band.

Cassie Balazic back at the helm.

Thanks to my good friend Emily Sifrit for helping enhance the podcasting experience.

Saturday Oct 16 Eden Lake popped over as she was in the city doing some charity work. We got to spend some quality time together before Nico would be arriving around midnight for the next days matinee performance by Alicia Witt at the City Winery. I also learned her and Gary are getting married. I’ve offered my Clergy services.

Good morning Nico!

We did an abbreviated podcast talking about the Alicia Witt show and playing 2 of her songs. Alicia is one of my top performers on stage and screen. True talent.

Sunday morning Oct 17 warm enough to have coffee outside.

Waiting for Uber which was surged priced due to a Bears game at the same time as or show.

Alicia Witt Setlist 10/17/2021 at City Winery, Chicago, IL

I Hope It’s Me
Talk to You
Down Se Goes
Face Change
Coffee at City Winery (Alicia’s improv on piano)
Any Midnight
Love Anyway
Consolation Prize
Chasing Shadows
Lie to Me
The Ocean
Last Surviving Son
About Me
The Conduit
I’m Not Ready for Christmas (Explicit version)

Alicia and Nico both in dresses and boots.

Nico and Alicia Witt

On her way back to Ohare we stopped at this Serbian Restaurant suggested by her friend/trainer Maya. Cafe Beograd

2933-39 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago IL


Ever since I moved to this street in 2005 I’ve loved walking down the 2 block stretch of Kenmore in the Buena Park neighborhood I’ve called home ever since. The association Buena Park Neighbors always host and encourage a home decorating contest. My landlords house where I live used to win but they stopped decorating as their kids got older over 12 yrs ago.

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