Here’s to all the women, the widows and the brides. The ones that we came home to, the ones we had to hide. The next one’s to the road boys, and all the crap we tried. We thought we were immortal, and then you died. I’ve been feeling kind of lonely, so I came here to get fried.

It’d only been 8 days since the Dock on Montrose Beach opened for 2020 months later than usual due to restrictions the Mayor has put on the service industry thanks in part to the pandemic. The beaches are still closed but it was a perfect day (8/14/2020) to share with my good friend Max Bravo who had just returned home after 2 wks in Minneapolis where he told me the sites of the riots were burned all the way down. I hadn’t had fish n chips in a few years and it’s something I’ve been craving since it got warm.

We arrived at 11 AM and it was the perfect day. My boss had granted me the day off and this was much needed. Max had Baja Fish Tacos.

A nice margarita on a weather perfect day. There was a 2 hour limit on seating but our waitress was sweet enough to let us stay a bit longer. Max kept her entertained with his magic card tricks. My intent was to do another nice long bike trip but I was having too much of a good time.

The cook outdid himself and this was some of the best fish n chips I’ve had in ages. Much better than the last time I ordered the entree here.

The geese kept us entertained as well and it was quite a sight to witness them march in a line.

We then met at Tac Quick for a couple of drinks. I had just been there the night before but its so close to home and hard to resist the patio on such a day. Max took and Uber and I went by bike and was there 10 minutes before him.

My boss I cannot thank enough for giving me this day. And Max thanks for sharing it w/me by also taking a day off work.

8/19/2020 Hump Day Harvest: So far from 2020 peppers crop. Much more success than 2019

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