On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We’re the best of friends. Insisting that the world keep turning our way. And our way Is on the road again.

We had a really good time as usual at the Looney Bin last weekend for the Nick Huffman Book Launch PodCast. Here are some pix and I’ll add more later.

Jerri Payne and Nicole Pizante were great behind the bar as always. Nick introduced me to Dr. Andé Wegner who sat in on the show with us. She’s known him since grade school and wrote the forward to his book.

It was Jason Elkins first trip to the Bin and it surely won’t be his last.

Heather Wagner, yes the singer, drove all the way to Dayton Ohio and back Friday to pick up the books from the printer. 393 miles each way. A total of 786 miles and she didn’t stop to sleep. Somehow she still made it to the Looney Bin the next day to perform for the podcast.

We arrived in Bradey IL shortly after 10AM and were too early to eat at Five Guys which was my plan so we went to Target and I bought some refreshments for the room. Then Jason and I discovered Five Guys did not permit indoor dining due to COVID. Luckily for me the hotel let me check in 4 hours early with no additional fee and Jason went to Five Guys and Chipoltle to get take out.

I usually get the jacuzzi suite but this trip just decided on a single king and I was AMAZED at this room and being that they appreciate my business and reviews they gave me the room for $50 less than advertised. This was a very nice accommodation. Jason arrived with the grub and after we ate we got to the Looney Bin ahead of schedule. Which was nice because we got to take our time setting up and socializing. It was nice to actually get to talk with Jerri this time. I also got to visit a bit with Nicks mom. Jerri made really good drinks for me.

With Nicole Pizante who took over bar duties at 6 PM. I’ve known her since my first trip to the Looney Bin and its always a pleasure.

Think Heather works much?

With Crazy J/Jason Elkins the new MKULTRASOUND PodCast camera guy

With Dr. Andé Wegner and Nick Huffman after the podcast

With Heather Wagner and Chance Jones after their performance.

Deep in thought uploading bits. A man at work.

After the show we did some pix and chatted a bit before loading up and taking the bulk of the gear back to the hotel. We sat for a little bit and decided to return to the Bin where Jerri was getting off of her shift and I wanted to say bye and also hello to Nicole. It was very slow but nice. It’s always good to come to this place for any reason.

My ride home wasn’t getting back to me so Heather told me here and Chance would pick me up. They had to be at the airport anyway to pick up Emily who was flying back into town. There was no place open to sit down and eat in Bradley. We wanted Denny’s. After what seemed like forever we stopped in Orland Park and found an Original Pancake House where we each ordered breakfast skillets. I was home by 3PM and had all afternoon to relax and watch TV.

Thanks to everyone at the Looney Bin for a really good time and I cannot wait to read the book by the Great Nick Huffman.

Back home eating at home/office/desk

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