Hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean. Like a desert sun that burns my skin. I’ve been waiting for her for so long. Open the sky and let her come down. Here she comes again. Here comes the rain. I love the rain.

Thanx to Max Bravo for this! Perfect!
Every Sunday morning at 830 AM since the last time I was at Bob Hoeksema’s. The only show on politics I watch. Mike Flannery knows the game. I also red John Kass’s editorials on the Tribune website.
El Palmar take out Huevos en Salsa Verde

Emily brought onto the last show of 2020 as well as our lil Xmas theme show an incredible talent from down under who it seems so many hard rocking Americans know of except me. Which defies explanation.

She messaged me a month ago and told me of this band/ person who has Tracii Guns playing on his new single “Kill Your Idols” and asked to have him on teh show calling in from Australia. Who was I to say no?

Dellacoma is a completely independent rock n roll band with a desire to passionately create music that comes honestly from their hearts, souls and experiences.

Our subject, Dellacóma Rio, the namesake of the band, is a dynamic vocalist for rock band a solo acoustic artist, songwriter, poet and madman who loves to take the stage. His vocals make it the kind of sexy, sweaty track that defines good-time rock and roll defines the good-time hard rocking fun music that we all love.

It was a good 1 hr 38 minutes of interview new rock n roll featuring Tracii Guns and rockin Christmas themed tunes.

Above is the board we use to stay on the format of the show.

Michael Ciravolo/Beauty in Chaos/Schecter Guitars sent me 3 vinyl’s and a cd of his music. Emily was sent the same from the man. THANK YOU!
Obscure LP of the week, the very first LP I ever bought in 1976 before I bough KISS “Rock n Roll Over”. Narrated by Stan Lee is a concept album with songs about Peter Parker/Spiderman’s life and the people and villain’s that surround him.
After the show Emily drove me to guitar center to buy 2 guitar stands.

Feeling a almost human again Friday after work I took the Clark Street Bus up to Edgewater and had my first Firepit Friday with my very good friend and MK’s graphic artist Max Bravo. I got home around 10PM but watched Yellowstone till 1230AM. It felt so good to get out of the fucking house again.

And as always an old MK ULTRA fan shows me she also saves the old issues. This one 19 yrs old right when we went color/glossy and worldwide. Thank you! Thank all of you. Its what keeps me going. I love all of ya’ crazy fucks. – AZ

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