“I am Rumour. It is a blessed condition, believe me. To be whispered about in street corners. To live in other peoples dreams. But not to have to be. Do you understand?” -Deutsch Nepal: Gouge Free Market

Saturday February 22nd I made the trek out to the far south burbs to hang with one of the very best peeps I know Dave Ganz along with his daughter Ava and we’d later be joined by fellow Homer Glenn Hooligans  Bryant Bohne and Brian Czahor for an evening of chicken wings chips and alcohol at Dave’s spread out it Lockport. It was a day out of the city that I needed but I’d have to leave very early to get back home and prepare for the Sunday podcast, which turned out to be a huge fail. 

I got on the Metra and got a message early from Ty that she hurt herself and was not going to make the show to promote her own band. I was pissed and I should have cancelled it then and there. But I still made a failed attempt to do a show with 2/3rd’s of the band and it was a miserable hour complete with technical difficulties and not even Cassie attempt at an edit could save it. We ended up with about 22 minutes of material that made no sense. When everyone left the house I started carrying boxes out the back stairs 3 flights up and down to the trash dumpsters and threw my back out. Note a very smooth end to what should have been a very nice mellow weekend. 

To cap it off someone twisted my words of dismay that Ty was a no show and I’m going to have to do some damage control when the dust settles. Once again my failure to see that most people aren’t as dedicated to their craft as I am backfired. I just can’t seem to learn that I expect way too much from most of those who make up the human race. None of this is very well in a scene is made up of people that tend to hold grudges longer than anything I’ve seen in all my years of working in the entertainment world. This is a friendship worth a little extra effort on my part to salvage. 

After I transferred from the Metra to the Blue Line and then transferred to the Red Line to come home that Sunday morning in a rush to get home in time for the podcast the young black male sitting next to me on the train fell over and fell asleep on my lap. Welcome home Alex!

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2/3rds of PINK STINK RAILS Danny and Mike

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