I’m back in the saddle again, Out where a friend is a friend. Where the longhorn cattle feed, On the lowly jimsonweed. Back in the saddle again! – I was sick all last week and wasn’t up to updating the site or social media till Saturday afternoon.

Something like that only I’ve been in this house alone since mid March

I got out of the city for the 3rd time since this pandemic and spent a night in Lockport with some really good friends and 4 great children. We ate well, had drinks, I slept in another bed other than my own and took a very early train home as I began feeling a very bad cold coming on. I had to cancel that days schedule MKULTRASOUND PodCast.

The commute into and out of the city quite the adventure. More on that later or listen to the latest MKULTRASOUND PodCast for details.

More cat in a box pix thanks to AMAZON PRIME. Katrina pictured

Anny the Watercat in one of her favorite spots asleep sitting up as she was watching TV

Another CPS teacher – this time from Alcott High School

So I’ve been sickened by the divide in or country due to the election of Donald Trump and the extreme far lefts hatred which is non more evident than on social media. I’m no fan of the guy at all, and never have been since I first learned of him in the late 80’s but the country spoke. As sad as this divide and the hate that comes with it NOTHING has disgusted me more than the wishing of death on him as he contracted COVID. I see in on my feed constantly. Some people are so obsolesced with him since his election that it’s all they post about. Sad. Above is a perfect example. Under any other administration is a tax paid public school teacher posted anything like she did above on a public forum would lose her job.

Strange Dreams

Saturday night I had what felt like a long dream and I was at the Carnival Grocery Store in Lincoln Park around the corner from where I used to live 2001-2004 and it was my last stop trying to buy Olive Oil and they had the huge square cans of the imported variety and they were too high up for me to reach. When I got a staffer they told me the cans were empty and they were on backorder. I was in that store for eternity in my dream.

Yesterday when Ellenita was kind enough to offer me a ride to do my grocery shopping at Aldi I had my shopping list but Olive Oil wasn’t on it and then I heard a loud obnoxious man that I could hear over aisles ask about Olive Oil. I went to the section and bought 2 bottles.

I woke up at 530A this morning after another long weird dream and in it I had taken a job at a thrift store in Uptown and I pretty much organized the music/book/cd/lp section. I was saving books for myself and in walked a punk rock chick named Jackie Bangs and I told her she looked familiar and she said “you too?” When I asked from where she asked me “Wal Mart?” and I asked Neo? or exit? maybe, to which she replied, “You, at Neo or Exit? I don’t think so.  And  then we deducted she used to  work at my favorite record store 22 yrs ago named Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Lincoln Square and somehow I met the son of former Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos and he gave me his new single to review and somehow I met Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO’s son and he gave me is new single to review and then he introduced me to his father and Mark and I talk for too long, and I showed him my “Duty Now for the Future” tattoo and he explained the significance of it, before his spoken word performance at a local theater and then I went to the MegaBus stop in Pittsburgh where I missed my bus home to Chicago. 

I woke up at home in my bed and as I started my morning shower realized Jackie Bange is on WGN News.

Last week as I was sick and talked about in length on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast I watched the entire 2 seasons of Cobra Kai which is no less than excellent. On Friday night I watched a movie called the Love Witch at the suggestion of my old friend JSin Harmon. He knows my taste and it’ll be review on the new PodCast. It’s an homage to the 60’s/70’s technicolor Drive In movies. Horrific acting which was the point. With hours left to go till bed time I began bingeing one of my favorite series from the 90’s, Nash Bridges, which some people find funny.

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