Sits like a man but he smiles like a reptile. She love him, she love him, but just for a short while. She’ll scratch in the sand, won’t let go his hand. He says he’s a beautician and sells you nutrition. And keeps all your dead hair for making up underwear. Poor little Greenie.

“Civil Unrest”

Gotta love the far lefts reporting of this.

It made me very sad last week to learn of the rioting in Kenosha a city I hold near and dear to my heart. Thanksgiving 1995 was my first visit there after one of my early Chicago visits. There were 2 Marilyn Manson shows in one night at the Metro. The first was open the the public and the second was a showcase for music industry people and their guests. Its a beautiful town with a great music scene. Both the Electric Hellfire Club and Electric Revolution hail from teh quaint little city on the shores of Lake Michigan.

How long can this widespread madness go on?

My EK kollection in the studio/dining room that sits over my music library. I took this for an Evel Knievel Toys Facebook page. 1 movie poster for the 1972 movie (an original like this over my bed when I was a kid), 1 mini poster for Viva Knievel, 1 lunch box, 1 VHS for Viva Knievel, 2 stunt bikes with action figures and a spoken word LP.

After 5 straight days of heat up into the mid to upper 90’s and my AC running 24 hrs a day in that period, I was overjoyed to wake up Saturday and open all of my windows and then go for a nice long bike ride up the north shore.

Sunday I started out around noon and only got to Edgewater as the trails were overcrowded with families and Divvy Bike riders that don’t understand the simple rules of biking. It was stressful so I went to Mariano’s and picked up some groceries and biked the long way home. I spent the afternoon mostly inside.

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