Nine million rainy days have swept across my eyes thinking of you. And this room becomes a shrine thinking of you. And the way you are sends the shivers to my head. You’re gonna fall, you’re gonna fall down dead. As far as I can tell I’m being dragged from here to hell. All my time in hell is spent with you.

While having lunch with Stacy Saturday at Viet Pho after the parade she told me all about the Polar Pop Girls in Kankakee Girls. Nick Huffman fully explained what the PPG are the next day on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast. You can hear about it at the link below.

While there is no extensive study of prostitution in the Kankakee area, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation has published a number of studies about women and men in the sex trade — the prostitutes, the pimps who profit and the johns who purchase sex. 

In reports, the group notes that the majority of the law enforcement and the media focus on the supply side of prostitution, rather than the demand. It concludes: “The equation is simple: If we want to eliminate supply, we must first eliminate demand.”

The annual Argyle Lunar New Year Parade is a decades-old Uptown tradition celebrating the start of the new Lunar Year.  Join them as they kick off the YEAR OF THE RAT with music, colorful lion dances, live entertainment, and our community parade which kicked off at Argyle & Winthrop

Stacy arrived at Casa Diablo at 11 AM the morning of the parade and we stopped into Tac Quick for a cocktail before getting on the train. I ordered a Dirty Martini and she a Bacardi and Coke. Both drinks we prepared very strong and I assume that was because of me. It was the first drink I’d had since Sunday Jan 5 which was the very end of the holiday which is usually not the easiest time of year for me to get through. Stacy isn’t a drinker and she said her one drink was the equivalent of four for her. 

It was sunny and not too cold out when we arrived but the clouds rolled in right around 1PM and the temp dropped about 10 degrees. It was the first sunny day in 2 weeks for Chicago. A big deal here and made all the news. A lot of people took our pictures and she dwarfed the Asian’s in attendance since she stands at 6 ft.We had a fun time and then went to Viet Pho for a really nice lunch. 

Tuesday night after work my co workers all got together for dinner at Shallots in Skokie which was chosen by the firms owners since they are Jewish. It was extremely delicious and all of us went home stuffed. They also had some of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted.

Located in Village Crossing 7016 Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL

Shallots Bistro is a full service restaurant featuring elaborate lunch, dinner, and drink menus. Ranging from sushi and sandwiches to gourmet steaks, Shallots takes pride in being 100% Kosher and under the supervision of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc).

Shallots Bistro’s succulent steaks are a prime example of timeless Bistro fare. Ranging from the classical, served with pommes frites and a red wine reduction, to the modern blackened and Patron marinated. Our lunch and bar menu features more traditional American fare, such as various burgers, wings, tenders, and wraps, while all soups and salads are house made. Making sure every dining experience ends on a warm note, we bake our signature ‘Black Hat’ molten chocolate cake just for you.

With an expansive dining room, amply-sized bar, and private dining areas, Shallots Bistro can accommodate nearly any size party. For the ultimate in-house dining experience, ask about our private Chef’s Table, an intimate experience featuring cuisine that is up to you entirely. Additionally, we offer off-site catering options that can be customized to your exact needs, whenever and wherever you’d like. The restaurant is yours to explore and indulge in, the chefs are there to quench your personalized cravings, and the staff is there to make your meal an experience to remember.

Shallots Bistro is not just Chicagoland’s premier Kosher restaurant, but rather, it’s a great restaurant that just so happens to be Kosher.

Friday night I’ll be seeing Birds of Prey with Max Bravo after work. My first blockbuster of teh year. I’m also looking forward to the James Bond and Black Widow opening this year. I kinda lucked out working so close to such a nice and new theater. 

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back to my favorite honky tonk and a favorite hangout Carols which reopened under new management last year. Pete Berwick’s new Johnny Cash tribute is performing so we will be there for certain. I haven’t seen him since 2016.

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