In her eyes, a distant fire light burns bright. Wondering why it’s only after dark. I find myself in her room. Feel the fever of my doom. Falling, falling through the floor. I’m knocking on the devil’s door, yeah.

My good friend Steve is marrying his fiance Becky, who makes the BEST carnitas I’ve ever had, on Halloween this year at the museum in Joliet. To make it even more interesting it’s costumes required. I invited Valerie Kenwell who was my girlfriend the summer of 1983 while I lived in Dallas TX. She bought a plane ticket within minutes.

I booked a room at the Harrahs Casino Hotel and it’s 3X as much on a weekend than on weeknights. SO it’s really going to be worth it. I should be seeing Adrian later that night and Valerie cannot wait to meet him.

My neighbors sunflower that survived the big storm 2 wks ago. Some fared better than others.

Thank Gawd It’s Fish Fry Friday!!!!

Excellent Fish and Chips 2 weeks in a row at Bulldog Ale House. Really good food but this time our service was horrific.

YELP Review: I’m giving only 2 stars instead of 1 since the food as always was excellent. On Friday 8/21/2020 I joined 2 friends for dinner on the patio and I was looking forward to the all you can eat fish dinner. Our service was horrible and its always been excellent in the past. I was served my plate and had to ask 2 times for flatware. The lady who was with us had to wait nearly 30 minutes for her waffle fries. We were all in agreement in regards to the service and our male friend offered to complain to the manager in charge. I asked him not to bother and I’d mention it here. I only tipped 15%  / $6 on my $44 check. I could tell the server wasn’t happy and even though I put my phone # on the check for my rewards points I was not credited any points. But to make matters much worse when I looked at my back account on Sunday I noticed that another $4 was added to the tab that I had signed. So my total went from $50.48 to $54.48. Which there is no excuse for and I’m not sure if I want to return again.

Hansa Clipper on my way home Thurs 8/20 from my ride from Evanston

I was very hot and needed to cool down after a 3 hr bike ride to Evanston and back. Stopped into the Hansa Clipper in Lincoln Square and ordered a double Jamo on the rocks. She gave me an extra shot in case the pour wasn’t fair. 2 days later I got a really weak pour at the Bulldog Ale House.

Unlike Chicago city beaches which have been closed this year by the Mayor, Evanston’s beaches are all open. It upsets me a bit but is inspiring when I make teh long ride up the north shore.

The lighthouse in Evanston

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