Charlie, beat the beats, the beats you beat The only thing harder’s the smell of my feet So listen up ’cause you might get dissed Go drain the lizard or take a Chair! Damn, watch the beat!

Finally was able to attend the Punk Rock and Paintbrushes event which kept being delayed from last year with Eden Lake. We had VIP. I should have known that she was friends with Carley Harvey of the Botcher Babies. I was able to chat with Anthrax drummer Charlie Bennate who is a very nice fellow and super talented.

On the way home from the Zhou B Art gallery Eden’s Escalade broke down outside of Wrigley Field. and we had to wait for a long time for her boyfriend Gary who is a mechanic to come and fix the problem. It was a broken belt. We got to my place and sat around playing KISS trivia for a few hours and sipping Jameson.

I purchased a print for my brothers birthday which is April 3rd.

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