Strange eyes fill strange rooms. Voices will signal their tired end. The hostess is grinning. Her guests sleep from sinning. Hear me talk of sin. And you know this is it.

Its been an interesting couple of weeks. I plotted and executed plans for this summers Rock N Roll BBQ. I began biking to Evanston when the weather and my time permits and over the most recent weAkend I discovered a great Mexican Restaurant called Taco Diablo 1026 Davis St, Evanston, IL which has some decor that suits my tastes just fine.

After the podcast on the 14th Ashley came by for a visit and it was really great seeing her again. I ordered Enchiladas from El Palmar 1008 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL

I ordered some custom flasks from Jason Meudt of Laser Engrave Art and he included some goodies for me in the package.

This past Sunday Greg Miner stopped by to do the podcast while Cassie shot us with 3 cameras this time. Ellenita sat in and observed as I will be trying her out in a couple of weeks as a co host. I REALLY miss Yvette and all that she brought to the show.

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