Absolution and a frozen room are dreams of men below. I try to grab it but the touch is hot. The mirrors collapses, but the image can not. I’m scared of darkness in a light. I scare myself cause I know I’m right. I see the evil in you’re savage eye as it cuts right through the sky.

It’s been a running inside joke within the MK ULTRA family that your fearless leader really doesn’t go “out” much anymore. I cherish sleep and work and I’ve been sleeping great overall mostly for 2020. The last time I really went “out” was back in mid December when I met up with friends to go to Bradley and hang out at the hotel and the Looney Bin and also Buffalo Wild Wings. I stayed in New Years Eve and I don’t consider working the MORTIIS show was going “out” especially since it was work and I wasn’t drinking. Feb 1st I went to the Lunar New Year parade and an early dinner with Stacy Washack but as far as extracurricular activities outside of my office gig and MK ULTRA work my social life has been non existent.

That all changed when I went out around 9PM last Saturday night to attend two events. First up was PINK STINK RAILS at the LIVE WIRE LOUNGE where I haven’t been since 2016 and where I used to host a good bit of live shows. I met up with Angela Denk who was instructed to take a picture to prove that I was actually there at the request of our Exec Producer Too Dark Mark Williams. I hung out with Ty, Danny and Mike who make up the band and got to meet a loyal listener of the podcast Chris Noor. I had a very brief moment with the owner Dave Hornyak a good friend who goes back to the late 90’s as he had a Machine Head after show party to perform at and I enjoyed a refreshingly tight and very good set from my friends in PST. I had 2 double Jamo shots on the rocks at only $12 each. I was stunned because I have been out in the burbs at shows or maybe having a drink on Chicago’s more expensive north side for so long that I’m used to paying almost 2x that. My last double of the more affordable Jim Beam at the Arcada Theater for LA GUNS last November was $18.

Angela Denk ad Ty Coon at Live Wire Lounge

Angela Denk at Live Wire Lounge

PINK STINK RAILS featuring Danny Lee Hill, Ty Coon and Michael Szymanski

Phyllis’ Musical Inn – 1800 W Division St, Chicago

Lisa Lightning and Rich Xperience

As soon as the set ended Angela and I walked outside and I ordered an Uber to take me to Wicker Park to attend another show at Phyllis’ Musical Inn where I haven’t been since seeing Pete Berwick play there when I was still on a cane also in 2016. It was for my good friend also from the late 90’s Rich Experience’s 50th B-Day Bash pt2! to commemorate his 51st birthday. The atmosphere was festive from the minute I walked in and it didn’t take too long for me to accept the fact that I wasn’t heading home at midnight. The doubles were $9 and I started running into familiar faces the likes of Willie Zesto and the owner Clem Jaskot and made new friends with a couple of ladies who were enjoying the performances by my friends. There were girls running around in masks, a trampoline which was part of the show but the attendees had fun jumping on. Lisa Lightning and Rich Xeprience played an eclectic set of experimental music and Rich did his solo thing and then the infamous Pommel Horse demonstration. There were laser lights and all kinds of colors in the air, it was just what I needed. The grand finale was when the Tamale Guy arrived and a lady was kind enough to flag him down and I bought $24 worth of Tamales which I a still eating almost a week later. I took a taxi home and crashed around 230AM. The alarm was already set and my coffee pot was ready for me to wake up and get ready for another podcast.

The Tamale Man Arrived

The first to arrive was Ashley who is also friends with one of the weeks guest Fabian Arroyo and I realized quickly that it wasn’t going to be a typical podcast atmosphere. There’s always a different energy when Ashley is around and the last time she was here it was the day Arie Lehman the “First Jason” did the show. Emily arrived freshly returned from her stint at New York Fashion Week and Fabian showed up and finally Cassie. When we wrapped the show everyone but Cassie hung out for a bit before the 4 of us went to dinner at El Palmar.

The only downside to the weekend was the fact that the cold air and my lack of layers opened me up for a bad cough and loss of my voice on Monday. I had a really rough sore throat. But other than that I could not have picked a better night to go “out” on the town.

Saturday morning I’m on a train headed out to meet some of my metal friends, all married with children for a little get together at Dave Ganz home in Lockport and then I’m back on a train to the city on Sunday to get to work on another podcast.

Feb 28th its Pete Berwicks Johnny Cash tribute band at Carols and a vist from Acid Casualty’s Michael Martin.

After the podcast at El Palmar with Ashley, Emily and Fabian

It’s not set in stone, but we’re hearing that Thursday is the planned soft opening for Lucy’s Uptown at Wilson and Broadway.

You can see its namesake on a new sign on the Wilson side of the McJunkin Building, which was installed on Friday.

On its Instagram page, Lucy’s says, “Signs coming up, interior 99% completed, hiring is in progress. Lucy’s will open next week so long as everything goes mostly to plan! 💕 We can’t wait to serve Uptown the most amazing vibes and fried chicken sammies.”

As I work from home today the background music is one of my favorite compilation CD’s from Cold Meat Industry “…And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth and Tongue Wherever Shelter Was Given”.

Apologizing: Doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your friendship more than your ego. (thanks to Fabian for the quote)

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