I’m snowblind, I can’t see a thing. I’m snowblind, I don’t wanna sing. I’m snowblind, need a familiar face. I’m snowblind, think I’m lost in space.

Last Tuesday 2/16/2021 Nearly 18 Inches Of Snow Reported At Midway Airport, Adding To Chicago’s Snowiest Stretch In 40 Years

Chicago has seen as much snow as it typically sees in an entire winter season in the last few weeks alone. The city on average sees about 36 inches of snow in a winter, though some years have recorded more than 80 inches and others less than 10 inches. But in the past 22 days, the city has seen 36.2 inches of snowfall.

Needless to say the weather snow and low temps have hampered all most all aspects of my life with the exception of work which I do from home. The podcast has been affected by not only weather but after the loss of Cassie and Jason Elkins still learning the editing software we’ve been sending files out to Hollywood where my good friend and Chicago native Paul Baio lives and works. He’s been working 18 hr days and living remotely and its time consuming but it gets done. Thankfully. We lost a couple of good YouTube shows due to corrupt files or bad lighting as in the last show we did w/ Nick Huffman at the Looney Bin for his book release in January.

On the upside with COVID positivity rates slowly declining guest such as Matthew Clark are starting to come out of hibernation and appear in person.  Sadly both Ania Tarnowska and Dan Milligan who I want on the show again ASAP are still not comfortable coming to do in person w/ the virus as it is.

Personally I’m 3 weeks behind on laundry. I slept in the guest room this week which is comfy and intend to drag my baggage through the snow to the laundromat tomorrow morning and get some of it done. Depending on the weather I may take another load on Monday after work.

I do have plenty of food now. Lots of Thai soups and noodles’, seafood, pasta, rice and canned soups. An lots of flour tortillas.

Outside my window a car completely buried except for a rearview mirror

2/21/2021 Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot and Hookers & Blow and guest co – host Emily Sifrit

2/28/2021 Show #2 Nicole Bodie and Damon Christopher

3/7/2021 TBA guest co – host Emily Sifrit

3/14/2021 Megan Riordan from the Inked Cover Girl Contest

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