Nobody gonna take my girl. I’m gonna keep her to the end. Nobody gonna have my girl. She stays close on every bend. Oooh she’s a killing machine. She’s got everything. Like a moving mouth body control. And everything.

GlamourCon 2006 mk ultraviXXXens Sarah and Natalie are joined by model and friend Sofiya. I’m visiting Sofiya in Dallas TX in early October.

Type O Negative Slow Deep and Hard 30th Anniversary

For the 30th anniversary of Slow, Deep and Hard, Roadrunner Records in conjunction with Run Out Groove, reissued the debut on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

Slow, Deep and Hard is their debut studio album, released in 1991 on Roadrunner Records. The album, originally titled None More Negative and released in 1990 under the group’s former name Repulsion, launched the band’s career. The album has a rawness that was prominent in Peter Steele’s previous band, Carnivore, but it incorporates elements that became standard for Type O Negative, merging styles including doom metal, gothic rock, new wave and industrial music. Slow, Deep and Hard is a semi-autobiographical album with heavy amounts of black humor, based on a failed relationship in which the vocalist/bass guitarist Peter Steele was involved. In keeping with the band’s notable humor, the album’s cover artwork is a blurred image of sexual penetration. According to guitarist Kenny Hickey, Steele based a riff of “Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67 x 10 – 8 cm – 3 gm – 1 sec – 2” (later known as “Gravity”) from the theme song of the 1964 American sitcom The Munsters.

Needless to say I ordered it the first day pre ordering was available.

The Bearded Lady Lounge Chicago is the new bar on the block just under the Sheridan Red Line station. Max and I visited it 2x at the end of August.


The All New Wrigleyville North which has been gutted and rehabbed. Very very nice a block away from Bearded Lady. Who needs Holiday Club?

Spent Labor Day weekend in Stone City Iowa with Dale and his new bride Anne. It was the peace and quiet that I’ve been in dire need of.

Inside The General Store in Stone City a great place that I was finally happy to hang out at.

La Hacienda a wonderful Mexican Restaurant Dale took me to some years back. A must stop every visit.

The 46 OZ Monster Margarita only $9.99

I had 2 entrees, a huge margarita and a shot of Don Julio for $40. It would be 2x that in Chicago.

Anamosa State Penitentiary is a maximum security penitentiary prison located in the Jones County community of Anamosa, Iowa – approximately 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  From the outside, it looks like a castle. Made of bright white limestone, the Anamosa State Penitentiary appears regal. It’s nickname is the White Palace of the West.

The Anamosa State Penitentiary Museum is located just outside the penitentiary’s walls in a stone building that was formerly a barn and then a cheese-making facility for the prison. Exhibits include the history of the prison, the role of prison guards and the construction of the buildings. The museum is open seasonally and features a gift shop.

Notable inmates

We took a 3.5 hour and most relaxing canoe trip of my life. Thanks to Dr. Anne Gard for booking it. Good friends know what I like. A lot like when Too Dark Mark took me to Avery Island on a visit to Baton Rouge a decade ago. Avery Island is the home of Tabasco sauce.

Wildlife abounds along this river and represents many of Iowa’s native species. Recreationalists along this river might be lucky enough to see a nesting pair of bald eagles performing a courtship ritual overhead or hear the pounding of a pileated woodpecker. Anyone willing to wet a line along the river will enjoy pulling walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, catfish, and suckers from hidden pools and riffles. A welcome wild place in our modernized world.

History is subtly evident as you travel the Maquoketa. Fossils of brachiopods and coral let us dream about a moment in time when Iowa was once covered by a shallow prehistoric sea. The steep bedrock walls inspire us to envision a period in Iowa’s history when rivers ran high and swollen as melt water made its way downstream from huge melting glaciers gouging deep valleys as they flowed. The sandy loess soil on the river’s bluff tops tells a tale of wind and erosion. Ornate box turtles still survive in this sandy loess and remind us of a drier time in Iowa’s history. Indian grass, little bluestem, shooting star, and wild bergamot cling to life on rocky outcrops, fallen boulders, and bluff tops reminding us that the face of Iowa was once covered by a tall and beautiful prairie ecosystem. Rock fishing weirs remind us that man was here too, hunting and living long before our circles began.

The amazing back yard of teh Bennett/Gard household. I love taking morning walks out back with the dewy grass between my toes on mornings before anyone else but the cats are still in bed,

The Catito built by Anne so the inside cats could feel outside. A catio is a cat enclosure or “cat patio” that provides feline safety and enrichment outdoors. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, a catio can be the purrfect solution while you enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is always safe. There are many benefits of catios including protecting birds and wildlife too.

The view of the yard from the indoor enclosed porch/patio.

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