I love the darkness and the shadows, where I can be alone. And when I close my eyes, I can see behind the sweet lies.

Did a podcast and really don’t like the weight gain at all so I’m on diet pills and curbing a few bad COVID habits. Changes coming to the show this Sunday with Crazy Jason Elkins at the cameras helm.

Day one of new diet

Finally got the CREEM Magazine documentary which I’ve been waiting for its release for years. Excellent and fun. I can sorta see how it sorta inspired me. I’ve had the book since 2007.

Louisiana Crab Shack & Pho.
My very first traditional mushroom and Swiss cheeseburgers. I used gravy, diced onions, jarred mushrooms and real Swiss cheese and it was FANTASTIC.

Its been a lackluster couple of weeks. Been very busy w work and the podcast is struggling. The pandemic is affecting EVERYTHING. Some fun changes on the way starting this weekend. Seeing some really good friends tomorrow and it’s greatly needed company and October should be fun for the most part.

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