Now, she’s fast, she’s bad and she’s Italian, she makes 100 miles per hour, oh yeah As we cross the city lights, she takes me higher, she’s the hottest one i’ve ever had, she’s just like fire She rocks around the clock, her motor never stops, till the sun comes up yeah Her engine cries all night with passion and desire, so you turn her on and refuel her with fire She’s got me in a trance, and i’m just getting higher

I haven’t posted any thoughts or adventures as of late because there’s been a lack of. Everything baout this year 2020 sucks more than anytime I ever care to live. Right when there easing up was upon us in Chicago the riots and looting and arson and criminal activity erupted with not one word from our fucking mayor about social distancing. I’ve stayed inside for 3 fucking months for what? People have lost jobs, businesses will never open again and nobody seems to care but rioting is just fucking fine. Its not the cute word the far left wants us to use like “unrest” it’s CRIMINAL! But no. they get a pass with no fear of consequence.

I started to feel normal Saturday when I biked up to BBQ w/ Max Bravo and Sunday Emily Sifrit came to do the podcast. We dines at Tac Quick the first time I’ve dined out since March 15 at El Mariachi. So I’m slowly reentering society even though the office isn’t opening till at least August. I intened to bike to Evanston and further every night after work.


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