So if you meet me, have some courtesy. Have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politeness. Or I’ll lay your soul to waste. Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

Where does it end?
This was the original post
WOW this weekend in 2009 w/ Mary
and so it begins….

It’d been a decade since I rode in a band van and this time it was with First Jason and we picked up drummer Fabian Arroyo on the way to check into our hotel in Bradley IL for a show at The Looney Bin. Arie the singer who also played the child Jason in Friday the 13th plowed me with Arak, distilled from anise, is Israel’s national liquor. (he’s Jewish) and that stuff is STRONG. We had a total of five rooms booked at the Comfort Inn.

 “I went looking for trouble and boy, I found her.

Heather just had to send me a butt shot
El Palmar after dinner at Tac Quick

I invited Heather ware aka Heather Sexual to come to the show and stay with me for a week. She’s had a really rough couple of years and it has been wear and tear on her mental health. It was a week cut short and I took her to AmTrak Thursday afternoon. I had no idea how distracting it would be to my work. My nerves were SHOT and my blood pressure and stress was more than I could handle. I love her to pieces but I am not capable or qualified to take care of such things.

We did do a good podcast with Emily and with Michael X Christian talking about the who Marilyn Manson drama. Heather and MM had a thing back when I met her in the mid 90’s.

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