Yeah, sugar sweet brainiac on your neck. Get in to tomorrow, man, I gotta reflect. A blue world, green girl up the street. Gotta wake her up ’cause I don’t want to dream. Blacken the sun. What have I done? I feel so bad, I feel so numb.

The living room has been updated and is a little more brighter than it used to be before the 12 yr old bleached out heavy curtains were replaced. I washed the old panels and am debating on putting them in the dining room/podcast studio.

Above is a frame from the music video Max Bravo and I were extras in for First Jason’s new single “Voorhees is the Name”

lyrics to the Revolting Cocks 2010 song “Dykes” which I played at the end of the latest podcast

My friends and I have a little secret I’ gonna share with you.
Free of charge.

If you’re thinkin about coming to Texas
You probably think you’re gonna see
yourself some rollin desert hills
cowboys, rodeos
We got that
But there’s somethin else we got
And here’s a little song about it

Box cut
Golden tooth
Box cut

Did you know at your Quinceanera
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke
Who was the first one that you told?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke

Did you discover in college?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke
Is your box of toys your best friend?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke

Everybody loves a dyke

Box cut
Inked Arm
Box cut
Brown ring

 After 2 wks of having not left my block Saturday I ventured out to Lincoln Park to check my mail and got to Wal Mart Neighborhood Market. I swear I was in line longer than I was shopping because I didn’t want to use teh self service kiosks which also had long lines. The whole neighborhood retail businesses were desolate and store fronts that weren’t boarded up were empty to discourage looting. Nonetheless it was nice to go somewhere other than Walgreen’s and Alta Vista. When I got home I made lunch and a drink and flip flopped between new episodes of Ozark and my brothers suggestion HBO’s Boardwalk Empire which I really enjoy.

Sunday I had a noon podcast to prep for and then took a call in from Shushie Custer an old friend from 1989 and we reminisced about our days of working at a Lesbian Bar, Summit Station where I was a DJ and she bartender. It ended up being a huge hit w/ the old regulars who are scattered across the country and connected by social media. It was such a fun and simpler life back in those days.
I left after I uploaded the show to do  laundry. The laundromat was a bit more busy than I had hoped and I swear just like every time someone has to do their load right next to mine. This place must have 50 or so washers and maybe 75 dryers and even with the 6 ft social distance recommendation for the country there are people that just do not heed the warnings.
I called Cassie and we caught up and I updated her on the stresses and drama I’m currently enduring. I also commended her for being able to piece together the last show we did for YouTube which she wasn’t available to film but by luck the new video camera had arrived Brian Stoneman ran it with a single view. I sent the audio and video files along with pic and 3 music videos and even with her extremely slow internet service finally after 2 weeks the show was live on YouTube. The internet service at her families farm way out in the country is so weak that it took over 2 days just to download the video file. Her brother would use the local library internet for schoolwork but now even the libraries are shut down till further notice. 
On my way back from the library I walked to McDonald’s in Uptown at a corner I normally avoid. I saw a shooting there one morning around 10 AM some years back. I was craving the Daily Double sandwich which happens to be my fave and they only have it for a limited time occasionally. As I was riding the train home I got a message that ReGen Mag had posted a review of the show that Cassie had just put up. It was a killer review mostly about my new co host Yvette Lera. I got in the house ate a Daily Double with a glass of milk and shared the killer review. As I made a drink later to sit down and flip flop the same shows till bed time I saw the hits increasing of the Lesbo A Go Go MKULTRASOUND episode and enjoyed reading the girls commenting about it on Facebook. 

Lynn Miller ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lynn Miller Omg…wow…Nancy Lee..Michael and Paula..Charlie Reed…Jean and Mo…Petie Brown…and omg….forgot about the bounced checks on the mirrors…thanks Karen Blazer for not putting mine up there!!!! 🤣🤣
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer….the Trolls….Dawn and Jackie!!
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer omg…those were the dayz!!!!
Shushie Custer Lynn Miller help me get this podcast to Laurel and Sherie!! Alex and I are going to do at least 2 more!! We have so much more to share!!
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer I will share it and tag Laurel Patrick…
Shushie Custer Lynn Miller Thanks honey!! 😘
Lynn Miller Forever a big part of my life as well Alex Zander!! ❤❤❤
Laurel Patrick Holy hell was it good to hear Alex and Shush’s voices. What a trip down memory lane! I blew the closet doors off the hinges in 89. I was 19. Born and raised in Jack’s! Some of the best friends I ever had ❤
Lynn Miller Laurel Patrick GOOD TIMES!!!
Laurel Patrick Oh my god! That’s awesome! Damn we had some fun!
Laurel Patrick The photos I have lolol!!
Lynn Miller Laurel Patrick Right???? The best days of my life!!!
Laurel Patrick Lynn Miller Absolutely!

 Today I’m back to work and hopefully tomorrow my Rx’s will be refilled and I can go back out of Lincoln Park again and at least get off this block again. Its starting to sound like we’re still on quarantine orders till May 1. I’m starving for some company. Of all the times to be single. 

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