Somewhere from another time. Asiatic death. Yellow fever bodies writh. Sugar on my breath. Is this the final curtain. I don’t believe what’s happening. She hides behind a veil of tears. Plays upon my darkest fears.

Out and about early Saturday to pick up my Rx and then to Andersonville for another refill at Dispensary 33 and then a nice walk over to ASIA ON ARGYLE. It was the perfect day for a brisk walk.

 Cambodian Buddhist Association Temple, 1258 W. Argyle St

Vietnamese Street Art

With no PodCast on Mothers Day I came home and fired up the Barbie! Stuffed mushrooms, burgers and chicken legs would last me thru the next day. LA GUNS were blaring on the back porch and I took swigs off of a glass of Irish Whiskey. Nice mellow weekend. I would sleep very well.

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