She’s terminal blue…Taking a ride with the pretty things tonight. You know it’s wrong but it feels so very right. Taking a ride with the pretty things tonight. You know it’s wrong but it feels so fuckin’ right.


Above are the designs for the banner and signs that were designed by Max Bravo a couple of weeks ago. On Feb 1 they will be printed by Storm Signs of Dyer IN. 

Also this week thanks to Cassie Balazic and Angela Denk the YouTube subscribers crossed 100 so I applied for a custom URL and it’ll make the channel easier to find thus increasing subscriptions. Who knew it’d be so damned hard to get our listeners to sign up.

I found a site online that sells rubber Quaaludes. The Dream Police.

We didn’t do a show last weekend and it was nice just to have some alone time and watch movies and eat. Saturday after I did laundry I finally ate brunch at 1220P and made the best sausage and biscuits I’ve ever managed, and I’ve been making it for years. Sadly I ate alone. It’s long overdue I start spending quality time with one woman. I’m making it a goal now that I have my life back in order…. for the most part. 

This Saturday early morning I’m headed to the Davis Theater to be an extra in a video shoot for Ari Lehman’s band FIRST JASON. The director wants us in metal gear so there I’ll be a 55 year old man in metal gear. It’s supposed to be very cold and the weather is forecast to be unfriendly. 

Ya know how people toss around “brother from another mother”? Well those of you that know me know that I’ve had one of those for a couple of decades now by the name of Greg Miner. Yesterday we had lunch at Bar Louie in Evanston. It was the first time I’d seen him since he picked me up from my colonoscopy in Dec 2016. Since then I had a couple personal struggle and he married a great Asian lady and moved to the quiet north shore of Forest Park. He’s really been there for me. Between him and Dale I don’t know how I would have made it through the latter half of the last decade. An hour was not nearly enough time to get fully caught up but he being the friend he is asked about me, my son and Dale. There’s so much more to catch up on and maybe we can get there when he comes on the podcast as he has a new record in the can which I’ll be listening to later today after I’m done running errands. 

(our server was very unfriendly, the place was pretty much dead for lunchtime and I had the worst Buffalo wings I’ve ever been served in a restaurant. It was my only bad experience at a Bar Louie. I wont return to this location)

Sometimes I ride the train to work or home and just start laughing out loud thinking of some of our adventures. Wild times you certainly couldn’t pull of today. Looking back at my life I’m really happy I got to enjoy the life that I did. But nothing comes without consequences that’s for sure, and I’ve paid the price in many ways and forms. But I’ve had a colorful and helluva ride.

Last night I posted this teaser on Facebook and Twitter

What’s up with the Asian girls and cocaine? Tune into Sunday’s MKULTRASOUND PodCast to learn what it’s all about.

It started out with a dream a friend had but I took that a step further as a test. The image below Dale posted and it got him banned from FB for 3 days. I posted it and got a notice in less than 30 seconds that it violates Facebooks community standards and then I got a message from Facebook with a suicide prevention hotline number. Amazing what violates “their” community standards. Urban types constantly post videos of violence and other criminal activity and it flies under their progressive radar. 

Wicker Park Checkers Opening Delayed Again

The fast food restaurant is now six months behind its scheduled July 2019 opening.

POLISH TRIANGLE — The highly-anticipated Wicker Park/West Town opening of Checkers has been delayed — again.

After months of delays, the fast food restaurant is now eyeing a late January opening, spokesperson Jennifer Hoch said on Monday.

In July of last year, Checkers initially announced a summertime at 1555 W. Division St. The restaurant would be attached to, and would share an address with, a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

While Popeyes eventually opened in the corner storefront facing the Division Street-Ashland Avenue intersection, the Ashland Avenue-facing Checkers remained closed throughout the fall and winter.

In December, Checkers announced a Dec. 27 opening. Then a Dec. 30 opening.

Hoch, the spokesperson for the company, did not have an explanation for why the late December timeline had been pushed into mid-January.

She did tell Block Club last month that “various factors” were to blame for the five-month lapse between July and December.

“The opening has been delayed due to various factors and the group is now putting the final touches for the grand opening,” Hoch said.

While Checkers is known for its double drive-thrus, the Wicker Park location will be walk-in only.

Luckily for me Emily of eKaye designs is guest hosting on this weAkends show and will bring me a pair of Big Buford’s to hold me over. We should also be able to take our first call in from Boston Bob and old friend of mine from the east coast. Maybe we’ll share the tale of the coolest bar fight either one of us had ever been in from 1997.

Its Thursday morning, I’m on my 6th cup of coffee and getting ready to go out and brave the cold.

Three very intense and surreal horror movies I’ve watched this week. Midsommer, Hereditary and Mother 

Last weekend’s storm destroyed parts of Chicago’s beaches, including the lakefront trail.

CHICAGO (WLS) — High lake levels and a series of storms have wiped out two beaches on Chicago’s Far North Side, forcing the city to restrict access to the public.

City officials said Rogers Beach and Howard Beach are no longer salvageable and will be replaced with rock.


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