She’s got date at midnight with Nosferatu. Oh baby, Lilly Munster Ain’t got nothing on you. Well when I called her evil she just laughed. And cast that spell on me. Boo Bitch Craft!

Thanks Jason Kenski for alerting me that MK ULTRA was quoted in the May 2020 issue of Metal Hammer

I also just discovered I was quoted in Revolver Magazine

Peter Steele of Type O Negative and Alex Zander of MK ULTRA gets a few mentions here courtesy of Sam Rosenthal.

Sam’s memories of Peter Steele April 19 2010

Listening to October Rust as I write this…..

Peter Steele of Type-O Negative passed away a few days ago. I thought I’d put together my recollections of the times my life intersected with Peter’s.

The first time I recall hearing Steele’s name was from Mike VanPortfleet of Lycia. This was after the 1993 release of Lycia’s A Day in the Stark Corner. Peter said complimentary things about Lycia in a few interviews. I do not have the original quotes, but I searched my hard drive and found:

MK Ultra Issue #1 (1995)

Q: I think the production on Bloody Kisses is phenomenal!

Peter Steele: You should be familiar with Lycia. It’s dark, ambient Goth music. The last album is called A Day in the Stark Corner. I would like our next album to sound something like this. It is the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If I put it on in the morning when I get up… I’m useless for the rest of the day. It makes me feel like killing myself. It’s like, why even bother getting dressed when I can just slit my wrists. Such simple hypnotic beats. Everything is drowned in reverb, yet the emotion comes through so loud and clear. It’s just devastatingly beautiful, as beautiful as it is devastating. That’s how I want to come through.

between Alex and Peter.

MK Ultra Issue #7, Summer 1996

Q: Two of your favorite bands, Electric Hellfire Club and Lycia, you’ve had the chance to tour with them. Do you feel a responsibility to the public to turn them onto bands like this?

Peter: (takes a very deep breath) Um, I think the best way to answer that is to simply say yes. I try to put together an interesting package that I felt if I was a fan I would want to see this package that I would want to see all three bands.

Q: How did hardcore fans react to a band like Lycia?

Peter: Some of our fans are quite rude. At some points, I felt like I wanted to go out and say something to these few people who were giving the opening bands a hard time, but I figured that might egg them on even more, so I just let it be.

Q: Projekt uses the quote you did with us in the first page of the Lycia press kit.

Peter: (laughing) Where I said it was “devastatingly beautiful?”

Q: And why even bother getting dressed when you can just slit your wrists. They loved that.

Peter: (laughing) That’s great music, man.

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