Nihilistic mystics. Apostolic alcoholics. Messianic manics. Cataclysmic and prolific. In the age of super-boredom, hype and mediocrity, celebrate relentlessness. Menace to society. This is counter-culture from the underground, eternal revolution this is our sound.

Byron Samuel who used to work in the Wax Trax Records office in the 90’s sent me a text this morning letting me know he was going though boxes and tossing out old magazines and shredding documents and told me he found old MK ULTRA’s, in mint condition I should add, and sent me a pic and told me he’s saving them. This is the kind of thing that means so much to me. People have hung on to copies back to issue #1 in 1995. Thanks B!

Part of my early birthday present from Dale my HLM (hetero life mate) as part of the 40 lbs of hot sauce he gifted me with. From what I understand Valerie is flying in from Dallas TX as I type this and is bringing me even more hot sauce. Yes, dear reader, my kitchen is staring to look like the interior of Heaven on 7
Thursday night dinner Oct 29 I made Japanese Udon Noddles with shrimp and topped it off with Franks Red Hot Seasoning Blend. My mouth thanked me for a good 15 min.

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