No fun to be alone. No fun to be alone. Now hang on, don’t you let me go. No fun to be alone. I said to be alone. I said to be alone. No fun.

Here I am “staying at home” as the Mayor and the Governor have demanded. I’m working but am stir crazy and have had no person to person contact since Sunday March 15 and then I was sick for about 10 days.

I left my block 3 x only in the last 3 weeks and there is no shortage of crazies on the CTA. Last week went to get my Rx refilled and the car I got onto people were abiding by the 6 ft “social distancing” rules. Except for a couple of black dudes blasting music while sitting across from each other shared a bottle of malt liquor with each other as a case of beer sat at their feet and the lit of a cigarette and began sharing that as well. One of the two ladies across from me exclaimed “AHH HAIL NO THEY SMOKING!” They got off at Belmont and onto the car in front of the car we were on. From that car I saw an older wild haired white guy naked from the waist down with his shirt unbuttoned dragging a wheel chair that held a garbage bag of clothes in it. I took the stairs down and thought about telling the two female CTA security who were also not practicing “social distancing” that he’d be coming off of the elevator. I decided against it figuring they’d see soon enough. I picked up my Rx at Wal Mart and walked back up to the CTA station where I saw his wheelchair out on the sidewalk with the bag of clothes still on the seat and no sign of the guy. I assumed he’d been arrested.

I left my block 2 other times and once was to do laundry and the second to pick up my tax returns from my mailbox which my new CPA had mailed to me.

Today is the first time I’ve been in a good mood in 3 wks and its partly due to the weather. Its almost noon and 69 degrees and my windows are open and the cats are outside on the porch. The last 2 weekends I’ve felt lethargic and uninspired. Overall depressed. This is not the time of year I like to be inside binge watching shows. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and am very depressed about it. Yesterday I cleaned my house dusting, sweeping the floors etc. I just haven’t had the energy to do it till now.

I want to ride my bike when I’m not working but cannot because of the people who wouldn’t heed the Mayors warning 2 weeks ago when it was last warm outside.

from WGN News

Chicago police ready to step up social distancing enforcement during warmer weather

The warmest day of the year is causing fears of a COVID-19 setback.

After a very dreary March, the warm temperatures Tuesday are likely to get people excited about going outside. But, city leaders are urging people to stay at home.

It’s been nearly two weeks now since Chicago shut down public spaces — like the lakefront, 606 trail, and parks — in an effort to keep people from congregating and spreading coronavirus.

So far in Illinois, there are 12,262 confirmed cases of the virus. Chicago alone accounts for more than 5,000 of those cases. The state provided a breakdown of the number of COVID-19 cases by zipcode, the greatest concentration coming from the north and south sides of Chicago.

The stay-at-home order aims to curb the number of new cases, and Chicago police said they will be out enforcing that.

Since the end of March, police officers have broken up more than 1500 groups in the city. They’ve issued several citations and made three arrests after people violated those orders.

At the daily briefing Monday, public health officials reminded people to stay home.

“Well we’re going to keep stepping up our enforcement efforts, and by and large people have been complying but we know that the parks continue to be an attraction. I want to be clear, people are not going out, and we want people to stay home, the issue is congregating, and that’s what we can’t tolerate,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.

In Illinois, 307 people have died as a result of COVID-19. 1/3 of those deaths have been residents of Chicago.

Maybe I’ll take a bike ride up to Aldi and Target later. I need something to break the monotony. Yvette and I plan to do a podcast tonight at 7 so I have a break in my after work day to possibly due so. Its straight up Kenmore.

Quote from an MK ULTRA Magazine interview with Kim Fowley 2002

What is your comment on organized religion?

“Yvette Lera should be the Pope of it We need Yvettte as the sexual female Jesus because if we worshiped her kind it would make more sense who may have been a god 2000 years ago. All the gods that are current are about 2000 years old and we normally use that to fill the void, so we must worship it. We need to worship Yvette Lera.”
– Kim Fowley

Sunday we’re planning on Yvette coming here and doing a show live with Ilker Yücel of ReGen Magazine who has been a big supporter of the show and we’re playing two of his songs that I’ve uploaded to the RodeCaster early this morning.

As soon as this shit is over and life can kinda get back to normal we’re having Joy Thieves on as previously planned and then I’ll get Medavon and Baldii from Lockjaw after. back to normal as if that might ever be possible.

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