We’re standing here by the abyss and the world is in flames. Two star-crossed lovers reaching out to the beast with many names. He is, He’s the shining and the light without whom I cannot see. And he is Insurrection, he is spite, he’s the force that made me be. He is Nostro dis pater, nostr’ alma mater.

Easter morning I was up too early thanks to Anny the Watercat screaming at me for her wet food as she does every morning when the sun rises. I had my coffee, showered and went to Walgreens for ice. Came home and took a bunch of big Amazon boxes down to the dumpster and went out for a walk to Target for bike chain oil. Surprised it was closed. As was everything in Uptown pretty much till I got to Argyle. So I kept walking up to Andersonville for some Mindy’s edibles so I can get some sleep for work this week.

Then I found the Ace Hardware was open. Not the one in Uptown but the one in Andersonville. There I found the 3 in 1 oil. THANK GAWD.

From there I kept walking up Clark till I got to Edgewater Produce for some tamales and over to Jewel. Andersonville was hopping. Anything that hasn’t been closed permanently due to COVID was packed. Lines down the sidewalks for restaurants. For whatever reason I decided to take the 22 bus home. Mistake, I should have walked. As I walked out of Jewel a bus passed me. I missed it by 2 minutes. I waited 35 minutes for the next one and it was packed. Yeah, a Sunday/Holiday but also a Cubs home game. The CTA should take this into consideration. The bus was jammed packed and if you know me I’m very claustrophobic. It as very uncomfortable and I was very happy to get to the Irving Park stop to walk home. It was still very nice out so I hung on the porch w/ my cats after I oiled my bike chain.


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Depressing. Closed since March 3 2020

I did see two good movies over the holiday weekend that I’ve been waiting to see forever. Booth were incredible films with stellar casts and soundtracks. The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle.

I managed to get a lot of sleep off and on all weekend and I needed it much. My horrible cold is gone and I have my voice back. Vitamins and rest the magical cure for almost anything seasonal.

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