The girl’s a deadly teaser, wants to do a private show. She’s got a hundred thousand fantasies, she wants the band to know. She likes to brush across my Levis, she likes to watch him grow.

My good friend Robert (Bob) Salisbury and Tulsi Gabbard Saturday night in NH



Some thoughts regarding the Tulsi rally in Southern NH this afternoon:
First and foremost she absolutely hit it out of the park with respect to connecting with the audience and pragmatic ideas. I would go so far to say she exceeded the high expectations I already had for her. In her opening statement she spoke to the need to having someone that can unify the divisions in this country. She referenced Abraham Lincoln in his “Divided House” speech; “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Both sides of the political spectrum can both agree we are as divided as we have ever been. I like many other Americans picked my side and have been short sighted on what I wanted the end game to be; make sure my guy whose policies are in lock step with my views wins at all costs. I’m alright with admitting this, because I truly believe that political tribalism has trumped making decisions on pragmatism/rational thought. I came to this flawed realization about myself after hearing Tulsi speak. She shared how when she was elected to Congress her extending an olive branch to all 435 members by having her mother make her famous macadamian toffee treats for everyone. We had a sample and it was great. She followed up with talking about the long standing problem of the Military Industrial Complex and war profiterring. One example was the nonsensical occupation in Afghanastan. As a country we spend over 4 billion dollars a month and none of the higher ups in the military can articulate why we are there. Crony capitalism within the health care industry was brought up. The insurance companies are crafting legislation and the pharma companies are paying big money to lobbyist firms to keep and gin up their margins. Of course this is not some big revelation, but I have complete confidence that if she was elected she would follow through on rooting out this corruption. Moreover, she is not proposing insane ideas like Single Payer. Basically if you like your private health coverage keep it and have a system for the poor/uninsured. Where do you get that money? Well stop funding bullshit like Afghanastan- theres half a Trillion dollars over 10 years. Go after the opioid companies that caused the epidemic we have. There’s at least another half trillion there. She did not get into the typical Democrat bullshit of class warfare, Billionaires are evil, and Trump is going to create the next apocalypse crap. Here’s a cool story from the event. Some obvious Trump hater in the crowd tried needling her on her “Present” vote regarding the impeachment. She stood her ground and position on this like a fuckin boss. She also explained her vote with surgical like precision speaking to the fact that this was politically motivated with a flawed process, exactly what the Founders were fearful of.

I could go on and on. If you want to dial me into the show tomorrow happy to do so. Bottom line is that Tulsi is a smart wonderful strong woman and she is a much bigger threat to the Left than Trump could ever be. I do believe she is going to have a strong showing in NH on February 11. Apparently she has a lot of support in SC according to a buddy of mine who lives there. I think she has a stronger grass roots movement than we thought and she has a strategy to make some headway. I predict if Trump wins re election she will be the Dem nominee in 2024 as they will have no choice to marginalize the Leftists who have hijacked the party.

Emily Sifrit and Heather Wagner


“There is enough material in the last one to psychoanalyze to last me a lifetime.”
– Dylan listener in Missouri

“So it took me this long to really sit down and listen to this: Alex Zander I love you and I miss you and so much of this completely broke my heart. Great podcast; everyone should take the time to hear this. Thank you for honoring Shaun here ❤ this is probably the best thing I’ve heard in his memory. I’m sorry to hear of your ordeal and I’m sorry for the feelings you were left with through this. With that being said, your words of wisdom may be some of my forever favorites: “We are great men. But sometimes you need to set aside being great men and stop to be a great friend.” Beautiful Alex ❤ beautiful!”

– Lydia Davis listener in Waupaca, Wisconsin

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