Liberte, egalite, au jour d’hui see’est tres tres tres. Voici l’opportunite nous incroyables. I got the moves they got the grooves. Summoned the gods and they all approved.

Saturday the weather warmed up a bit and I took a bike ride up to Edgewater around noon. My first stop was Edgewater Produce 5515 N Clark St, Chicago a very well organized grocery store offering fresh fruit, vegetables & meat plus an extensive selection of Mexican food. I picked up 4 varieties of huge peppers that I intend to stuff with crabmeat and cream cheese this weekend when Dan and Brad arrive Friday evening.

From there I, on the advice of my landlady Syble ventured a little further north to the Gethsemane Garden Center 5739 N Clark St, Chicago a sprawling, upmarket garden center & greenhouse offering plants, flowers, gifts & outdoor furniture. There were 3 different lines for 3 different sections of this massive garden center. Being it was a day before Mothers Day the line for the flower section stretched about a block and a half. I was there to pick up vegetable plants so my wait to get in was only about 5 min. They controlled how many people were in the store and everyone practiced social distancing. I picked up 7 plants of 4 different varieties and then put them into the box I had strapped to the back of my bike. Everyone at the store was wonderful. I’ll certainly be going back soon.

When I was done there I biked a little further northeast and stopped to have a drink with and visit Max Bravo. I wasn’t in a drinking mood but we caught up for about an hour and he also gave me some tamales to take home. I can’t wait to eat them. I had one more stop to make at the Andersonville Jewel. Its much different from Jungle Jewel or the Edgewater Jewel and was also VERY crowded. I bought some fresh fruit and made my way home.

I was still nursing the bottle of Smirnoff I purchased Friday night and there was still some leftover to share with Cassie when she came to meet up with Yvette and I do do a full blown podcast. 3 cameras etc. It was a really good show with 3 videos by my old Polish friend Peter Guellard. As the show was uploading I walked to Walgreens to pick up a small bottle of Smirnoff and Cassie ordered a HUGE vegan pizza which was surprisingly good. While at Walgreens I was finally able to pick up single use masks which were pricey but now a requirement in Chicago.

Monday morning I slept till about 730A and was feeling a little wear and tear. I walked into the living room and saw an empty bottle of Smirnoff on the floor. That’s is a first. Cassie got home around 11P and we had been hanging out and talking for hours the night before. My cats were on their morning ritual with the big one screaming at me everyday when I don’t get out of bed to give her wet food when she demands it. I turned on my work computer and saw all of the emails with resumes I’d have to get on. I was dragging and my voice was shot. Between seeing Max Saturday and Cassie and Yvette on Sunday I had talked more in two days than I had in 2 weeks since March 15th. All in all it was a very productive day and I have a full calendar till Dawn and Brad arrive Friday.

The Blue Angels flyby Tuesday 5/12/2020

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