I love living in the city. Spent my whole life in the city, where junk is king and the air smells shitty. People puking everywhere, piles of blood, scabs and hair. Bodies wasted in defeat. People dying on the streets. But suburban scumbags they don’t care. They just get fat and dye their hair. I love living in the city.

Ohh the joy of city life.

I woke up very well rested and happy that now it’s been 2 straight weeks in a row where I’ve had almost solid sleep of 8 hours or more. Its nothing less than a luxury for me. My cat Anny had bee perched on the foot board of my bed yelling at me for her morning dose of wet food. I went to the kitchen and took care of them and saw that I was out of coffee. Oh well I can make it till work. Not a big problem.


I left the house 10 min earlier than usual because I wanted to stop at Target in Evanston for some Gatorade. My first train 2 minutes after I arrived on the platform. So far so good. As we were 2 stops away from the Howard Station which is the end of the Red Line where I transfer to the Purple Line to get me to downtown Evanston the train stalled. There were only two other people on my car other than me. It was nice till the train stopped. The problem in the winter is that at the end of the Red Line they have a hard time waking up the sleeping homeless who just walk over and free transfer to the southbound trains and ride them all the way to the south side to 95th street. This morning there were two trains in front of the one I was on. I was standing for 20 minutes and 10 minutes of that was listening to the black lady sitting up in front of me singing about God talking to her. Over and over and over. Two Purple Line trains had passed us during the voyage north. When I finally got off at Howard the schedule read that the next Purple Line train would be 18 minutes, I said out loud, loudly FUCK! And I noticed the cute nurse I see every morning heard me. This meant 18 minutes of standing out in the cold and wind. More Red Line trains would drop off commuters as I waited. As the schedule read two minutes I saw the annoying homeless lady that is angry every time I see her about 10 years away from me pull her pants down and take a dump right there in front of people at the edge of the platform. As disgusted as I was I was happy not to be the commuters who were closer and came walking toward me in utter shock. The homeless lady then took a wad of paper towels and wiped her face before reaching down the back of her pants which she had pulled up after her deed and wiped her nasty ass. She then proceeded to toss the soiled paper towels onto the northbound tracks Gee I hate when people litter on city property.

By now it was too late to go to Target and I walked to the office where I had to urinate badly as I take a diuretic with my vitamins in the morning. Once I got to my desk I dropped my coat and before logging in went to the conference room to make my coffee. What would you know the Keurig at the office is broken.
Then my first duty was to start to call West Vagina for HVACR Techs to recruit for a big search that I’m on. I added 31 new resumes to the rollup of 54 I called the day before. 19 of those 31 were disconnected numbers. The one Moutnaineer that I did reach answered the phone “WHAT!?” I introduced myself and he yelled it again, “WHAT!?” and as I attempted to continue he yelled it again before I hung up. Yeah buddy go back to your meth. Of all of teh states that I’ve hunted resumes from on this search West Vagina is the one state where I’ve had to disqualify every contact for one reason or another. It was frustrating. Almost all of the numbers are disconnected. I was so aggravated and the second half of my day was working other states.

Alleged madame, 31, of Chicago ‘sex dungeon’ is charged with prostitution and financial crimes in 5 states and Washington D.C. – but she claims she was simply running a fetish business

I have nothing but great things to say about this international news maker. To be continued tomorrow

Jessica wearing my PRONG hoodie after RIOT FEST Sept 2013 she seemed a lot wiser and professional than most 24 yr olds I’d met in awhile

I saw this headline 2 days ago and recognized her. I was aware through a mutual friend I’ll refer to as K that the operation was raided a couple of years back. Little did I know it was big new just last September. Being a local new junkie I don’t know how I missed it.

Prosecutors want Chicago madam locked up for advertising her fetish business while awaiting trial CHICAGO TRIBUNE JAN 21, 2020

The ad posted last month on fetish classified site sexyjobs.com promised an extraordinary opportunity to work at a Chicago “members only” club
“The Premier Playhouse was designed for the kink friendly and has been providing legal fun for 10+ years,” the ad said. “We need charming classy individuals who love the spotlight and who can welcome curious newcomers and seasoned Kinksters to our incredible and luxurious 5 floor playhouse. Apply now!”

There was just one problem, according to federal prosecutors. The ad was posted by Jessica Nesbitt, a self-proclaimed Chicago madam awaiting trial on charges alleging she and several employees had sex with clients for money at risque parties.

Now prosecutors are asking U.S. District Judge Robert Dow Jr. to revoke.


Wednesday morning 1/22/2020 I was watching Fox 32 news before work and there she was and they showed her walking into court and she just oozed sexuality. But what does this matter you may ask, well let me rewind to RIOT FEST Sept 2013.



Motorhead was set to headline that Saturday night and I was on their guest list but they had to cancel due to Lemmy’s health and were replaced with DANZIG which was just fine with me and Tommy Victor put me on their guest list. The same night Joan Jett was also performing. I took a taxi over to Humboldt Park where the fest was held at the time ad traffic was a virtual nightmare. I was going to meet Brian Stoneman there that afternoon and he was also stuck in traffic. When I arrived and went to retrieve my VIP pass I leaned that I had to enter at the artists entrance and I had my backpack with my PRONG hoodie in it and not much else. I handed my bag to be checked and they informed me they weren’t permitted to check artists bags,, DAMN I could have taken booze in as opposed to paying the extremely high price per beverage inside. As I wandered about I ran into my fiery red head friend K and she was with a smartly dressed well mannered blonde named Jessica who I was introduced to as K’s boss. They also had VIP passes but the kind you had to pay for. I realized this day I would never attend another festival unless I and VIP. Come to think of it I’ve always only had VIP at fests. Brian finally met up with us and no matter how I tried I could not get him into the VIP beverage sales area which had long lines but not nearly as long as the lines there were for General Admission people. The 4 of us hung out and I was intrigued by this woman. She gave the impression she really had her shit together. I didn’t know till now that she was only 24. There aren’t many women at 24 these days that really have their shit together. I would find out a few hour later exactly what it was she had together.

Brian and I went to see Joan Jett and had to leave near the end of her set and run across the field to the main stage where I had VIP section access and had already introduced myself to security. I was able to sneak Brian in. K and Jessica opted to leave the VIP area and go into the crowd and act like teenagers. I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen K act that was and was surprised that Jessica joined in the charade. It wasn’t attractive. However I had garnished the attention of a small blonde rocker girl from California who stayed in my arms during the. As it turned out she was an escort Amor Hilton from LA and she actually was hired by a guy I know to join him after. It was strange. The show was great and I always love seeing DANZIG one of my all time favorite performers.

When the lil blonde walked off with my friend K and Jessica came back to us and offered to take us to their “place of employment” and then give us a ride back to the north side where I lived. So the four of us walked down Augusta to Ukrainian Village and entered a newly constructed 5 flat. It was a very high end dungeon the likes I’d never imagined. It was the home of Kink Extraordinaires and Jessica was the owner / madame. I’d also never imagined such a low key mild mannered well kept woman as a madam. She was a classy smart well mannered lady in every way. I was very taken with her. She let us make drinks at a bar and gave us the full tour right up to the rooftop jacuzzi. It goes without saying I was very impressed and more and more impressed with her.

It was becoming apparent that it seemed K and I were going to be together and Jessica put out all the signals that Brian could be with her. She gave us a ride to a bar in Lincoln Park called Tommy Knuckles which was short lived and at the time hardly had to spend any money there as the bartender at the time was a good friend. We hung out till last call and Brian ignored her advances. Dummy. It wasn’t the first time he’d do such a thing.

K continued to be a visitor at my BBQ’s and we hung out at a few shows and went to a Hot As a Mother dinner event at Heaven on 7 and I’d always ask about her boss and if she’d bring her along. She never did.


I little over a year ago K was in my neighborhood and we met up at a pub for a bite to eat. She told me that the “place of employment” Kink Extraordinaires had been raided and she was no longer in their employ. Jessica would go before teh judge and make worldwide news last Sept. This week she faced even more charges that you’ve read a portion of here.

All I can say about her is that I found her a fascinating person and an attractive and fun woman who had her shit together. I can’t say a bad thing about her. Meanwhile they want to put her away. The same city and county that a year ago gave Jussie Smollett a pass. There you have it and I wish Miss Nesbitt all the best and hope her lawyer can pull a miracle.


Months later when Brian and I discussed the evening he commented “Do you realize all of the women we were in the company of were sex workers?” Perfect analogy. – az

by whitesoxdave – Chicago White Sox blogger. Mayor of Scoop City.

I moved into the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago almost 6 years ago to the day on October 1st of 2013. Specifically I was on the 2300 block of Augusta Blvd.; the block between Western Ave. and Oakley St. It was cheap, quiet, a few blocks from the Wicker Park bars and provided easy access to interstate 290 when I was doing the reverse commute to Lisle for my first job out of college.

Though it was kinda boring, I grew to love it. Not a lot of homeless people, hardly any crime, yada yada. Oh, and since I was living with a HS friend I was also only paying $650 rent. It was perfect. Saved a lot of money up until I eventually bailed on it to move to Lincoln Park last month.

What I didn’t know is that my GODDAMN NEIGHBOR was running a massive brothel just a few blocks down from me. Now I’m not a hooker guy. Never picked one up in my life, never been to a rub n tug, never hit up Craigslist. So maybe I just was too naive to realize that this smoke show of a Madame was literally operating a few buildings down from me.

If I hadn’t moved to Lincoln Park last month and had she not gotten popped by feds, I have a sneaky feeling all of what I just said about me not being a hooker guy would have changed REAL fast. And when I said she was a smoke, I wasn’t lying.

That’s what I call service with a smile. Or more like a bunch of smiles I would like to service amirite?

I was conditioned to believe that all hookers look like the white trash you see on COPS, but apparently I was grossly mistaken. This is an all star team, the Dream Team, and the 1980s USA Men’s Hockey team all rolled into one. And if I had known about this place, I think I would have hypothetically emptied my bank account on Mistress Natasha Dior.

It’s a damn shame the coach got fired and the team broke up. It was a dynasty. Here’s to hoping a new dynasty pops up somewhere around DePaul sooner than later.



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