I can hear you laughing. You’re a million miles away or you’re here. I will never leave you. I’m a million miles away or I’m near. I’m the thoughts you’re thinking. But you’re a lifetime away from your home or you’re here. I can see you crying. You’re a million miles away or you’re here.

It was a very nice relaxing and peaceful weekend with an very good friend out in the SW burbs. More to come on that but for now enjoy the pix capturing significant moments from when for just a while COVID didn’t exist.

A long overdue visit to spend some downtime with Bob out in Montgomery finally arrived. I walked across the Jackson Blvd bridge as I did M-F from Sept 2011 to Nov 2018 when I worked for QLK. This day I was en route to a new Burger King at the address next door to my former employer. I was craving their huge double sausage egg and cheese on sour dough bread. I threw it down my throat and walked over to Union Station to buy my ticket to Aurora. This would not be as convenient as it has been in years prior. The lines to the automated ticket machines were confusing to everyone. I wanted a weekend pass but was told you now must have the Metra ticket app on your phone. I absolutely loathe having apps on my phone. By the time I was able to get a one way ticket I was charged and dispensed 3 one way tickets 3x as much as what I had intended on paying. Finally a sole ticket window opened and I went to the attendant and was informed they do not issue refunds. Lovely. I was instructed to call Metra on the courtesy phone and gave them my info and was told I would be contacted from Metra later. It would be 4 days but they called and now I have to go back to the station to submit my case and then it’d be 7-10 days for a refund. Oy vey!

The 1 hr 20 min ride was pleasant since hardly anyone was on the train. I would be able to read. I brought along the thick and quite heavy book:

Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?: An Inquiry into the Life & Death of the Master of Gonzo by Warren Hinckle (20 pages)

An inquiry into the life and death of the master of ‘gonzo’ – Hunter Thompson – with candid memories and appreciations by many of his closest friends and co-conspirators. Thompson’s compatriots, observe and comment on the journalistic legend’s life and death.

Contains: transcripts of his rants and idiosyncratic phone messages, The Gonzo Master’s Midnight Faxes, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, and a humungous introduction (a book in itself!) by Warren Hinckle III., as well as the previously unpublished Night Manager.

I arrived on time at my destination with a bag full of a few surprised for BH that I had for him for last Christmas. Bob drove his new fully loaded and beautiful new Buick to pick me up and we were off. The first stop would be Sanchez Brothers Western Wear store where I would but a nice new felt cowboy hat.

Sanchez Brothers Western Wear 1046 N Lake St, Aurora, IL 60506

While in the Aurora/Ottawa area I bought a stack of King Size Zero candy Bars my favorite which are hard to find in the city.

We then went to hos spread which we affectionally refer to as Tubby’s Drive In and once passed his dogs Gunther and Otis I opened my duffel bag and presented my ol friend his gifts. First was a movie poster from the movie Selena (there’s a long story behind this) and he was very grateful. He gave me an Evel Knievel shirt and then I presented him with the pièce de résistance, a leather LA GUNS coat and he was very surprised which is what I had hoped for.

We hung out on the back deck for a while where it was warm and very sunny and then hunger set in. It was time. We would be going to an Argentinian burger place Bob had been raving to me about for months.

Asadoras Argentinas Burgers at 4542 IL-71, Oswego, IL 60543

This place literally BLEW MY MIND. Good lord was it delicious. We bother ordered the Criolla Burger topped with salsa criola, chimichurri mayonnaise and potato wedges with chimichurri sauce which is now my favorite new spice/herb. So much so that I ordered 2 jars when I got back home to work on Monday. I shared my joy with this joint to a lot of friends since. I cannot wait to go back. I plan to bike there this summer and have Bob meet me there.

We went next door after eating to ACE HARDWARE 500 State Route 71 Owego, IL 60543and this location had a bevvy of BBQ sauces and seasoning in their BBQ section. Wise move. It was amazing.

Sun going down in Bobs backyard as seen from his deck. When it was dark we watched one of my favorite films, Machete by Robert Rodriguez with its stellar all star cast: Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Steven Segal, Lindsey Lohan, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey and introducing Don Johnson.

When we rose out of bed just before 6 AM Bob started creating his signature breakfast dish Breakfast pizza with sausages cheese egg of course and white gravy. the leftovers lasted me till Wednesday morning. THANKS TURK FOR A GREAT WEEKEND!

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