She rides, let loose upon the world. She is the night and my loneliness in bondage. She’s black and sin runs down her back. She rides from the daylight in chains. She rides the night.

She slides down inside your skin. In time she will make you scream. She’s death in a cool black dress. She rides in the night of your mind. She rides the night.

My rock n roll sister from New Hampshire has SHE RIDES tattooed on the backs of her thighs.

I listen to your show. Your friend had a lot of insight one thing I will say is that the only reason there is so much division is only because the left wing media is causing it. Once they get even a moderate demo that walks in step with the dnc . The media will go back to more calming levels. The country is doing great right now but somehow the media spins a chaotic narrative, to demonize the current affairs of today. Even though it couldn’t be better. I agree with your friend I will always vote with my wallet also. And 2024 watch out for the beautiful black right winger Candace Owens, to hit the country like a bomb and get elected!

– Chris Noor

Tomorrow Cassie and I are doing the MKULTRASOUND PodCast on location at Reggies with MORTIIS. I’m going to do my best to get it uploaded immediately afterwards before the show. The last I saw him in person was when he played with DANZIG during the Blackest of the Black Tour. I hosted an after show party with the band that night at NEO. I had done a few record release parties for his projects before that and MK ULTRA ran a few interviews with him going back to 1995.

My first interview with MORTIIS was in late 1995 when we ran operations out of Indianapolis. He called from his home at the time in Sweden and as we were talking I thought I heard KISS playing in the background. I was correct and he told me he was watching KISS Meets The Phantom and confessed he was a HUGE KISS fan. A couple of years later in Chicago Bob Hoeksema had made me 2 copies of the Houston 1977 KISS concert considered one of the best live visual recordings of the early years. I was able to give MORTIIS a copy and it was appreciated.

Needless to say I’ve enjoyed each “era” or MORTIIS and am looking forward to sharing MK’s new era via podcast with him and you the loyal followers.

Here’s an old pic of me and Mortiis Oct 2017 at the Expo of the Extreme his very first ever US concert performance. 


more live photos from Cassie coming later with additional details

Poster from the after show event that I hosted for the band and fans Oct 2005

My MORTIIS CD collection that goes all the way back to his earliest works


MORTIIS at Reggies Rock Club Chicago 1/25/2020 photos by Cassie Balazic for MK ULTRA MAGAZINE



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