4/19/2020: I am a wolf, a wild cur. Cut from the pack, with blood on my fur. Every howl marks a debt Cause a beaten dog, never forgets.

Another mundane weekend but we did manage to knock out another podcast with Yvette making the trek into the city.

My big event was Saturday talking a nice stroll through Buena Park up to Jungle Jewel to pick up some burgers (box of 6 1/3 lb sirloins) some sides and bread to BBQ for Yvette on Sunday. I hate that damned store but this time instead of self checkout I went through a line with an actual cashier. Since I brought my own bag I stuffed them myself which I normally do anyway. I was in no hurry and took my time. I noticed that the streets once littered with Cheetos bags are now littered with disposable rubber gloves.

When I unpacked I made another trip to Alta Vista and then to Walgreens for some ice. I came home made a drink and began scripting the next days podcast with Yvette and Ilker. Once that was done it was time for my evening ritual of watching AHS 1984 and Boardwalk Empire while intermittently watching YouTube clips. I got stuck on the show Yvette and I did with Ania back on the 15th of March the day before everything as we know it went to pandemic hell. I had fun watching and shared it with some friends from around the globe who may not have seen it.

My face mask delivery detained

Yvette arrived just before 12 noon and we had a quick meeting. It had already been a long day for me and I was worn out as I set up the video camera and set the levels to make the call to Ilker in Baltimore. It was a good show with a really great flow. Not long after Yvette left from doing the show I had finished uploading all of the files to send to Cassie for the YouTube edit, which is a pain in the ass and I really miss her working directly on the show. I looked outside and notice people lined up and down both sides of my street about 6 ft apart. It was freaky and initially reminded me of the scenes from John Carpenters Prince of Darkness where a growing group of homeless people gather at the edges of the church (led by Alice Cooper). I took a few shots and when I realized they all had card I figured it was a line for a food bank and though it was Lakeview Pantrys new COPVID-19 location at Wrigley Field. The next day I learned I was wrong.

From Uptown Update:

The Greater Chicago Food Depository and St. Mary of the Lake (4200 North Sheridan) are teaming up to provide some emergency food relief to families who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Beginning today, and each Sunday as long as the pandemic lasts, a 30-pound box of food will be distributed to each person or family who needs it, beginning at 3pm.

There is a very long line of people that has formed along both sides of Kenmore.

St. Mary has provided videos in both Spanish and English to explain how the process works.

Social distancing and wearing a mask are important, and it is asked that each family send only one person (one who is able to handle a 30-pound box of food by him/herself) to stand in line.

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