All the hip young things trying to make a scene, living out forbidden dreams. Star spangled banner flutters in the sky. Time hustles those who wait to die. Oh, she’s a Dior girl, twisting round the world. Midnight crush boogie scene. Firm fixed expression, sensual, tender, smooth. Sexual panther, beautifully cool.

Stunning Sunrise Photo Shows ‘Devil Horns’ During Solar Eclipse
The sun, partially blocked by the moon, rises above the sea in Al Wakrah, Qatar, Dec. 26, 2019

Happy New Year Asa Akira!

I assume you can say I survived another Christmas holiday. This was the first I’d spend alone in years. Since both Christmas and New Year were right smack in the middle of the work week I stayed home, alone. New Years Eve Danny Lee Hill came by after my work day ended and we watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which marked the third time for me. I cooked my traditional dish pork, potatoes and sauerkraut which I learned from my grandparents in West Virginia, an annual tradition. I only learned recently that it was part superstition and part tradition, it’s like a Pennsylvania Dutch-style insurance policy for the new year. Pork’s on the menu because pigs root forward — the same direction most people hope to go in the new year. Conversely, serving chicken on New Year’s Day is unwise because chickens scratch backward — not a direction anyone wants to go.

On New Years Day I left around noon and met Max at Hansa Clipper where the drinks were poured strong. It took me awhile to get home and I started feeling a really bad head cold  sweep over me. It would result in what would turn out to be a hard start of the work week coupled with a worsening cold and unbearable insomnia that none of my narcotics could ease. But first I had to knock out a circus of a podcast that would feature Ari Lehman the first Jason.

Sunday Jan 5, 2019 with Ari Lehman, Ty Coon, Angela Denk, Alex Zander Ashley and Cassie Balazic

Ari Lehman and Angela Denk sat in on a fun filled podcast. We had a little audience and my dearest Ashley came and hung out and took a lot of pictures. Late Max Bravo stopped by and the show turned into a full blown circus and the day went very very long. I was already feeling sick and later insomnia would take hold for several nights. It makes work grueling when you’ve been up since before midnight. 

Ari is known for having played the first Jason Voorhees as a child in the Paramount horror film Friday the 13th. Lehman currently performs in a punk rock/heavy metal band, First Jason.

A native New Yorker, Ari Lehman grew up in Westport, CT,[1][4] where he trained in Classical Music and Jazz Piano. Lehman was presented with an All-State Award for Excellence in Jazz Piano and a scholarship to Berklee School of Music by jazz educator, Dr. Billy Taylor.[1][2]

Lehman heard about an audition being held in Westport for the movie, “Manny’s Orphans”, about a group of inner-city orphans who play soccer, directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Lehman snuck into the audition and landed the role of “Roger”. This role led to Lehman getting the call to play Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th from Sean S. Cunningham.”For his audition Lehman was asked one key question by the director, ‘Can you swim?’”

After the release of Friday the 13th, Lehman returned to New York City, where he enrolled at New York University and concentrated on Big Band Orchestration and Jazz Piano, “where he studied with the likes of Vladmir Shafranov”. Lehman’s career led him to become a keyboardist for artists of Reggae and African music of the time, with whom he toured throughout the US, Europe and West Africa, and recorded with at Tuff Gong Records and Interscope Records.

Lehman went on to form his own world rock and reggae band Ari Ben Moses Band, and gained acclaim[1] when, upon moving to Chicago in late 2002, he was contacted by horror fans who invited him to attend an East Coast horror convention.Lehman then created First Jason, a punk metal band specifically for horror fans, especially the fans of Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th.

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