They love you when you’re on all the covers. When you’re not, then they love another.

It’s been like this for over a week in Chicago. It keeps snowing and it’s not going to thaw for the foreseeable future.
I got home Friday night after going to the Bulldog Ale House with Max Bravo to find these great pix of Shasta and Nick Huffman at the Looney Bin
Nick left me a voice mail over the weekend that he did me a solid and got me set up to interview Alex Grossi
A cold wintery Bulldog Ale House, good food, good friends great time
Max with a big beer and AZ w/ Jameson
In tribute to Larry Flynt who died 2 days before this picture was taken.
Delicious fish tacos at Bulldog Ale House
The Red Line station by Target and Aldi in Uptown
Pre podcast get together with Max Bravo and Jason Elkins in Casa Diablo Warhol Room
The format for our guest Ari Lehman
Jason and First Jason/Ari Lehman
Post podcast Thai dinner at Tac Quick

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