Закрой свой гребаный рот, ты просто чертовски плотный Если ты ненавидишь меня, почему ты говоришь? Ты не имеешь никакого смысла Получил грустную жизнь, грустную жизнь, иди в гребаный ад Ты тупой или инвалид, я не могу сказать, черт возьми

The first person who saw me when I walked out the back door said “You look like, you look like KISS.” I didn’t but I wanted to say with muffled breath, “I haven’t ever heard that before.”

It’s Thursday and another really rough week is behind me. After I learned my father passed and that none of the family can get together for a memorial for months I spend days talking with old friends and family members from afar. Our fathers wife Pamela had him cremated and there are plans for a memorial but that’s way off. As of now its looking like this quarantine is going into may and maybe longer. Festivals all around the world are being cancelled as our the precious street/neighborhood fests of Chicago. I was unable to work Wed-Fri as there was just too much to deal with. That doesn’t prevent some people from being heartless as it doesn’t affect them. My co workers understand.

Sunday we tried to do a show but my performance failed miserably. I wasn’t in the mood and to top things off the fact that I had bought food to BBQ and fix for Yvette and Mark and that a water pipe in my building burst, the water was shut off all afternoon and I was unable to wash dishes. Ilker and Yvette will return this weekend and we have some things to discuss and some cool music to share.

I still hadn’t had any good sleep and my diet has been shitty as I’m getting zero exercise and am eating frozen/processed foods loaded with sodium. I always say I eat better during the week when I’m working and commuting than I do when I’m home. I’ve decided that starting tonight I’m going to walk up into Uptown and back each night after work and on weekends. I’m gaining wait faster than I ever thought I could. 6 weeks into this lockdown.

Monday before I started work I had to walk down and get money orders to pay my taxes. Even though they’ve pushed the deadline back 90 days I just wanted to get it done. I have no idea what’s going on with the USPS but it’s always been more than lousy in my Zip Code which is why I don’t get most mail here. I’ve fought with the Post Office for years and they just fuck with my service after I complain.

I didn’t get a good night of sleep since the night before I heard that my father lost his fight with cancer. Last Tuesday night something didn’t feel right and neither me or my youngest brother could sleep so we were on the phone long after midnight. I hadn’t had trouble with sleep in over a month. This past Monday not even double dosing my sleep meds could help. Even though I was exhausted and had been for days. On Tuesday after a video conference with work a co worker Rebecca checked in with me about my father. It was nice that someone outside of the circle cared. That night I got the very best night of sleep that I’ve had in years. I woke up in the same position as I had laid down as. With my fat cat sleeping on my feet as she does most every night I even had pleasant dreams, The next day I was well rested and had an overwhelming workload and billed 9 hours and I’m doing the same today.

But that doesn’t keep those out to get me at bay. Oh no no ……

So my Soundcloud, Facebook, and website had all been attempted to be infiltrated in the days since my fathers death as if things couldn’t get worse. As I said some people are heartless. There’s this one “person” had commented on a pic I posted of Al Jourgensen mooning the camera backstage on the FILTH PIG Tour in 1996 when I initially began working with the band. She then proceeded to to through over 3,378 of my Instagram posts and reported them for “nudity”. Oh how the most moral people voice so loudly, and then I received a late night email from this person to an email address I haven’t used in years, taunting me.

I reported and flagged “nudity”. Cannot allowed on Instagram.
Please allow the nude buttock pics on Twitter only may contain “sensitive media”

The pic she originally commented on before reporting my images

Well we tracked her down and she’s supposedly 34 years old and lives in Sanford FL and seems obsessed with MINISTRY has she has hundreds of MINISTRY pix from Europe as well as shows where I’ve been over the past 25 yrs. She’s also into Disney, NBC, The Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Anime condom ads, Hustler cartoons and the Playboy Bunny logo.

The Stalkers profile on flickr
She went as far back as 8/22/2018 reporting cartoon images

So as of today that’s where things stand. I got GREAT news that Cassie is returning to her home and her puppy Pony and the show we do on Sunday should be on YouTube early next week.

For those of you who shared kind words, continue to check in and have been patient, thank you and much love. To the others… well you know.

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