Now, listen up. She’s a razor sharp. If she don’t get her way. She’ll slice you apart. Now she’s a cool, cool black. She moves like a cat. If you don’t get her game. Well, you might not make it back.

Well I guess we jumped the gun going into the “new normal” with business back to 100 % capacity and no mask mandate for almost 2 months. Masks were still required for the CTA as well as Taxis and Uber/Lyft but other than that some people still wore masks due to the “fear” installed into them.

As I sew this long overdue writ together. Lollapalooza is open for the first of 4 days as the new and easier contracted Delta Variant is spiking. 3 counties in Illinois are already ordered by Gov. Pritzker that a mask mandate is in order and he is already shutting down restaurants. Mask mandates even if you have been fully vaccinated.

For myself I got to enjoy an EXXXOTICA weekend where you had to show proof of vaccination or pay $40 an onsite COVID test. It was a good time as always as I reunited with old friends and made new friends.


Vina Sky was one of the other performers I wanted to meet. She had very long lines for a Porn Hub girl. Other than her I was just hoping to see Tiny Texie, Alexis Texas (she was a no show) and see old friends.

Running into old friends was easy. After I saw Texie Ricky Rich called me over where he was with the clown fetish model BJ MCNAUGHTY. The pic above is with Adrian who I hadn’t seen in 3 yrs and Curtis an adult entertainment photographer I met in Las Vegas. I met Adrian at GlamourCon in 2004

Ember Snow is a petite Asian pornstar with Philippine origins. At only 5’ tall and 94 pounds.

It was a pleasure to meet with the legend, Herschel Savage an American former pornographic actor, director and stage actor who has appeared in over 1,000 adult films. In 2002, AVN ranked him 46th on their list of The Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time. He has also been inducted into the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

We had something to discuss being that he’s good friends with Adam Glasser aka Seymour Butts, They are great friends and I was on Family Business Adams SHOWTIME series back in 2005.

Stormy Daniels who I met in Las Vegas either 2004 or 2005 at the Adult Video Awards Expo. She’s in New Orleans these days. She gave me a signed Spooky Girls candle and ski cap.

From AVN AEE when I first met Stormy either 04 or 05

And here’s Tiny Texie who I met in 2018 and we became good friends. She came on the show in 2019. She sent me home with a goody bag.

This adult entertainer, model, dancer, and social media influencer. She was born on 25 January 1992. Tiny is known for her unusually small stature of 3 feet and 6 inches. Lovers of adult movies know her quite well for her roles in the midget category. She has however spread her tentacles far beyond adult entertainment. The 29-year-old mother of one has carved a niche for herself as a social media influencer and entertainer. This accounts for a huge chunk of her popularity on the internet as she boasts millions of followers and interactions across her social media platforms.

Vina Sky

Ray Ray a performer from Columbus OH

BJ McNaughty

My favorites the girls from Arizona. Jason and I met them at the bar inside Embassy Suites where he had a room and let me stay the night before coming to my place to do a podcast the next day. Lissa Mireya is on the right (my left) and I really liked the Faruiza Balk vibe I got from her. We made a few other friends at the bar including a very very cool pilot named John.

Lissa gave me this stone. It’s brought some good luck and I put it with my “witchy” stuff at home.

My man Jason Kenski a loyal listener to the MKULTRASOUND PodCast and frequent call in guest. He was live in person on the show with Matthew Clark and Emily Sifrit. I met Jason at EXXXOTICA 2019 and have been friends ever since. He’s a music lover from Sterling Heights MI and works for the USPS. He was also in the Southern Bukkake series directed by Mike South.

Cookout at home for guests of the podcast. Cassie and her bf Scotty were here to film. Cassie’s first time back here behind camera in a year.

Monday morning breakfast at El Palmar.

Bob Hoeksema took these pix of the moon July 2021. Thanks Newbomb.

Michelle who I met at EXXXOTIOCA nd became friends with, This is one week later in Evanston for Taco Diablo! Then a week later she’d guest on teh podcast along with Larry Goone (Born A Babe and Chicago SexCon)

Typical of the Northshore Champagne Socialist. Gender Free Restroom.

We ended up eating at Tac Quick because of the noise level of people talking at Taco Diablo.

Martinis at Casa Diablo late late at night.

I’ve been working a lot more than usual this summer. Working from home but its a lot of work. 2 Tuesdays ago I met Max, Adam and Brian at Birds Nest for wings at 7PM. It was nice but much too loud. There were also thunderstorm warnings which never happened that evening as predicted. Nothing new. It was so loud I could not hear my friends and frustrated left around 9 PM. The other downside was the prices due to the “chicken wing shortage”. I paid $37 for 20 wings. Now Birds Next is famously good but $1.85 per wing? Other than seeing my buds we had a great waitress named Chantel who was friendly and super attentive to our needs even as they got busier.

$37 for 20 wings

My first harvest of 2021

As if the wings the previous Tuesday didn’t hit the spot. Wingstop has introduced Thighstop for the wing shortage. AND I LED THEM!!!

Prepping for the PodCast Sunday August first.

This is where I met Larry and Bruce before the PodCast, Peace Garden in Buena Park

After the show Michelle hung around and took these shots.

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