Drinkin’ my wine, makes me feel fine, gonna have me a holiday. Poor man’s party, rich man’s daughter, gettin’ hotter and hotter. She’s pushin’ way too hard, I don’t want any part of her way. Drinkin’ my wine, wastin’ my time, hidin’ out in my rented dream. Lookin’ for attention, a cover story mention in Life magazine.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on AmTrak on my way to Kankakee station then to my hotel in hopes of early check in, Then to Checkers for breakfast and then lunch / wings with Emily SifritDawn Wattles and my bday brother Brad Wattles. And later we convene at the Looney Bin for rock n roll and fun with Nick Huffman and other.


I finally have a window of time to update this page. Worked from home yesterday and I’ll be working from home for the balance of the week. This is the first Christmas in years I didn’t go out of town. This mid week holidays always screw up my body clock. I’m putting work in front of everything else so that after New Years I can get a fresh start. As far as I know Danny Lee Hill is coming New Years Eve. It should be a chill time. 

Right now I want to share some of the finer moments from the best birthday I’ve had since 2016 when a bunch of us including my brother and Bree gathered at Ranalli’s. It was also the fateful night I me Shelly and made a major mistake of a decision that I’d suffer for a couple of years that followed.


After working a long day from home on the my actual birthday Dec 12th I packed my bag and woke up at 530AM to take a train downtown to a bus to an AmTrak train that would take me to Kankakee where my Uber driver Todd Brack would pick me up at 920 AM.

When I arrived he  was waiting and would not charge me since it was my birthday. Already my day was going great. As we drove into Bradley we tossed around ideas about where to eat breakfast. One thing for sure is that I wanted Checkers/Rally’s and Todd never had it till this day. We went by my hotel where they let me check in 4.5 hrs early. BAM, another score. TI took my bags up to room 216 and went back down to Todd’s car and we went to Checkers. Burgers for breakfast for certain is one of my favorite things. Other than us it was dead inside. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they now served a triple Big Buford.

Checkers and Rally’s Triple Buford is listed in The Six Worst Fast-Food Burgers
Checkers’ Triple Buford is probably named for the first guy who had a triple bypass after eating this meat creature. With three beef patties, three slices of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ketchup, it packs 910 calories, 61g fat, 29g saturated fat, and 1,870mg sodium.
The Triple Buford at Checkers and Rally’s is a mountainous triple cheeseburger, loaded with three slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and a smattering of sauces, served on a toasted bun. The total calorie count for the Triple Buford is 890, though recent advertisements encourage adding additional patties, up to a total of nine. The real calorie count is as high as you’re willing to go.

After swinging by Meijer for me to get some liquor for my Jacuzzi suite (1 fifth of silver tequila and a handle of pre mixed margarita which I miraculously purchased for $30 and some change) I chilled in the room as 80’s hard rock music played and I got cleaned up to meet Emily for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Its also where we planned to meet with Brad and Dawn who were driving up from Indianapolis. 

Emily ordered what was pretty much the equivalent of a child’s meal, a boneless wing snack and mac and cheese and I got the 22 bone in piece option w/ 4 different flavors.

After about an hour or so Emily went home and Brad and Dawn took me to Target to buy the  ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD COLLECTORS ED (4K/BR/W-DIGITAL) (4K/UHD). As we were in the store Brad and I molested the stuffed animals and caught the attention of security as we did. When we checked out the cashier had obviously been told to look for us and she reported that we were indeed leaving.We got back to our rooms and that’s when the party began around 330 PM

Bottoms Up Bradley

Dawn enjoying her snack

Emily devours the kids meal equivalent 

Brad and Dawn wattles, Emily Sifrit and Angela Denk

Around 5PM Angela Denk joined us and according to what she said on the podcast a couple of days later, she didn’t need a room number as she could hear the music all the way down the corridor. 

We all hung out in the room for a while tossing back drink and listening to music, loudly, and then Angela gave us a ride to the Looney Bin.

Angela, AZ and Emily

Stacy Washack

I walked in and was greeted by Ari Lehman, Ari Lehman is an American performing artist, composer, and actor. He is known for having played the first Jason Voorhees as a child in the Paramount horror film Friday the 13th. Lehman currently performs in a punk rock/heavy metal band, First Jason. 

I asked the bartender, who not till the next day learned  was Serena, where Nick Huffman was. She went back and she was still sleeping and woke him up for me. I walked back and gifted him with two signed and numbered Angry White Male Tour posters and he gave me a bottle of signature Ron White tequila which was signed by the Tater himself, my favorite comedian, Ron White. 

Number Juan Tequila

Number Juan Blanco – 39.99 (everyday price) “Not the tequila you puked on in high school folks!” – Alex Reymundo. This one is smooth like water and great in cocktails!

Number Juan Reposado – 45.99 (everyday price) Aged 9 months in French & American white oak barrels. Great straight up or in a craft cocktail!

Number Juan Extra Anejo – 64.99 (everyday price) This isn’t your typical Anejo Tequila. The Reposado is barrel aged for 5 years in retired bourbon barrels. It’s basically tequila that drinks like a bourbon. Perfect for any bourbon drinker.


Back at the bar we pretty much chose our place and Angela made her rounds meeting folks before leaving. Serena was a delight and all smiles as she poured em strong for the birthday boy. There were 4 bands on the bill and I went in knowing we would not make it till midnight or whenever First Jason would take the stage. Stacy Washack joined us at the bar and was kind enough to give us a sober ride back to the hotel and she hung out for awhile. Brad, Dawn and myself certainly had more than our fair share of alcohol. Brads actual birthday would be the following Monday. 

Stacy Washack

I woke up around 7AM stepping over buffalo wing pieces on the floor and went and grabbed some breakfast at the buffet. I looked at the Chicago news and put on some music as I relaxed in the Jacuzzi. Dawn came to my room before going to get her creamer and Brad came to help me polish off the booze and then it was time to head h

As it worked out they would drive me all the way to Chicago, with a quick detour ro Buffalo Wild Wings in Tinley Park and when we go to my place we finished off their vodka. 

Dawn and Brad made it back to Indpls by 1030 that night. 

Thanks to everyone that shared in my 4th birthday celebrated at the Looney Bin!

The following Sunday Ty Coon was a no show so Angela and I did a show without her.


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