You cannot go against nature. Because when you do, go against nature, it’s part of nature too. Our little lives get complicated. It’s a simple thing. Simple as a flower. And that’s a complicated thing.

It’s been 3 long stressful work days and I pondered how to get my exercise after over 9 hrs of being glued to a chair. After Sunday thru Tuesday of searching for dried soup bens as store shelves are being cleaned out of non- perishables again Wednesday morning I found a hearty supply tucked in the back of Alta Vista. I plan to make chili Sunday after the podcast so I figured why not bike up to Edgewater Produce a great Mexican grocer on the northside to buy peppers. And that I did and also tamales, taco meat and chicken legs. I also picked up 2 nice Rib Eyes to throw on the grill after my ride this evening. I’ve been craving steak ever since Newbomb made those amazing strip steaks when I was able to visit him over the summer.

Saturday after I bike to Evanston I’m going to stuff some of the GIANT peppers with crab meat, taco meat and who knows what else. I just want to get creative. In 8 days I’ll be back in Bradley for a weAkend friend friends from 3 states. Chicago has a travel ban to Iowa and one is pending for Indiana not to mention the way things are nobody wants to visit Chicago.

Yesterday I received this invite from veteran publicist Heidi Ellen Robinson-Fitzgerald who I’ve worked with since the late 80’s and it just happens to be at my absolute favorite art space in Chicago. I RSVP’d in minutes. Finally something to do in the city if it still isn’t in riot mode after Nov 3rd.

Thursday night Ribeye

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